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Jellypips Phonic Wristbands

Our phonic wristbands teach children all of their phonics & corresponding words. Designed with professionals to support parents, teachers & pupils to keep learning consistent between home and school. There are so many ways to use Jellypips, they have become invaluable to children discovering the joy of confident reading.
Jellypips teach all the letter combinations (graphemes), sounds (phonemes) and related words. Unlike traditional learning resources, Jellypips can be used everywhere, engaging the child to learn phonics wherever they are. Jellypips have been designed with professionals to link in with the wide range of phonic schemes used by schools.


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Jellypips Phonic Wristbands Reviews

Product Tested by: Gill Robbins – Harry 5 Years

Product Tested By Gill Robbins – Harry 5 Years

Gill Awarded The Jellypips 4.9/5

The packaging was really nice and bright with a clear bag to hold all the bands. I was worried that the seams might split as it is heat sealed however I have noted that the packaging is changing and will now be a hand sewn bag. I think the concept of this product is great. It gives me the chance to help him with his letters and learning to read as I’m not trying to force books upon him all the time, it gives us something to focus on at random times. My son Harry is not really engaging with learning to read out of school. When I show him his reading homework he’s really not interested. However with the bands he is happy to start sorting out the bands so he gets the H ones for Harry and sorting out the correct letters for his sisters.  At the moment main focus for him is sorting them out into colours and he’s telling me the sounds that are on them, and I’ll ask him to find me a certain sound. As time goes on and he’s got a bit further with his reading progress, I’m sure the reading of the words on the band will kick in. The bands fit really well. They have some stretch in them, they were really secure on Harry’s wrist, all three children even managed to get them on their ankles. The writing hasn’t rubbed off as yet. To be fair I’ve even had a go at scraping it off on one band and it still hasn’t moved. Harry’s school have just recently introduced a new reading scheme so I have been to several meetings about how they teach phonics in schools. However, if I hadn’t been to these meetings these would have helped me understand phonics no end. Although these are really aimed at Harry, the girls (who are four) wanted to join in as well and have some bands so we worked with them all together and had fun rather than just sitting down with his school books etc. They’re a really nice quality product. I think they are silicone, so they are quite soft and silky with no sharp edges and a little stretch. The children have found them quite comfortable, even when they’ve put about ten up one arm! I think it does offer value for money, especially for me as the bands will last for three children. You could use them for a couple of years for each child. I would definitely consider buying this product. Harry doesn’t seem bothered about doing his reading homework but is more interested in playing with the bands. I’d definitely recommend this product. For any parents whose child is not engaging with their school work, these seem invaluable at getting them to start their reading without it seeming like it’s a chore. The children have really enjoyed playingwith them. Even though the thought of having to pick up 32 items that have been scattered over the floor would normally be a guarantee for me not to buy something, I find that I am actually pleased to find these all over the floor as it means that they have been engaging with them. Gill Robbins – Harry 5Years


Product Tested By Amy Fletcher – Daisy 3 Years 11 Months

Amy Awarded The Jellypips 4.2/5

These looked nice and brightly coloured. The packaging was ok; there was a note saying that this was being re-designed so I expect it will be great in the future. I thought the concept was really good; a useful learning tool. Daisy liked them; she enjoyed looking at them and talking about the different sounds etc. They were a good fit for her and the writing on them did not rub off at all when using them. They did help me a little to understand Phonics more than I did and encouraged us to spend more time reading. The quality of them is excellent and they offer excellent value for money. I would consider buying them but I think it will be most beneficial when she actually starts reception class and I can speak with the teacher and link their use in with what she is learning at school.  Currently Daisy goes to pre-school only so is in the very early stages of phonics and there is no real structure to the particular words of the day/week etc.  I would recommend them. They are a useful learning tool but to me I think they are best suited to children already in reception where you can work with the teacher to focus on the words of the week etc. Amy Fletcher – Daisy 3 Years 11 Months


Product Tested By Rachel Britton – William 3 Years

Rachel Awarded The Jellypips 4.4/5

When these arrived I thought they were really bright and a vibrant product; would catch my eye! I thought the packaging was alright but the plastic was a bit sharp around the edges and the zip didn’t last very long. There was a letter with the item saying that they were already in the processof changing the packaging, so this is a good move. When I received the product, I thought my son would be a little too young to use them but then they started working on phonics at his pre-school so this was perfect timing for us! At first, my son thought they were toys and wanted to play and chew them but I wanted him to get used to them so thought this was fine. Once I explained what we would be doing with them, he understand and started "working” with them and engaging in conversation.  The bands were a little bit too big for my son’s wrist and kept falling off; we ended up putting them on his ankle for when we were in the house.  On a couple of the bands, the writing has started to fade; they were on the ones that my son wanted to wear more i.e. the red ones as that is the favourite colour at the moment plus he decided he’d wear it in the bath! These helped me understand Phonics more too; I hadn’t really thought about phonics before receiving this product but the paperwork and explanations were great to understand the product and how to use it.  As my son is learning phonics at pre-school, we adapted and played some of the games that he was doing with his friends at pre-school. My son is 3 years old so not reading yet so we didn’t use it to encourage reading but we used it to work on the sounding of letters as well as making him think about what the letters looked like. I thought the quality of the product was great but I think the writing needs to be looked at a bit more to ensure that it doesn’t fade/rub off. I  think its good value for money; it’s well made and presented nicely. With a bit more work on the writing, this product is made to last.  I would look at buying this product for my son’s friends for birthdays etc. as I think it’s great to get them to learn, understand as well as play with phonics. I would recommend them; I think this is a great way for children to start learning phonics as well as looking at the way letters are written and words formed. Overall, this product is wellmade, nicely presented, good fun as well as a great way of learning.  Rubber Wrist Bands are very "in” at the moment so perfect timing for the market. This is a new and innovative product which is eye catching and fun as well a great way for our children to learn letters and phonics. Rachel Britton – William 3 Years


For any parents whose child is not engaging with their school work, these seem invaluable at getting them to start their reading without it seeming like it’s a chore. The children have really enjoyed playingwith them.    


Gill Awarded The Jellypips 4.9/5   

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