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Jeep Waist Bag

For extra safety and security whilst you exercise, Jeep have created a collection of Waistbags (prices from £6). With five zipped pockets and a robust, adjustable clip fastener for securing valuables, these waistbags provide the perfect option for those who don’t like the restrictions of a rucksack or, don’t have enough pockets to store their personal belongings.

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£6.00 - Available to purchase at or Local stockists include;, Antler, Travel Style, Forest and various independant travel stores

Jeep Waist Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Suzanne Harrington – Ruby 28 Months

Product Tested By Suzanne Harrington – Ruby 28 Months

Suzanne Awarded the Jeep Waist Bag 4.1/5

Well made product with an attractive design that is typical of a waist bag. The fabric is tough and is of hard-wearing quality. It’s well made and quite robust. It’s well-stitched, so I think it would take a lot of wear before it started showing any signs of wear and tear. It’s a good size for this kind of bag. It has a lot of compartments, which is very useful for a small bag, so you don’t have to carry around things like a big purse. This definitely works well instead of a handbag, for taking out the ‘essentials’. As previously mentioned, it has plenty of small separate compartments for small objects, loose change and a phone. I found it easy to put on and take off, and wasn’t too bulky when wearing. It was useful for short trips to the park and popping out for a little while. Now that I have tested the product I will use it for short trips because the bag fits around the waist and leaves your hand free which is very useful. But I much prefer to use my usual handbag because it can hold everything I need.  I hadn’t considered a waist bag before receiving this product, but it is a good idea instead of having to hold a handbag, or putting it down when you need your hands. My belongings felt more secure, as they were close to me and hidden. Suzanne Harrington – Ruby 28 Months

Product Tested By Melanie Burton – Jake & Lucas 4 & 2 Years

Melanie Awarded the Jeep Waist Bag 4.1/5

I thought the product looked very smart, well made and of high quality. The bag is made of really good strong fabric.  It feels like it will last a long time and is not flimsy at all.  I feel my belongings are safe when I’m wearing it too. This bag is of fantastic quality.  It has been made to high standards using high quality materials. It’s a good size for taking the absolute essentials on a walk or would be great to put passport and papers for a trip abroad.  I did find it a bit of a squeeze to fit in everything I wanted for a walk but I managed! The waist bag does its job very well but I couldn’t think of anything else to use it for and I wouldn’t use it everyday instead of my handbag.  The bag has 1 main section accessed by a zip and then 3 pockets on the front all with zips. 1 of the front pockets has a further compartment with a Velcro fastening which is able to come out of the pocket but still secured to the bag.  I assume it’s a mobile phone pocket but although my I phone would fit in the compartment it wouldn’t go back into the pocket and I didn’t feel my phone was secure enough to leave in there for a walk so I put it in the main section. The bag was very comfortable to wear once I got used to having the bag around my waist.  We went on several long walks and I had no problems with it. I loved having the freedom of not carrying a shoulder bag or having to hang my handbag on the pushchair and be aware of security.  However I could only fit in keys, some loose money, small camera and my mobile – there was no room for anything else so we also had to take snack bag and nappy bag for the kids!  Also because it is so small I struggled a little bit to get things in and out of the bag when I wanted to use my camera or my phone.  I will definitely use this product again when we go out for walks and maybe for holidays.  If someone was looking for a compact bag to put in essentials when they go out then I would recommend this bag. I really liked it and found it excellent to take out on family walks. Melanie Burton – Jake & Lucas 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Claire Cooke – Kacie 3 Years

Claire Awarded the Jeep Waist Bag 3.2/5

I thought it was a good bag but at a personal level it was much too small for me and all of my necessities. I think the idea of the bag is great and good for mums that don’t carry lots of things around with them; unfortunately I carry quite a bit so a bigger version of this bag would be needed. It was a nice fabric, quite light and nice to touch. I think the bag is very good quality, wasn’t flimsy and didn’t look it would start to fade or tear like the usual cheaper bags tend to do.  I was least impressed with the size of the bag, I think it would be perfect for a single person but as a mummy with a huge change bag and a handbag it just wasn’t ideal, I couldn’t fit my mobile phone in the pocket and my mobile is quite small. I hung the bag on the side of my pushchair, but it sat there nicely, which was perfect for the smaller isles in the shops. I would recommend it, I have friends with one child that don’t need to carry huge amounts of stuff so would probably find this bag ideal. A very nice, well made product, just a bit small for me. Claire Cooke – Kacie 3 Years

 it is a good idea instead of having to hold a handbag, or putting it down when you need your hands. My belongings felt more secure, as they were close to me and hidden.


Suzanne Awarded the Jeep Waist Bag 4.1/5

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