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Johnson Baby Wipes

Johnson Baby Wipes are as mild as water on skin and eyes. No More Tears® formula.  Available in packs of 64 wipes.

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£2.69 pack 64 wipes - Available in Boots, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and all leading pharmacies nationwide

Johnson Baby Wipes Reviews

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Product Tested By Chloe Robinson – Poppy & Chester aged 6 Months and 19 Months

Chloe Awarded The Johnsons Baby Wipes 4/5

I have used Johnson wipes in the past, they smelt nice.  Packaging was effective and good quality, but personally felt the image of the baby on the front could have been cuter.    These are very soft and nice and thick, they had a nice pattern on them as well.  Perfect thickness to wipe clean effectively.  They were moist enough and not too moist as sometimes they can be difficult to separate the cloths but these were perfect.  I had no issues with the strength of these wipes.   Effective wipes, cleaned up poo using just a couple of wipes and also cleaned faces and hands nicely after dinner.  Used these for nappy changes and for wiping faces after meals and also wiping spills on the highchair tray.  Nice soapy fragrance which you could smell on their face etc after it had been wiped, I really liked the smell.  Personally I think these wipes are a little pricey and would look out for them when on special offer.   Good wipes, effective and strong and work well.  Chloe Robinson – Poppy & Chester aged 6 Months and 19 Months

Product Tested By Amy Russell – Lucy Aged 2 Years

Amy Awarded The Johnson Baby Wipes  4/5

Nice packaging.  You could see instantly what the product was offering.  The wipe felt very soft but personally I thought they were a little thin.   I thought the wipe was too thin.  I didn’t trust it not to put my finger through so ended up using 2 wipes each time.  These wipes were moist although towards the end of the pack they got a little too wet from the liquid that was left in the pack.  I didn’t have any issues with the cloth although I did use 2 wipes together each time as I felt they were too thin.  These wipes certainly do provide a very good clean.  We would use these to clean face, hands, bottom and also the table.  I feel fragrance is a very personal choice and for me these were too strong, but you can purchase non-fragranced wipes which I would prefer.   A reasonable wipe that does a good job.  Amy Russell – Lucy Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Naomi  Aghababa –  Baby Leila 5 Months

Amy Awarded The Johnson Baby Wipes  4.3/5

Thick, moist and clean smelling. The sticky plastic bit doesn’t retain its stickiness as long as I would have liked and tends to curl over, leaving the wipes exposed.  These wipes are very moist and feel soft against the skin.  Very thick and doesn’t rip apart easily (when trying to prize one from babies iron grip)!  These are very strong and effective wipes and clean well.  I also used these to remove make-up, to clean up spilt food, spot clean clothes.  Fragrance is a very personal thing and I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me.  Its clean and fresh smelling.  I would certainly purchase these when they are on special offer.  Personally I didn’t like the green lines running through them. I felt that just plain wipes would make them look ‘cleaner’ and ‘fresher’.  Would certainly recommend as thick, moist and effective.  Fresh smelling, thick and moist, made my skin really soft (and babies too of course!).  Naomi Aghababa – Baby Leila 5 Months

Good wipes, effective and strong and work well. 


Chloe Awarded The Johnsons Baby Wipes 4/5

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