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Jofli Bear 30cm Jofli Bear with Backpack

Jofli The Travelling Teddy Bear – Not just a bear, and not just for children. Jofli will help you record precious memories of your adventures over a lifetime.  Use Jofli’s traditional diary or modern online journal to log your adventures and plot where you go on his map. Jofli is the perfect companion to share the ‘Journey of Life’ for families of all ages.

Jofli Packs include:

20cm or 30cm bear with detachable hat and scarf

Backpack with diary, story book & pen

ID code for secure online journals and map

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Price: £45.00 – £48.00  Available to purchase online  or click online to find local stockist

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Jofli Bear 30cm Jofli Bear with Backpack Reviews

Product Tested By Kerry Bailey – Joshua 5 Years

Kerry Awarded the Jofli Bear 5/5

Jofli is a lovely quality bear with accessories. The Company’s website was very easy to navigate and has clear details of purchasing. Jofli was simply packaged and of very good quality. I particularly liked the fact that the box that Jofli was in could be used as a little book case too. The instructions on using the bear were very straight forward and the entertainment value of Jofli is excellent. He was great for travelling with; Josh enjoyed drawing pictures of places he had visited in Jofli’s Journal. The online activities also add to the fun. Joshua has mainly used Jofli when travelling and really enjoys taking him out. It has definitely helped with my Childs development and he loved the printable pictures for colouring on the website. Jofli is a good size, and is also easy for a child to carry. Jofli has visited a castle, a museum and even Father Christmas with Josh! It was funny to see Josh explaining to Jofli where he was and was showing him the sights. The Online platform is good; it’s nice and easy to navigate on. We did lots of colouring together and Joshua liked reading stories about places that Jofli has been. Overall, a fantastic creation! Jofli is both loveable and educational. Kerry Bailey – Joshua 5 Years

Product Tested By Alison Page- Joe 6 Years

Alison Awarded the Jofli Bear 5/5

The quality of the bear is lovely and he is absolutely adorable! The Company’s website is lovely; it is very bright and informative. Also has lots of information in regards to using the Jofli Bear. The content of the package for the product was really good. It had a bookcase along with lots of accessories including a photo album. My child loved the Jofli Bear, he named him Baz and took him everywhere with him, including to bed. I found that the Jofli Bear made our day trips more interesting because Joe was constantly looking out for things that he wouldn’t normally so that he could show the Bear and take pictures of them. I think the quality of the bear is great and the size too. He clipped onto Joe’s back so that he didn’t forget him when we were leaving the house. Joe definitely enjoyed our trips more often with the Jofli Bear and it also helped to get him involved in decision making. The online platform was fantastic. Joe has started to use the computer a lot more and this website has helped him with his navigation skills. The registration process was nice and simple; it was also a great way of sharing photos with family. Joe really likes the idea that Jofli Bear is a friend for life and that he is going to be with him whenever he goes out. The Jofli Bear is a fantastic idea for the whole family to create memories that last a lifetime. Alison Page- Joe 6 Years

Product Tested By Debbie Harmes – Elizabeth 5 Years

Debbie Awarded the Jofli Bear 4.5/5

Te Jofli Bear arrived in very appealing packaging which also doubles for a bookcase for the journals that you fill in with your life experiences. Therefore there is very little packaging waste which was the first thing that appealed to me. It is a very cute bear with his own little rucksack. My Daughter was delighted the minute she saw him. The website is excellent; you can log your experiences onto the website as well as in the journal. There are competitions, colouring sheets and fact sheets as well as other Jofli stories that are available to access and read. It is a very good and user friendly site. The bear is lovely and cuddly; the rucksack is sturdy and can also double as a bag for the child. My daughter prefers for her Bear not to wear his rucksack and she carries it. You can also convert it so that the child can wear the bear and backpack separately. The instructions are excellent; it is also very well explained on the website. My daughter loves her bear; we used the journal for a family wedding, a day out and a weekend away. We plan to use it early this year when she is going to miss a little school for a family holiday. We plan to make a journal of all the things we do and see to show her classmates on our return – Jofli is the perfect bear to help us. She also loves the bear to cuddle at night. I think the bear is ideal for any age. For a small child it can be filled in by the parents giving a lovely book full of memories. My daughter is 5 and has enjoyed filling in parts of the journal but has needed a lot of assistance, it is very good for encouraging parent/child interaction. It states on the website that it is good for schools. I think this is an excellent idea as each child could take the bear and it would be lovely for the children to see each others experiences, it would also be educational for the children adding the information to the website. It is not really a playable toy, although it is very cuddly and soft. (My daughter does cuddle it at night). She enjoyed filling in the journal but we had to do it a little at a time due to the concentration required, as I said she is 5 years old and fairly intelligent. I think a child of 8 or 9 would probably be able to do it alone but I do think it would defeat the object really. In my opinion the whole point of this is shared experiences. The bear is a way of recording life experiences it isn’t providing the stimulation itself that is done by the child and carers. It does however give a lot of stimulation when you recall events with the journal, talking experiences through and remembering things that happened. For a child my daughter’s age it is a great for her development. She is just learning to read and write, she enjoyed writing little snippets in the diary herself, drawing pictures and making decisions on what she wanted to put in to the journal. I let her make all the decisions herself and we put in whatever she wanted as I feel that was the whole point so that in years to come she should be able to see herself what she thought at the time. The computer interaction is also excellent. My child was too young to do this herself but she enjoyed looking at the site and other Jofli’s experiences. The bear is very well made – it does state on the website and in the instructions that the bear may shed a little fur so to be careful with young children; I however didn’t experience a problem with this. It is very cuddly and soft but also sturdy. It states on the website that you can wash the bear on a delicate wash which is ideal as he is meant to travel with you and may get a bit grubby. I haven’t however tried this myself. The rucksack and journal are also well made. There is a strap inside the rucksack for the child to use to carry the bag. The bear is a good size and wouldn’t take up much room in hand baggage. Our main event with the bear was a family wedding. My little girl had to take a day off school to attend so we decided it would be a good time to make use of Jofli (or Barney as my daughter calls him) He enjoyed watching whilst sat on a pew next to my child and danced the night away at the disco. We also took him on a weekend away which was already planned. Both these events are recorded in his journal. Barney also watched as my daughter played in the recent snow which we need to record in his journal. The online platform is excellent – we have looked at it. We haven’t as yet recorded our own experiences mainly due to time constraints and the fact that my little girl wants to do the computer part with me. We will however do this when we have a rainy day to fill. I would imagine this part is quite time consuming and I will need to be quite strict with myself to make sure I do it. My daughter understands that the bear is there to record special times in her life. I didn’t look upon it as only a travelling bear, even though we holiday quite a lot I think it would be a shame just to use it for holidays. We had so much fun in the snow the other day and what better way to record it. I would consider buying it as a special present for someone, maybe as a christening present. I also think it would make an ideal present for a bridesmaid or page boy at a wedding as they could use the wedding day as there first experience to record. Jofli has made me spend more time with my Daughter doing the important things in life and recording them for the future. Debbie Harmes – Elizabeth 5 Years

Overall, a fantastic creation! Jofli is both loveable and educational.


Kerry Awarded the Jofli Bear 5/5

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