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Eco By Sonya’s award winning Invisible Tan® is a luxurious, express sunless tanning lotion for face and body. This product is best suited for medium to olive skin tones. In just one application, it delivers a beautiful, believable, golden bronze glow! As a cream, it is also incredibly nourishing for your skin. Awarded 2016 WINNER of the Natural Tanning Category in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards UK.

Best of all, Invisible Tan® express sunless tanning lotion is incredibly easy to apply! Just like you would with a moisturiser, rub Invisible Tan® lotion onto clean, dry skin. Our unique ‘invisible’ formula develops best over 8 hours. Therefore, we recommend applying it after your nightly shower and allowing it to dry completely before getting into bed. As a result, colour will develop on your skin overnight and you will wake up glowing with a stunning rich golden tan.

You can enjoy a natural glow when you use Invisible Tan® sunless face and body lotion, without the hidden nasties. It contains nothing artificial and is free from synthetic ingredients. Instead, it is made with only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. We believe our award winning Invisible Tan® delivers the best colour! It’s no wonder it is a cult favourite amongst our eco tribe.

INVISIBLE TAN® SIGNATURE INGREDIENTS -Aloe vera -Rose geranium oil -Avocado oil -Chamomile –No Hidden Nasties!

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Price: £30.95 32.95 EUR Available to purchase online and available in a range of organic and health food stores, pharmacies, beauty salons and department stores.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Tanning Lotions & Creams

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Product Tested By Heather Wilson

Heather Awarded The Invisible Tan 5/5

I love the colour of the packaging looks good and high quality.  I thought it was bit strange at first but once I thought about it I really like the idea and the ease of use. Instructions are easy and clear to follow.  I love the design of the tube it is simple and represents what it is. This was very easy to use and apply. This was very effective for me and I especially loved it on my face. My skin is amazing following its use. I applied it at night and washed it off in the morning.  This dried very quickly and very easily absorbed.  This delivered amazing results in the morning by applying overnight. This did give me a lovely natural sun kissed glow.  I would use this once a week. I do agree this would be ideal to use all year round as delivers a very natural looking tan. I am not really worried if organic or natural but I am impressed with this product having used it. I really did like the aroma as I was sleeping in it was important it wasn’t too strong. I was very happy with the final results. The quality is excellent.  It is expensive but a luxury product.  I loved how easy this was to apply. Love the product – just the cost I would need to think about. I would recommend as easy to use great results and a top product.  Excellent product easy to use with great results fabulous for my skin. Heather Wilson

Product Tested By Samantha Humphries – Theo, Noah, Poppy & Hollie

Samantha Awarded The Invisible Tan 4.2/5

Very nice packaging. Appeals to the eye and goes the extra mile with the beautiful tissue paper. Very good to hear that it is not tested on animals as this is something that means a lot to me.  Also the fact it is pretty much 100% mess free unlike lots of other fake tan products. As somebody who never uses fake tan I still felt slightly uncomfortable with just applying the tan as per the instructions. I used YouTube to watch tutorials on tips how to apply this tanning cream. Easy to use and squeeze out the amount that is required. I have never used a fake tan before and after watching the tutorials on YouTube I felt comfortable to use it. After exfoliating the days before I applied with ease. Rubbing in small circles until the cream was no longer visible. Extremely smoothly. The fact that you do not need a cloth or tanning glove makes it extremely easy to use. I did not feel comfortable to use on my face as I am not used to using fake tans so was a little wary. As a mother with 4 very small children I tend not to spend time on myself especially not moisturizing my body. This tan does also make your skin feel beautiful and smooth. I applied early evening after my shower. Left over night and then shower off in the morning. The tan does not feel sticky or wet so was not uncomfortable. Once applied this did dry quickly. I applied to my legs first. In the time it took to do one leg and then gone onto the second leg the first leg had dried already. I left the tan 20mins before putting clothing on but this was not needed as it dried almost immediately. I did apply after nightly shower and left overnight. I found it perfect timing to do at this time, as I am a very busy mother of 4 young children so it was ideal.  The colour is very natural and doesn’t look a silly orange like some tans can do. I used this a few times. I am not someone who uses fake tans as I do not like the in between times when they look a bit of a mess. Also with summer I have a naturally dark skin tone so do not feel the need currently, although over the winter months I would probably use it more often.  I would use this during the winter months as it doesn’t look orange and gives a very subtle natural colour tone to your skin. This is the absolute selling point for this item. The fact that there are no added nasty chemicals and it has not been tested on animals is fantastic and really appealing to myself. I do like the aroma although it could be nicer with added natural scents such as vanilla essence or maybe added shea butter. I used this on different occasions when I felt like giving myself a little TLC and added a darker colour to my tone. I was happy with the results as gives you very natural looking colour and easy to apply. I think it is a lovely tan that spreads evenly, moisturised the skin and has the massive fact that it is vegan friendly and not tested on animals. I loved the fact that it is vegan friendly and not tested on animals, also the fact it moisturizes your skin at the same time.  Personally I do not buy fake tans so would not purchase. I would recommend because it spreads beautifully and moisturised the skin. I have a lot of friends that use fake tans so I will be recommending it to them. It is a very beautiful tan which is easy to use and gives a natural colour. Only reason I have not put 5/5 is I feel with an extra added natural ingredient such as shea butter it would make it smell much more inviting.  The product is fantastic for spreading evenly on small and large areas. It makes your skin beautifully smooth whilst adding a lovely colour to it at the same time. The tan has not been tested on animals which I find a huge selling point. I think this product is brilliant for all different types of people and is vegan friendly so would appeal to everybody. The tan is beautifully natural and great for any time of the year. Samantha Humphries – Theo, Noah, Poppy & Hollie

Product Tested by Kate Sparkes

Kate Awarded The Invisible Tan 3.8/5

The packaging was bold and self-explanatory. I was interested to see if this works well, always difficult with tanning lotions that the coverage works as well as predicted. Instructions too small and too much other information that wasn’t necessary. I thought the design of the tube was a little dull. Very easy to use and very easy to apply. There was a noticeable difference to my skin colour after the first application; the glow became better after the second application. My skin felt smoother after application. I tended to use in the evening to allow the tan to develop overnight. This did dry quickly and I would put clothes on after 10 minutes without any problems. This did give me a nice colour. I used it once a week. I probably wouldn’t use during the winter months, unless I was going to a special occasion. The less artificial ingredients gave the product a less chemical smell that usually is so off putting with tanning lotions. I did like the aroma it was quite subtle. There wasn’t as strong a smell as usual lotions. I was happy with the results as it gave my skin a nice glow. Product was good but not outstanding. I got 5 applications out from the tube, so works out £6 an application. I really liked that the smell wasn’t overpowering. I enjoyed testing the lotion but I’m not inspired to apply a tanning lotion. If someone I knew was looking for a tanning product, I would recommend trying Invisible tan. The invisible tan was a good product, but not outstanding, the price was a bit more than I’d expect to pay, so I gave it an average score. My overall experience was good the cream took a little time to rub into my skin, it soon dried and leaving overnight gave a nice glow in the morning, the smell wasn’t overpowering and using once a week kept my skin smooth and glowing, the price was more than I’d want to pay for a tanning cream, but overall the product is good. Kate Sparkes

I really did like the aroma as I was sleeping in it was important it wasn’t too strong. I was very happy with the final results. The quality is excellent.  It is expensive but a luxury product.  I loved how easy this was to apply. Love the product – just the cost I would need to think about. I would recommend as easy to use great results and a top product.  Excellent product easy to use with great results fabulous for my skin.


Heather Awarded The Invisible Tan 5/5

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