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Certified Organic Aloe Vera naturally hydrating, healing & cooling. Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil, naturally antibacterial. Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil, soothing and calming. Bio-degradable wipes made from wood pulp which is a sustainable resource. Compostable wipes which will degrade in twelve weeks in aerobic conditions and are registered by DIN CERTCO in Europe as compostable. Cloth is made from nature and will degrade by nature Our cloth is not chlorine bleached. Contains High Purity Water. Degradable packaging that will degrade in a landfill site more quickly than regular baby wipe packaging.

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£1.99 Per Pack - Available in Sainsburys, Superdrug or click online to find local stockist

Jackson Reece Wipes Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Clark - Alyssa, Harvey &Caitlin – 11 Months, 3 Years and 10 Years

Product Tested By Lisa Clark – Alyssa, Harvey &Caitlin – 11 Months, 3 Years and 10 Years

Lisa Awarded the Jackson Reece Wipes 5/5

Website Full of information, easy to follow, pleasant to look at, lots of useful informative interesting information.  Packaging Fantastic!! Looks great and high quality. The peal back opening is resealable and is strong.  The wipes feel very soft and strong, they are thick and feel lovely on your and the babies skin. They feel very cooling on the skin.  They are thick and not easy to rip apart.  Moist all the way through from start to finish, just the right amount.   Very strong, my child likes to rip wipes but he failed with these.  You do not need to use many wipes they clean very well, they glide over the skin.  Used these wipes for many occasions, hand cleaning, face cleaning, cleaning my hands, wiping Childs body to clean up after spills.  I love the smell of these wipes, very fresh, many positive comments from others about the fragrance.  The wipes are bio degradable and are produced in the UK.  The wipes are good value for money as well worth it, they were the best wipes I have ever used and was disappointed when they were finished. They were great on my Childs skin and calmed down inflamed areas.  Absolutely recommend as best wipes I have used.   Jackson Reese has taken baby wipes to a whole new level.  Alyssa,Harvey &Caitlin – 11 Months, 3 Years and 10 Years

Product Tested By Amy Thompson – Sofie Aged 1 Year

Amy Awarded The Jackson Reece Wipes 4/5

Looked very good quality.  Website very informative and eye catching.  The packaging is very colourful and eye catching.  The texture is nice and smooth and they are certainly thick enough.  I found I had to use more then normal wipes as they weren’t moist enough.   Strength was very good.   Because these were not moist enough it didn’t get everything off first time.  Would also use these to clean face and hands after meals. Fragrance was very nice and not too strong.   Also liked the fact these are Eco friendly as important to me.  The price is similar to most wipes on the market.  I was very happy over all the fragrance, thickness and packaging was very good but I thought it could be moister.   Amy Thompson – Sofie Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Faye Rios – Imogen Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Faye Awarded The Jackson Reece Wipes 4.5/5

Great, these are lovely wipes. I loved the handy to open/close packet.  Great website and I love the idea of the flushable wipes.  Packaging Excellent, a really useful closer of the packet and my little girl loves the picture of the baby!  The wipes where lovely and soft and just wet enough.  Lovely and thick. Great for faces and bottoms.  Just the right moisture in these wipes, perfect.  These were brilliant compared to my usual brand which are very thin and fall apart very easily.   An effective wipe and I was very impressed.  I use wipes for everything (doesn’t every Mum?)  My face, cleaning highchairs and toys as well as scrapping food off of carpets.  Fragrance is Lovely, not too strong. Imogen normally hates having her face wipe but didn’t’ seem to mind too much with these wipes. I shall definitely be getting some more.   I love the fact that they are bio-degradable and made from a sustainable source.  The price does make them the same as other leading brands but with the promotions that they run they still work out more expensive, 
but I think they are probably worth it.  I would consider purchasing these wipes and already have recommended them.  The only thing that lets these down is the price. A great way of getting your toddler to wipe her face!!! Faye Rios – Imogen Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Product Tested By Lyndsey Rees – Molly Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Lyndsey Awarded The Jackson Reece Wipes 5/5

Good, they look great and like the fact that they are bio-degradable with organic ingredients. Website is really nice, I’m a web designer and very critical, but this one looks up to date relates well to the product and is easy to navigate.  Packaging works perfectly for the product. Only slight issue I had is that the opening split about half way through the pack Is good that its a bit stronger than some of the others but not if it breaks! Did find it wasn’t as smooth to wipe as some others I’ve used but worked well enough and more than made up for by the fact that they have natural ingredients.  Thickness of these wipes is just fine and they are very moist.  Great quality didn’t have any splitting issues.  As a wipe certainly provided an effective clean.  Used on my toddlers face (covered in snot due to nasty cold). I thought the lavender and tea tree might help the cold too! Worked really well for this purpose, much less scrubbing than others I’ve used.  Loved the fragrance. Gorgeous smell, made using them seem like a little bit of a treat each time!  The fact that they are biodegradable is very important to me.   Yes they are value for money, although others often have wipes on offer 2 for 1.  Really liked them, not seen them on the shelves yet though.  In fact I have already recommended these as the smell alone has me won over.  My toddler had nasty nappy rash from teething and these really helped. I think the lavender and tea tree oil both work as antiseptic and combined with the aloe make the wipes very soothing.  Gorgeous smelling bio-degradable wipes that actually work!  Lyndsey Rees – Molly Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Julia Murdock – Charlie aged 1 Year

Julia Awarded The Jackson Reece Wipes 4/5 

I really liked them, they are a lot thicker than other wipes we have used in the past and they smell really nice. The website is really informative, I really like the site it is fresh, easy to use and eye catching.   I like the seal on the packet, a lot of wipes as you get close to the end they start to dry up but this didn’t happen with these.  They are really soft, thick and loads of moisture in them.  Much thicker than other wipes we normally use.  They had loads of moisture in them; I found them great to clean up after meals as well, good to clean up messy hands and faces.   They are very thick and strong and very efficient wipes. We used these to clean Hands and face after meals and snacks.   The wipes smelt really good, you could tell by the fragrance that they were environmentally friendly.  Love the fact these are Eco friendly as where ever possible we do try to be more environmentally friendly as a family. I think they are good value for money, as they are similar price to most wipes on the market, and you can tell the difference.  I would consider buying them; I have looked for them in the shops actually but not found any as yet. I would recommend, if you have a child with very sensitive skin like my little boy (eczema) you could tell they were far gentler on his skin.  I liked the wipes a lot and would use them again, I would recommend to anybody especially if your baby has sensitive skin and you want to help our environment.  Julia Murdock – Charlie aged 1 Year

Jackson Reese has taken baby wipes to a whole new level.


Lisa Awarded the Jackson Reece Wipes 5/5

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