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Jimjams Milk Chocolate Spread

Milk Chocolate Spread. Why not visit us at jimjams for more tasty recipe ideas. Our Great Taste Award Winning Milk Chocolate Spread is SugarWise certified. With 83% less total sugars than other leading brands of milk chocolate spreads, it is kinder to teeth, diabetic friendly, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. We use a sweetener (Maltitol) that is nearly half of the calories of sugar, is low non-glycaemic and non-insulin emic (making it suitable for people with diabetes) and is ‘tooth friendly’, making it ideal for kids. Our spreads are delicious on toast or bread but are also extremely versatile and can be used in baking or for making simple hot chocolate and shakes.Have you tried our other JimJams? We offer a range of delicious no added sugar and reduced spreads…Pack Size: 350g

Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect.83% less total sugars!No added sugars – Contain naturally occurring sugarsDiabetic friendlySuitable for vegetariansNo added sugar

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£2.99 - £2.59 Available Holland and Barrett, Ocado, and Tesco or click online to find local stockist

Jimjams Milk Chocolate Spread Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Katrina Stephen – Abigail & Caitlin – 11 & 8 years

Awarded The Jimjams Milk Chocolate Spread 5/5

Looks just
like any chocolate spread. The taste is delicious
creamy and chocolate. It’s healthier than others on the market. Packaging is
nice and simple, not too busy but attracts the eye. A very convenient product to have in your
cupboards. Great quality, definitely
recommend this. Good value for
money. This tastes as good if not better
than others on the market. Will definitely buy this and try the other
flavours. Have already recommended this to friends and family. This is a
great product, it’s easy to spread and very well priced. Katrina Stephen –
Abigail & Caitlin – 11 & 8 years

Tested By
AK Cunningham – Finn 6 Years

AK Awarded
The Jimjams Milk Chocolate Spread 4.2/5

Anything with
less sugar inside a product is always a very welcoming product in our house. I
really enjoyed the spread on a slice of toast with my morning cuppa and tasted
like a very smooth chocolate spread at the same time. 83% less sugar then other
choc spreads is already a very positive sign for me to buy the spread for the
children to eat and for myself to try to eat healthier as well! It’s great to
see its gluten free and suitable for vegetarians whom I have in my family. I
like the blue and white stripes and the brown lid helps identify when I ask my
6year old to go in the larder and get the choc spread! What is not too like on
a choc spread which 85% less sugar! I think the quality is very high in the
same league to a very well-known brand of choc spread and my children wouldn’t
know the difference! I would say the product is very reasonable priced. I don’t
think the product needs any improvement at all its great as it is. I would
certainly buy this product again! I defiantly would recommend the product! I
think this a great alternative to other way more sugary spreads out there on
the market and seeing as that most children consume way too much sugar now days
anyway. I cannot wait to try out some baking with this product and I do not
feel bad to offer it for breakfast to my children ever so often because I know
that it is healthier than other spreads it has a great taste to it and my
favourite thing about it that the chocolate is very smooth to put on the bread.AK Cunningham – Finn 6 Years

Tested By
Ulya Malik – Raaziya 3 Years

Ulya Awarded
The Jimjams Milk Chocolate Spread 3.6/5

friendly healthy alternative to chocolate spread. Comparisons are obviously
drawn to the leading product on the market – Nutella. Compared to that, the
taste is a little bitter with a very oily and greasy quality. On opening the
jar, there was a thin solid oily layer on the surface of the spread with oil
floating on top. The flavours are not as strong as those of Nutella. JimJams
contain 10.1g of sugar per 100g compared to Nutella’s 54.4g. Rather than sugar,
it is sweetened with Maltilol, an artificial sweetener which has been
associated with abdominal pain, diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal
disturbances in trials published in respected medical journals. Personally as a
mother, I would rather my child eat a limited amount of naturally occurring
sugar (a thin layer of Nutella) as opposed to artificial sweeteners. The only
benefit is the gluten free issue, which is only really relevant if you have a
gluten intolerant child (which I don’t). However, the packaging states that
JimJams is produced in a factory handling nuts. So if the child has nut allergies,
you are no better off compared with other spreads. Packaging appears fun and
child friendly, with an "old sweet shop” theme. No more or less convenient than
any other chocolate spread on the market. Clearly a lot of thought has gone
into it, and ingredients have been carefully selected. However, there is only
so much you can do with vegetable oils (the second biggest ingredient in the
product after Maltilol), and it leaves the product tasting very oily and
greasy. About the same price as similarly sized jars of other chocolate spreads. The taste could be improved as it is way too
oily. However, as oil is the main ingredient, there is no real way around this.
I would not purchase as tastes too oily. The first ingredient on the list is
Maltilol, an artificial sweetener and I am generally opposed to giving children
artificial anything where avoidable. My daughter eats Nutella on bread often,
and when I substituted JimJams, she did not notice a difference. However, on
balance, I would rather stick with a thin layer of Nutella. Ulya Malik –
Raaziya 3 Years

This tastes as good if not better than others on the market. Will definitely buy this and try the other flavours. Have already recommended this to friends and family. This is a great product, it’s easy to spread and very well priced.


Katrina Awarded The Jimjams Milk Chocolate Spread 5/5

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