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Itsy Blitz – Portable Baby Food Weaning Blender
Complete with:Itsy Blitz® processor and Micro USB Charging base.Multi-region Adapter with UK, Europe and USA plug connectors – making the Itsy Blitz the first thing you pack this year!Neoprene Itsy Carry Case with white zip and detailing.4 Recipes to get you started.

Take the portable Itsy Blitz blender with you, wherever the day takes you!  Make what you want, when you want with complete freedom! HEALTHY & HOMEMADE
Make fresh, healthy and homemade baby food in an instant. PORTABLE & CONVENIENT
Handheld and portable, the Itsy Blitz is so portable and lightweight, it can fit in a handbag or changing bag no problem! SAVE TIME & MONEY
The cost of ingredients for a small portion of baby food is pennies compared to big brand jars & sachets – so go, save a few quid! DISHWASHER SAFE
Easy to clean – simply wipe down the main blender with a damp cloth and pop the blade, spoon and weaning bowl into the dishwasher.
£39.99 Available Amazon and Kidly or click online to find local stockist
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Baby Food Blenders Category

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Itsy Blitz Reviews

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 6.5 Months

Siobhra Awarded The Itsy Blitz Baby Food Portable Weaning Blender 5/5

I was really excited to receive this product as it came at a time when I
was starting my weaning journey and was trying to decide between doing pureed feeding, baby-led or a mixture of both. Upon receiving the item, I
was confident that it would be very useful for pureeing foods conveniently
so made my decision a lot easier. One of the main reasons I was considering
doing fully baby-led weaning was the additional work that pureeing foods
would have created but this blender meant that that wasn’t going to be an
issue. I really like the outer box for the blender; it’s really colourful and eye catching. The window at the side to see the blender is really good too, I’d really appreciate that if I were to pick it up in a shop and want to know a bit more about it. I’d feel like the company was proud of the product and willing to show it off.Such a clever idea. Definitely has convenience at its core and absolutely brilliant for taking around the place. It gives the disorganised mum (like me) the feeling of being organised when out and about. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I really liked how some recipes were also included. It helped get me started with the blender and gave me confidence to try out some of my own recipes. Such a straight forward piece of kit. Really easy to use without too
much thought and effort. The chargeable battery made the blender so portable
and having the bowl and spoon attached made the process of blending to feeding so easy! This couldn’t have come at a better time. I had so many
different trips planned and was anxious about how I could give my baby food
that I didn’t have to prepare in advance and figure out how to store. I
used it while camping, so the chargeable element of it was really useful for
that and it meant that I didn’t have to worry about not having a fridge to keep
the food safe. I also went on holiday to Italy and took it with me. It was
pretty useful having the adaptor for Italian sockets to take along too for
charging!Obviously, I could have used an adaptor but it felt quite novel
using the Italian plug! Mostly, when I was eating out and about, I was able to
pick something off my plate to blend but there were times when I had to bring
the food along, so in those instances, I guess I would have been
better off just bringing the pureed food, however, for the most part,
I used it to blend whatever I had. As mentioned above, I tried to use the blender to blend whatever food I was having when out and about. When I had to plan in advance to ensure my baby was getting nutritious food, I could take a puree with me rather than the blender itself, however, for the most part, the blender worked perfectly for me to either pick something up at the shop and
blend while on the go, or if I was eating out, pick something from my plate and blend it. It was really discreet and surprisingly quiet to use in public places so felt that it gave me absolute freedom to prepare a meal whenever I needed. Definitely small enough to take on your travels. I was a bit silly in the first instance and took the charging dock with me as it fit perfectly in the purple pouch but soon learned that I didn’t need to bring the dock at all, which made it
even more compact, which was brill. The blender is really light and really
doesn’t take up much room at all in the changing bag. Having the bowl
attached to the unit is even better as you don’t have to fish around for clean bowls and everything you need is there in one place. I’ve taken this
blender camping and to Italy and both trips were absolute successes. One thing
I was curious about and unwilling to risk was whether I could have taken
the blender in my hand luggage when travelling to Italy due to the blades. I assumed not so put it in to my hold luggage; however, I often travel without hold luggage so this could be an obstacle for me. To start with, I blitzed a bit of water and washing up liquid and then gave it a proper clean in the sink. Super easy to do, even when the bowl had been left for a while in the changing bag
and food had dried on it a bit. Very easy to get into all the nitty gritty bits
and get it cleaned to a good standard. I always took it out an about and used it in quite a few restaurants but also found myself using it at home at dinner time in particular. While I was eating my dinner from my plate, I was able to pick foods, blend and feed without having to leave my seat! An excellent product, the neoprene travel case is fab and protects the blender from being bashed around in the changing bag. I felt like it was high quality from the moment I held the box in my hands and having used it a large number of times both at home and out and about, I feel confident in describing it as a high quality baby product. One thing I would improve is the spoon that comes with the blender. I wasn’t sure if it was just me but I would have preferred if the spoon had a
better‘click’in the blender to keep it in one place.I nearly lost it a number of times as although it clicked in to place, it was still quite loose. This product has
made my weaning journey so straightforward and convenient so having used
the item; I would definitely say that it is good value for money. However, without having used it, I would have thought that £50 was quite
expensive as the puree journey has a limited timeline. I really loved how portable this product was and how the battery lasted for so long. It was really reassuring to know that it was in my changing bag whenever I needed it and that it was quiet and non-invasive on other people when using it in public. I would absolutely consider buying this having used it and seen it in action.
It is so convenient and really use-friendly. It has made weaning my baby really quite enjoyable and my baby has started to respond really positively to the sound it makes when I am blending his food. Washing the blender is so easy and it doesn’t take up much room at all and ensures my baby has access to a nutritious diet at all times so it’s a really good product to have.I would highly recommend, in fact, I already have! Although £50 may seem quite expensive to some people, I do believe it is worth it for the convenience it offers and the benefits it brings in giving your baby a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Aside from the spoon, there is very little I can fault with this product but so many positives: its super small and portable, the charged battery lasts ages, and it can be used out and about and at home. It’s really easy to clean. It gives
me the chance to feed my baby whenever I want without having to plan too far in advance. It provides everything you need – blender, bowl and spoon, it comes with recipes. The purple case protects it from bangs it might get while in the changing bag, it’s quiet; it’s powerful and can blend some surprisingly tough foods. I feel really lucky to have had the chance to use and review this product. It has been such a positive experience and made a daunting time (weaning) really straightforward and fun. My baby has been exposed to so many different flavours; definitely more than he would have had if I had been doing purees myself at home so thank you so much for that! Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 6.5 Months

Product Tested By Abby Cope – Hudson 5.5 Months

Abby Awarded The Itsy Blitz Baby Food Portable Weaning Blender 4/5

I loved the look of this product as soon as it arrived. The packaging was
colourful and eye-catching and it looked to be a quality item. I love the packaging. Very eye-catching, informative and you know exactly what it is and what you are getting even before you open it. It is very high quality and looks to be like a high-end item. I like the idea of the concept but apart from taking it with you when you stay over-night or go on holiday, I don’t think it is realistic to use a portable blender outside the home. Yes it is small, compact and comes with a lovely bag etc. but are you really going to take it with you on a day out or if you pop out for lunch? Probably not! The instructions were easy and simple to use – helped by the use of great pictures, diagrams and colours. The language used is easy to understand so I felt comfortable using it like I knew what I was doing. It was easy to use, helped by good instructions, helpful pictures and a good design. It is certainly easier than other blenders I have used or seen been used by others. I think the idea of being portable is a good one, and I can see some parents doing it, but more for personally, I found myself just mainly using it at home. I think as parents, we already have so much stuff we need to remember to leave the house with anyway, that adding a blender into the mix, it just wasn’t for me. I usually prepare food/milk at home first and then take it ready to use when out. I love the idea of it being healthy, preparing your own food with healthy ingredients and not using the ready-made pouches, but I would prepare the food ready to take out with me. I think for parents that like this idea and want that extra freedom – this would be the perfect product to use. It is compact and small, and love the bag that it comes with, but it is quite heavy along with everything else you have to carry when you have a baby.I would absolutely take this on holiday, its compact enough not to take up too much room and is the perfect size. It is easy to clean; it’s not too big and doesn’t have lots of separate components that need cleaning. I personally used it the most at home, and thought it was great as compared to other blenders on the market; it’s so much smaller and doesn’t take up much room on the side. The product is
very well made and very high quality, it’s a great gadget to have for baby
which I think would appeal to quite a few parents. I love the colour and is
simple but quality. I think the price is about right. There are some other blenders on the market that cost much more money, but still do exactly the same thing, and aren’t as good. I loved the design, the brand and packaging and how compact and small it is. Love the extra little details as well like the bag and the spoon and it does exactly what it needs to do and well. I think I would buy this product, but not to use outside on the go, but as a compact blender at home and taking on holiday/weekends away. I would recommend this product and would have friends/family that would probably use it more out and about and what it is designed to do. I think this is a great product, high quality, well-made and a great design. I think there is a market out there for parents who want to buy this type of product and would tick quite a few boxes for most parents. It’s so small and easy to take out and about which is perfect. I love the blender and the branding/packaging is superb. This is the first portable blender I have seen on the market (all the others are a lot bigger and bulkier and this product has shown that they really don’t need to be!) and giving parents the freedom to use it wherever they go if they want to is a great idea. I love how they are promoting healthy, home-made food as well and not ready-made jars, and I think as a parent, it’s great to see companies encouraging that! A great product that is stylish and convenient! Abby Cope – Hudson 5.5 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Roberts – Jessica 6 Months

Gemma Awarded The Itsy Blitz Baby Food Portable Weaning Blender 4.5/5

I was impressed with the look of the product when it arrived. It was well packaged and the branding is lovely and bright and it all looked very
high quality. I was surprised with how portable it looked size wise as I was expecting it to be a bit more bulky.The packaging was all very high quality
and the item was well protected inside the box. The box displayed the
product well and advertised some of the key features of the product on the
box. The branding is very appealing so definitely something which would
be noticed on a shelf in a shop. The different plug adaptors were securely packed in their own little box inside the main box which is the ideal way to keep them safe and together when storing. I think it’s a great idea as, especially with a second child, we tend to be out and about more so a way to easily prepare fresh food for a young baby is ideal. Taking food out with you isn’t always feasible, especially when the weather is hot as it wouldn’t keep as well and this solves that problem.The instruction booklet is detailed and well set out, including labelled diagrams of the different parts of the product as well as clean instructions on how to use and clean the blender. It also includes a selection of recipes along with the age suitability for each and all recipes are ones which could be used to feed a whole family so that you don’t have to prepare something different for your baby. Obviously it wouldn’t replace a recipe book but is an unexpected bonus and one which adds to the overall feeling of usefulness and quality of the product. The blender is very easy to use. The
instructions are clear and easy to follow. In theory when you press the on button, it will automatically blend for 20 seconds and then stop. This does appear to be different when the blender has been in standby mode and the
instructions do mention this and explain that in this case you should hold down
the button for as long as you want the blender on. I didn’t manage to get
it to automatically blend for 20 seconds when pressing the button once but I
didn’t mind this really as it generally took more than 20 seconds to get the
food smooth enough for my baby as she was in the very early stages of
weaning. By holding down the button I was able to keep the blender on
until the food was the right consistency for my baby which was ideal. The
blade and the main unit have arrows on showing which way they should be turned to be locked into place so this saves any fiddling around. This blender is ideal for taking out with you. It comes with a neoprene carry case which keeps it safe and the spoon included fits over the power button which means there is no way the blender can be turned on while in transit. The fact that you can charge
up the blender using the micro-usb charging dock included means that you don’t have to worry about finding a plug socket or anything. The instructions
say it will blend up to 20 meals on each charge. I didn’t test this fully
as I didn’t want to risk running out of charge when out but it certainly did a
good number of meals on one charge. Given that charging it is so easy and
the dock is nice and compact, I was quite happy to charge it up more often than
was probably necessary. The one thing I would say is that it doesn’t work
as well with very small amounts of food. As my baby has only just started
weaning, she eats a tiny amount but in order to get the blender to blend the
food sufficiently, I had to use more food than was needed. When I’m at
home this isn’t a problem as I just pop the extra in ice cube trays in the
freezer but when out it just meant that some food was wasted. Not a big
complaint though. It was lovely to know that I was able to prepare fresh food for my baby wherever I was. Food is generally easier to transport in its solid state
so it meant I could take it with me easily and then just prepare it for my baby
when needed. Or if I was going to a cafe or restaurant then I knew I could just take the blender along and blend some of my own food for her to eat (or my son’s as children’s portions are generally too big for a 2 year old so there’s always plenty left over!). The size of the blender means it fits easily in a changing bag or just in the bottom of the buggy and it’s not heavy at all so it’s certainly easily portable. The fact that the dish is included means that you don’t have to take anything separately which again cuts down on space needed in your bag. It’s very well designed and very neat. The blender is perfect for taking onholiday. It comes with worldwide adaptors so you are covered and able to
charge it wherever you go on holiday. Being so lightweight and compact, it’s
not going to take up too much room in your bag and it saves you having to take
lots of jars or pouches of food away with you so probably actually gains you
space in your luggage! The blender is really easy to clean. The dish, blade and spoon can all go in the dishwasher and the main unit just needs a bit of a wipe over after use. If you don’t have a dishwasher, the bits are still easy to wash by
hand. I mostly used this blender at home simply because I have a toddler as well and a lot of the time it’s easier to be at home for mealtimes! However, over the summer, we will be out and about more and are planning some day trips so I am glad that I have this blender to take with me. I’m also going on holiday next month so this will get lots of use then too! The blender is very good quality. It’s all BPA free and looks very well made. I haven’t had any problems using it during the testing period. None of the parts are in any way flimsy and everything fits together well. My only quibble would be with the design of the spoon. Because it is made to cover the power button during transport, it has a hooked section on it to clip it onto the main unit. As a result the head of the
spoon is very small and very shallow. I chose to use my own spoon partly
because I didn’t want my baby to catch her lips on the hooked part (it’s not
sharp at all so wouldn’t hurt a baby but just might get in the way a bit) and
partly because I want to get my baby to feed herself with a spoon from as early
as possible and to do that she needs a longer handle and one that she doesn’t
have to worry about how much of it she puts in her mouth. This is the
only reason I haven’t given it full marks in this section. Although this product isn’t cheap, it is very good quality and the money you can save using it means that it will pay for itself. Pouches and jars of baby food are very expensive whereas fresh ingredients are much cheaper and being able to just blend up a bit of what the rest of your family are eating means that you’re not having to spend extra to feed your baby. It’s such a versatile product with its portability meaning that you really can use it absolutely anywhere so I definitely think it’s worth the price tag. I liked the compactness and portability of this product most. So many baby related items are bulky and take up lots of space but this doesn’t at all. It fits in a changing bag when out and about and the charging dock is small and neat so doesn’t look intrusive sat on the worktop in the
kitchen.I would definitely consider buying this product. I don’t believe there is anything very similar on the market and it’s such a good idea. We want to be able to feed our babies with fresh and healthy food but that’s not always easy when you’re not at home but this product solves that problem! I would recommend this to friends and family. It’s a high quality, useful product which could have a positive impact on day to day life with a baby. I’ve been impressed with how well it works, how easy it is to clean and how portable it is so would absolutely suggest that friends with babies invest in one too!I think this is a well-thought out, well-made product which fills a gap in the market. It does what it says it does and it makes parents’ lives that little bit easier. It’s quick to
use and easy to clean, both important to a busy parent! The design of the spoon as mentioned above doesn’t work as well with very small amounts of food. These are the only negatives in an otherwise very impressive anduseful product. Overall, I would say that I had a very positive experience with the Itsy Blitz blender. From unboxing the blender and seeing the quality of the packaging, to reading the well-written instructions and enjoying the recipes included, to using
the blender itself on a daily basis, I was impressed. Bar the couple of niggles I noted earlier in the review, I really enjoyed using this product and will continue to do so going forward. Gemma Roberts – Jessica 6 Months


Aside from the spoon, there is very little I can fault with this product but so many positives: its super small and portable, the charged battery lasts ages, and it can be used out and about and at home. It’s really easy to clean. It gives me the chance to feed my baby whenever I want without having to plan too far in advance. It provides everything you need – blender, bowl and spoon, it comes with recipes. The purple case protects it from bangs it might get while in the changing bag, it’s quiet; it’s powerful and can blend some surprisingly tough foods. I feel really lucky to have had the chance to use and review this product. It has been such a positive experience and made a daunting time (weaning) really straightforward and fun. My baby has been exposed to so many different flavours; definitely more than he would have had if I had been doing purees myself at home so thank you so much for that!


Siobhra Awarded The Itsy Blitz Baby Food Portable Weaning Blender 5/5

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