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Iroha Nature Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish Peel-off Mask

The Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish mask helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfection and helps to prevent the appearance of spots. It provides cleansing action for the skin which keeps it fresh and clear.
Pearl extract provides support for the complexion with anti-ageing, skin regenerative effects. Marine collagen provides further anti-ageing support and firms the skin.
To use: Apply to the clean face avoiding the eye area and eyebrows. Leave until completely dry, approximately 15-30 minutes, before removing. Apply once a week.
All Iroha Nature products contain natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Price: £4.99 for one Available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Women’s Bronze Award Winner 2019 Face Mask Category

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Iroha Nature Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish Peel-off Mask Reviews

Product Tested By Elaine Kalo

Elaine Awarded The Iroha, Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish peel-off mask 4.4/5

I love using face masks as it feels like such an indulgent treat. So I was super-excited when this mask arrived and couldn’t wait to try it, particularly as it was a brand I had never heard of before. I think the packaging is fantastic! The usual face mask sachets can get very messy and the product can dry out. With this packaging this wasn’t an issue so it was easy and convenient to store for further use. I like the fact that there is a photo so you know exactly what the product looks like in use. I like the concept of the product. I like the idea of peel-off masks as I don’t have to wonder if I have left it on long enough as you know this by the fact that it has dried. I think the instructions are good but I think there should be a little more advice about how to remove it effectively as I found this part difficult. The mask is thick but very easy to apply. The bright colour makes it especially easy to check if you are applying it evenly. As an anti-blemish product, this mask worked for me as I did not have any spots during the testing period. I did find that the mask made my skin noticeably clearer after use which has an anti-aging effect, making the skin appear much fresher. The product contains 4 applications. I used it once weekly and I think there may be slightly more than 4 applications for me. I was happy with the appearance of my skin following the use of this product.  I think this is a great quality product, well packaged and easy to apply. My only issue with it is that I think it is a little difficult to remove. I found it tricky and uncomfortable to peel it all off so needed to use water and a flannel to assist. I do think this product is good value as it is multi-use and possibly contains more product than the 4 uses indicated. I love the colour of the product and its handy packaging. I would probably buy this product again based on price, convenience of use and the results. The only thing that may put me off buying it is the difficulty I had with removal. I would recommend this product to others based on the results. I would be interested to know if others found an easier way of removing it. This is a fab face mask with great results. I would say this is a product to use when you have plenty of time to relax! Elaine Kalo

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh

Farwah Awarded The Iroha, Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish peel-off mask 4.5/5

My initial expressions were very positive. The product looked amazing but I was a bit sceptical about the quantity and I did not think it would last 4 uses. The packaging design was simple to use and safe for travelling as well with no leakage. Very handy for the handbag as well! Impressive!  The concept is equally amazing and so is the mask itself. Though I strongly feel it should have come with a similar moisturizer or a cream for after use. The packaging was very detailed and by the look of the pouch, one can easily decipher what the product is for. It was basic but complete. The instructions were fully described and it was an easy application. It should have mentioned the application timings for different skin types which were missing. The mask was very easy to apply with my finger tip. I used a brush as I feel it evenly distributes the product. A small application brush could have done wonders with the mask. With a single use no difference. But with multiple uses I could see a visible difference in a few acne spots as they are slowly fading and my skin felt smoother and radiant. So the spot reduction regime definitely works! I could definitely feel a difference in tightening of my skin so it is anti-aging and instantly works on my skin to improve the looks of it and to provide it with various regenerative minerals it requires. I used it thrice and I felt the product is only a three time use. The quantity is not meant for four applications. I’m very happy with how instantly it tightens and brightens the skin!! The marks are slowly and gradually fading and this product definitely works. The quality is superb as I could feel the thickness of the mask and there were no skin irritations or side-effects and it suited my skin type perfectly. The mask is good value for money and only a single mask is worth applying when you want to get rid of the blemished skin for a sudden event. It is reasonably prices. I loved the easy application and the compactness of the mask. Plus how easy it is to store and re-apply. Loved the blue on my skin too.  I would purchase if it comes in a bigger sachet and reasonable priced. It definitely works and suits my skin so I would want to make it a part of my beauty regime. I would recommend to all people with an oily T-zone and combination blemished skin type, this is your choice! Loved the product! It instantly tightens and brightens as well as rejuvenates the skin. It is very easy to apply and to peel off as well. The skin is instantly improved and hydrated. Totally loved it!  Farwah Farrukh

Product Tested By Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard Awarded The Iroha, Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish peel-off mask 4/5

When the anti-blemish mask initially arrived, I was initially disappointed with the packaging as I thought there was no way that you would be able to get 4 masks out of the pouch. I was however pleased to see that the pouch is resalable which means there is no chance of the mask drying out between uses. I though the design of the packaging was very neat with the pouch as it has a resalable top. The only thing that is a shame is that the pouch is not recyclable. The concept of the mask is a good concept and it is easy to apply. I thought the instructions could have explained a little bit more about how much you needed to apply but otherwise they were good.

Once I had worked out that putting a lot on your fingers before apply was the best way to apply this mask was easy to apply. If you only put a small amount of your fingers it becomes very difficult to apply. This mask did help reduce some of my spots; however I still got a few during use. This could however be due to pregnancy hormones. I am not sure that I was able to test this for long enough to see if supported any anti-ageing or skin regeneration, however it did make my skin feel nice after. I used this mask once a week for 3 weeks. I did find that this mask generally helped my skin and I was left with less spots than I had had before using the mask. These masks are a good quality product which leave your skin feeling nice, however if you do not use a large amount it is very stringy. As you get four uses out of this mask for £4.99 this does feel like value for money. I most liked the fact that the packaging was easily resalable. I wouldn’t consider buying this mask for the fact that this pouch isn’t recyclable and the mask has an almost plastic like effect which needs to be thrown in the bin rather than down the sink. I would recommend this to friends and family if I knew that they were suffering with skin conditions and spots as long as they don’t mind that the product isn’t eco-friendly. It did make a different to my skin, however I would prefer a product which was more eco-friendly. I enjoyed testing this mask once I had got the hang of applying it and peeling it off (this can be interesting to get started). Jessica Howard

This is a fab face mask with great results. I would say this is a product to use when you have plenty of time to relax!


Elaine Awarded The Iroha, Talisman Shine Anti-Blemish peel-off mask 4.4/5

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