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Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream

Suitable for all skin types
Lightweight and quickly absorbed, perfect under make-up.  Olive leaf extracts, Siberian ginseng and beta gluten create a long acting moisturiser that protects and nourishes skin.  Clinically proven to increase the production of elastin by up to 97%.

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Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream Reviews

Product Tested by: Carina Gill

Tested By
Carina Gill

Carina Awarded
The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream 5/5

This is one
of the best moisturisers I have ever used it’s not heavy on your skin. Perfect
packaging, looks so professional. The instructions are easy to understand. This
was extremely easy to use. This kept my skin feeling moisturised all day. High
quality very professional. Definitely
good value for money. I will be purchasing
this. Would certainly recommend. A high quality professional product which smells
amazing, easy to use would highly recommend. Carina Gill

Tested By
Joyce O’Brien

Joyce Awarded
The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream 4.7/5

This came in
a well-presented box. Looked very good
quality. Liked the pump action bottle
made it easy to use. The instructions
clear and precise. This was a nice light
cream and would smooth on with ease and absorb quickly. Ideal to put on first thing in the
morning. I found this to be a lovely
cream to use and in the hotter weather felt it gave my skin the protection in
needed. Quality is superb. I also have very sensitive skin and sometimes
react to skincare products, but this was just right. Compared to other similar creams I have
purchased definitely good value. I will
be purchasing more when this bottle is empty.
Already told a few close friends about how good this is. A very easy to use cream kept my skin feeling
great all day and would highly recommend.Joyce O’Brien

tested By
Rafia Mohamed

Rafia Awarded
The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream 4/5

I feel the
product is okay, when I received it the packaging as nice and clear, the
vibrant colour used was quite appealing. However when I used the product it did
have an odd kind of scent. Not a very fragrant one. Other than this, it does
hydrate the skin on my face, as I do particularly surfer from dry skin. The
packaging was very nice and was not wasted packaging, the instructions were
minimal but it is what you would expect from a normal day cream. This cream was
very easy to use. It was easily added to my normal day time routine. After
having washed my face and pat dry with a towel I would apply this jojoba cream
with ease. The only downside to this was that of its smell. After using this
cream for about one month I found that it would leave my skin a little oily and
greasy. Using this cream everyday would make me breakout. For this reason I had
to use this for two days with one day of not wearing it. The quality of the
product is good. The use of jojoba is very beneficial to skin. Due to the
slight greasy effect if left on my skin I would break out with spots. So for me
that was quite disappointing. In my honest opinion I would not purchase this
cream at its recommended retail price. I would only recommend this product to a
family member who I thought would have very dry skin. But for someone who has
normal to oily skin, I would not recommend. Overall the product has a nice look
about it; the use of the vibrant red is quite appealing. The squirting nozzle
makes it very messy free and easy to use. On days when I am running busy it’s
very easy for me to quickly pick this cream up and put it into my handbag, due
to its size and not taking up too much room. In the early days of me receiving this cream I
was applying it religiously everyday like I would with my normal day cream.
After one week of using this I had a huge breakout of spots and acne. This was
very disappointing and upsetting. I stopped using this cream for a couple of
days until my face had cleared up. When I started to use this again, I would
apply it for two days and then have a gap of not applying it for about two
days. This way I was allowing my skin to breathe a little. With this Jojoba cream I did kind of expect it
to have a sweet fragrance, but when I would apply it; the cream had a dull and
old smell. From my selection of past day creams they have always been quite
fragrant and appealing. The only
downside to this cream that I have faced is 1) its smell and 2) after wearing
it for a number of days I would come out in spots, due to its greasy and oily
effect it would leave and have on my skin. Rafia Mohamed




A high quality professional product which smells amazing, easy to use would highly recommend. 


Carina Awarded The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream 5/5

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