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Jittabugs Move & Groove

Baby Move & Groove is a wonderful class for children aged 0-2yrs old.

It has many proven benefits including:-

  • Strengthens leg and back muscles aiding movement. Opens the hip and knees joints and keeps them flexible.
  • Helps them to gain strength to reach essential milestones.
  • Stretches the chest, enabling deeper breathing for baby.
  • Develops balance helping sitting, crawling and walking.
  • Stimulates the internal systems and keeps the organs healthy.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps prevent and relieve colic and constipation, good to get rid of trapped wind.
  • Helps promote sleep.
  • Facilitates positive play, learning, bonding and interaction with other people.
  • An interest for music

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Jittabugs Move & Groove Reviews

Product Tested By Jade Hardy – Rose 3.5 Years

Jade Awarded the Jittabugs Move & Groove CD 4/5

This looked like it would be useful for long car journeys and we did try it a few times. But in the car Jade gets travel sick so she wasn’t too interested. So we tried this when Jade had a little party, and it went down really well! All of her friends enjoyed dancing along and found it very entertaining. I think it would also be good in the car if your child wasn’t prone to travel sickness. The value is good too, and I think the CD is of good quality. Lots of fun! Jade Hardy – Rose 3 Years

Product Tested By Maddie Sheen – Tilly 4 Years

Maddie Awarded the Jittabugs Move & Groove CD 3.8/5

I was unsure of this at first, Tilly doesn’t really seem toenjoy CD’s, she prefers DVD’s but we gave it a go. On a family night in we put this on and entertained the kids with it, they loved watching us dance and sing a long and they joined in too. But without our efforts they didn’t seem that interested. Even still, it is good quality and if your child/children love CD’s then this is great fun and not at a bad price either! Maddie Sheen – Tilly 4 Years

Product Tested By Nicola Parbott – Emily 2 ½ Years

Nicola Awarded the Jittabugs Move & Groove CD 2/5

I thought it could be handy for the car and on long journeys.  But when we tried it out Emily did not interact with the cd at all or find it mildly stimulating. It’s not good value for us because Emily didn’t like it at all, sowe wouldn’t recommend because of our experience with it. Sorry but this isn’t for us, my daughter wasn’t interested in the songs at all, I tried a few times but she didn’t seem to like it. It seems to be of good quality but it’s just not suitable for her. Nicola Parbott – Emily 2 ½ Years

 the CD is of good quality. Lots of fun!


Jade Awarded the Jittabugs Move & Groove CD 4/5

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