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Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles

When it comes to children with colds or allergies, don’t wipe mucus away from their noses, nuzzle them clean with pure, natural saline wipes from the experts at Jackson Reece. Used regularly, they will help soothe dry skin because like all Jackson Reece products, they’re made kinder by nature. The new Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles are: 100% bio-degradable, compostable and chlorine free cloth Environmentally friendly packaging Natural saline to help relieve stuffy noses Soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile More than 99% naturally derived ingredients pH Balanced Made in United Kingdom Not tested on animals 100% unscented

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£2.49 Per Pack - Available in Sainsburys, or click online to find local stockist

Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Wimble – Isabella 3 Years

Product Tested By Melanie Wimble – Isabella 3 Years

Melanie Awarded The Jackson Reecenose nuzzles 4.5/5


Looked nicely packaged and good quality. Texture of this wipe is soft and gentle to the touch with nice aroma. The thickness is good and seems strong enough to do the job. These are just right, nice and moist to wipe Isabella’s nose clean when she had a terrible cold. The strength is good and they are very kind and gentle on the skin. Isabella never complained and had much better luck wiping her runny nose with these rather than normal tissues. They seemed to clear the nose and also stop her from getting sore nose. You always get this when nose is running all the time and continually wiping it with tissues. The natural saline in these wipes helps to relieve the blocked nose and the Aloe Vera and Chamomile make them gentle on the skin stopping bad chaffing due to continual wiping. I just used these for Isabella as only get 20wipes in a pack so not enough in one pack for all the family to use if we are all suffering from a cold or blocked nose. I think these are a good idea, certainly were kinder to Isabella’s nose and she did not suffer from dry skin (which normally happens when wiping nose all the time). However, you can only use the wipe once so a pack of 20 does not really last that long. A great idea, very effective, worked for us. If they were on special offer I would buy them on a more regular basis. These are natural, kind to the skin and work. The packaging is good, easy to access and keeps wipes moist. I would like to see a larger pack available as you can use 20 wipes pretty quickly. I would consider purchasing these especially when off on holiday as ideal to take with us. I would recommend too. This is a natural, strong, effective nose wipe which was soft and gentle on Isabella’s skin. We all want the best for our children and these are certainly well worth a try. Great handy nose wipes, ideal to keep in bag and you can use anywhere. Ideal for all the family. Melanie Wimble – Isabella 3 years


Product Tested By Olivia Thomas – George 2 Years 6 Months

Olivia Awarded The Jackson Reecenose nuzzles 4/5


Fun bright colourful packaging and looked interesting product. These are soft, strong wipes that do the job of keeping noses clean very effectively. Ideal wipes for snotty noses and strong enough to do an effective job. George suffers from allergies quite a lot so always has snotty nose, or suffering with really runny nose. He hates having his nose wiped and gets really agitated. However, these were much softer and gentler to use so after a while for once George did not complain. These do not sting when you have a sore nose (yes I tried them ) and they feel really gentle on the skin. Also stopped George from getting really red, sore nose which was fantastic.  These wipes contain natural Saline to help clear nasal passage and with the Aloe Vera and Chamomile you know they are gentle on the skin too. These come in a pack of 20 which is a reasonable amount and the pack is so easy to keep in changing bag, so always handy when you need them. We got through the pack pretty quickly, as I said George suffers from allergies so always has some form of runny or blocked nose. Therefore, for us to use these on a regular basis I would find expensive. However, for other parents they could be the answer as George did not complain about getting his nose wiped using these. Plus they are natural and biodegradable, and kinder to the environment. I would purchase these again, not regularly as I stated feel they are a bit on the expensive side. Although, I have a pack in change bag for days out. The pack is easy to use, reseal able and keeps the wipes moist. You can take this pack anywhere with you as small and neat. I would recommend as a much gentler way to wipe your child’s nose, and gentler on their skin. I really liked this product and great idea, just marked down due to price. Worked well, and George did not complain about getting nose wiped which was a miracle. Olivia Thomas – George 2 Years 6 Months


 Product Tested By Natasha Dowding– Bradley 3 years


Natasha Awarded The Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles 4.5/5


Loved the packaging really appealing design. These are soft, gentle and strong, easy to use and do very good job cleaning mucus and bogeys from Bradley’s nose. They are gentle and kind to noses. The natural saline in these wipes does help to relive stuffy noses, and you do not get this in a conventional tissue which also makes the nose sore with continued wiping. These certainly do work and what a great idea to create a nose wipes. Why did I not thinkof that! These arrived at the perfect time as we were all suffering from really bad colds and I must admit we all said they felt so nice to use and did not sting our noses which were quite sore at the time. The pack is easily portable (kept them in my bag) so handy to use when you need them. The only thing is you can only use wipe once, so we found we did manage to use pack of 20 fairly quickly. I loved the fact these nose wipes felt so soft and they are  natural and biodegradable. They are in my mind expensive, but when you weigh up how easy they are to use, kinder to the skin then worth the investment. I have purchased more and we keep a pack handy in the car and in change bag. I would certainly recommend and also suggest these are ideal to take on holiday with you. What a great idea a nose wipes. They are strong, effective, help to clean and also relieve stuffy nose symptoms and we loved them. We all used them and will purchase more,  just feel the price could be a little bit lower to make them a regular weekly purchase.  Natasha Dowding – Bradley 3 Years

 Great handy nose wipes, ideal to keep in bag and you can use anywhere. Ideal for all the family.   


 Melanie Awarded The Jackson Reecenose nuzzles 4.5/5  

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