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Izmi Baby Carrier

The award winning Izmi Carrier means that parents and babies can enjoy the soft intimacy of a fabric sling, with the support and comfort of a buckled carrier.Soft, flexible and lightweight fabric.

The soft fabric of the baby carrier hugs your baby’s shape and size bringing them the very best in comfort. For you, that means lots of ergonomic support without any bulk. The washable material is lightweight and quick drying.Use from birth to walking. Offering the best of both a wrap and a carrier, you can use the Izmi Carrier from birth. Cleverly designed to adjust, fit and modify around your growing baby while keeping you comfortable.Ergonomic and supportive. Fully supportive, wrap-like design distributes your baby’s weight evenly to reduce pressure on your back. Hip healthy design keeps babies in the best possible position, with an adjustable seat to provide the best support from birth onwards. Fully adjustable head support to ensure safe carrying from newborn. Easy to use. Fully adjustable and clever design makes Izmi simple and easy to use from day one.Four carrying positions The Izmi baby carrier allows you to safely and securely carry your baby in four comfortable positions; front carry (plus newborn option), front facing, hip and back carry.

£80.00 Available Cheeky Rascals and John Lewis

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Izmi Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested By Kathryn Radford – Hadley 9 Months

Kathryn Awarded The Izmi Baby Carrier 5/5

Compact, nice bag to store it in, lovely colour. To be hands free whilst looking after baby is just what I need. Easy to follow instructions. Needed a little assistance the first few times but once mastered no problems putting it on myself. Very simple to use.. I liked that it wasn’t bulky with padding. Clearly don’t need it. Felt close to baby. Very easy to place baby in this carrier, no problems holding the baby whilst fastening the buckles. Very comfortable to wear. I realised I needed to spread out the wide shoulder straps to distribute the weight. Once I did this it was much better. I felt my baby was safe whilst in the carrier. I could see his face at all times. I was unable to test out the carrier on my back. But he enjoyed facing both inwards and outwards. When he was tired he preferred to face inwards to fall asleep comfortably. I preferred using the baby facing inwards way most as found this more comfortable. My partner used it a couple of times he is a very different shape than me but found it equally comfortable. The fabric is very soft, strong and comfortable. Absolutely no problems walking around with baby in this carrier. This carrier has been through the wash many times. Still looks fantastic. No signs of wear/bobbling. Very good quality. Well worth the money. I loved the ease of use. Very straightforward to use. I would purchase this carrier.I would also recommend. Easy to Use, Simple to fasten. Creating a perfect hug for my baby to listen to my heartbeat when sleepy or settle him when he is upset. Versatile positioning enabling me to be hand free whilst ensuring comfort for baby and parents whatever your shape. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity. Kathryn Radford – Hadley 9 Months

Product Tested By Katie Prince – Chloe 7 Months

Katie Awarded The Izmi Baby Carrier 4/5

Very compact, lovely colour but looked as though it might be difficult to put together. Great idea and nothing similar on the market that I am aware of. Instructions clear and concise, very easy to follow. Couldn’t ask for anymore! Needed my husband to assist me the first few times but once I got the hang of it only took a few minutes. Brilliant! I’ve used fabric slings in the past but always felt the need to hold my baby too which defeats the object. This carrier felt so much more secure and with the fabric sling and buckled carrier you get the best of both worlds. I needed assistance at first to place Chloe in this carrier, but soon got the hang of it. Felt very comfortable using this carrier, nice fit and comfy for both mum and baby. I felt my daughter was totally safe in this carrier. By far the best carrier I have used. I used it as a front carrier, both facing me and facing out. I like the idea that you have several options to choose from. Forwards, facing me was the best and most comfortable option. I did not use it on the back at all as I like to be able to see my baby my husband found it easier to get the hang of it and liked the neutral colour. Excellent material used – doesn’t feel at all flimsy. Very comfy and secure but not heavy. We went on many family walks with the carrier and I also used it for the school run to save me getting the pushchair in and out of the car four times a day. It didn’t really get the opportunity to get dirty but my baby was once a little sick and it just wiped clean. I have not needed to give it a thorough hand wash yet. Fab quality, for all the reasons mentioned above- 3 way facing/ fabric and buckled carrier etc.Perhaps alittle dearer than others on the market but the price is reflected in the quality of the carrier.I loved its versatility. If my baby got fidgety I could just re-adjust the carrier to give her a change of view. I would purchase this. I have purchased carriers in the past and this one is the best I have used. I would definitely recommend. Easy to use, comfortable and a variety of positions to choose from. This is just so easy to use.It is comfortable and you have a variety of positions to choose from. Also liked the fact that there was a variety of colours too. When using for the first time ask someone to help you, it’s much easier and helps you get the hang of it quicker. Use the instructions as they are very helpful and easy to follow then just relax and enjoy the walk with your little one like I did! Katie Prince – Chloe 7 Months

Product Tested By Alicia Ward – Violet 9 Weeks

Alicia Awarded The Izmi Baby Carrier 3.8/5

I was very pleased with item when arrived. It was packed really nicely and I loved the colour. I like it. I like the fact you have a variety of ways in which to wear the carrier, and you can use it up until the baby gets bigger. I also like the fact that it is a cross between a sling and a normal baby carrier. This makes it incredibly versatile and you can change the position so that it suits you and baby.The instructions were clear and concise. With the aid of pictures, it makes it much easier. I did struggle initially to figure out how to put it on, even when using the instructions.I did struggle to put my baby in the first few times I used it. It is quite fiddly having to cross the straps over at the back whilst holding the baby as well.Overall, yes it was very comfortable. However, I felt it didn’t look anything like it looked on the lady on the box, on me.I did feel my baby was safe in this carrier. Although for my own peace of mind, I kept holding my daughter underneath. I did try all of the positions available with this carrier. I found inwards and outwards the most comfortable. I couldn’t get to grips with the side option. My daughter preferred the outwards option as she is nosey and likes to watch the world go by! I have to admit, I do prefer the outwards option as well. I was the only one that used this carrier. Very impressive material used. You can tell it is high quality by the feel of it. It feels thick without it being too hot for baby. It does feel quick stiff when you first take it out of the packaging. I did find it easy to walk around while Violet was in this carrier. I did, however, keep holding underneath her as I was worried she may fall out. This was not because I felt the carrier was unsafe. I am not used to baby carriers as I did not use one with my son, who is now 5. This is easy to keep clean. I didn’t need to clean it very often, only once. It also dried well as well. Very high quality material. It feels strong as it is quite thick, but doesn’t make baby hot. Personally, I wouldn’t pay £80 for a baby carrier. If it was slightly cheaper, around £50-60 I might consider it. I love how versatile it is. I like the fact that it has a booster pad to sit the baby on to support the hips. I am always very scared I will damage my baby’s hips by wearing a carrier, but this felt much better for my baby. I would buy this carrier for its versatility. You are getting more than one baby carrier with this product, so you can alternate positions to suit you and your baby. I wouldn’t buy it because I feel £80 is a lot of money. I would recommend as I love the fact that I can carry my daughter in a variety of different ways. I don’t need to buy a sling and a carrier, as this does both jobs in one product.It is very hard-wearing and will last a long time, I reckon. While you are getting a very high quality carrier, I do feel the price is high. Granted, it is not as expensive as some carriers on the market. But if I saw this in a shop, I’m not sure I would automatically put it in my basket. However, having said that, it is a great carrier as it does more than one thing. You can carry your baby in a variety of different ways, which most carriers can’t do. I enjoyed testing this product, as I have tried a few baby carriers in the past and I just didn’t get on with them. Once you have found an option for you and your baby, it is a very comfortable carrier to use and just feels like they’re being carried on air. I absolutely loved the colour! Alicia Ward – Violet 9 Weeks


Well worth the money. I loved the ease of use. Very straightforward to use. I would purchase this carrier.I would also recommend. Easy to Use, Simple to fasten. Creating a perfect hug for my baby to listen to my heartbeat when sleepy or settle him when he is upset. Versatile positioning enabling me to be hand free whilst ensuring comfort for baby and parents whatever your shape. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.


Kathryn Awarded The Izmi Baby Carrier 5/5

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