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Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC

Published by DK Children
By Jonny Lambert – Illustrated by Jonny Lambert
An illustrated lift-the-flap baby book that reveals an entire animal alphabet.E is for elephant, L is for lion, Q is for… you’ll have to lift the flap and see! Children and adults will delight in this magical menagerie of animals from all around the world, whilst developing a child’s vocabulary and language skills.Renowned author and artist Jonny Lambert brings the animal kingdom to life with his charming and expressive illustrations, making Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC the perfect book for adults and children to share. With little snippets of information revealing where some of the animals originate and surprises under every flap to discover together, both grown ups and little ones will be captivated. A superb early-learning book to treasure and love.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 – Educational Books Category

£7.99 Available Amazon, Waterstones and online here

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Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC Reviews

Product Tested By Marsha Andes – Ayana 3 Years

Marsha Awarded The Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC Book 5/5

I really liked the concept of the book, teaching children about animals whilst learning their ABC. Also liked the fact that it introduces them to lesser known animals – Quokka, Uakari? Have never heard of these, but we do now! Gorgeous front cover, very colourful and eye-catching. If I saw in a book shop, it would definitely make me want to buy it for my little ones. My three year old loves the book and we look at it often. She loves the hidden flaps and the giant giraffe. My six year old also loves the book even though he knows his ABC, he likes the animals.I found the illustrations beautiful, colourful and clear. Really eye-catching. As mentioned above, I enjoyed that it featured animals which we don’t generally find in a children’s book i.e. Xxantus’s hummingbird. My child really enjoyed learning about animals. She points them out in the book. Lovely that she is also learning her ABC at the same time as learning about different animals.This book does help my child to recognise animals. She points them out in the book. I believe the book does encourage her with her alphabet. I try and say the start of the word phonetically.This book is educational for my child. I would recommend it to another parent and will purchase for presents in the future. Great quality. Good illustrations and colours. Well laid out on the pages and also a bonus that it is a sturdy board book so is robust for the constant picks up that it has. Great valuefor money. I would purchase as presents. I liked the illustrations and the surprise flaps which open up to reveal more animals. I liked the sturdiness and that it featured lots of different animals.I would definitely buy this book. It is great value for money. I would recommend this product to family and friends. It is a great book for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. My little one really likes this book and picks it up often, although we have mountains of books. It is very eye-catching and good quality. Lots of interactions are involved when reading which is good enough for me. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience this book. It is a great read, lots of colourful and interesting animals. It has given us lots of interaction and my child is learning at the same time – all in all, it is great book and I would definitely recommend to other parents. Marsha Andes – Ayana 3 Years

Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Children 2 Years 6 Months & 5 Years

Kirsty Awarded The Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC Book 5/5

I thought it was a beautiful book that was bright with lovely graphics and had been put together well.Loved it! Especially given that my 5 year old is learning the alphabet at school- possibly slightly old for her but she still sat with my youngest and me and was enjoying it.The front cover is eye catching. My kids are very into books and animals so it was a win win!This book has been a favourite since we received it! The graphics are gorgeous and the fact that on some pages you can pull bits out makes it fun and engaging for young ones! Both kids were into the animals- a lovely way in which to learn the alphabet.This did help them recognise various animals especially after a good few times reading it. 100% helped them with their Alphabet. They both enjoyed the dual aspect of the animals and alphabet- if we had to choose it would be the animals though!A good educational book and a fun way to learn. The quality of the book itself is super – it’s hard wearing especially for a 2 and half year old!We spend a lot on books and this I would say is almost too cheap! I thought the quality of the book was great, the graphics are very well done and I thought it was fun for the kids, great also that it suited both children with almost a 3 year age gap. I would purchase as lovely book that is fun and interactive as well as educational. I would recommend for the same reasons. The book itself is sturdy enough for young hands, easily used on their own and with me. They are learning great letter associations with the animals. The pictures are great and both children enjoying reading it. A lovely baby book/ starting school gift for kids that are new to the alphabet. A solid new addition to any child’s book collection! Thank you! Kirsty Fulton – Children 2 Years 6 Months & 5 Years

Product Tested By Lisa Duffill – Alice 20 Months

Lisa Awarded The Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC Book 5/5

I was impressed to find all the pages were hard. It’s nice and bright which is great for teaching and learning the alphabet. My 3 year old was very interested in finding out what the book was about. And my 20 month old enjoyed lifting the flaps. They did enjoy reading this book. They liked looking at the bright pictures and turning the flaps. Illustrations great with nice big letters and bright animal pictures. They loved learning about the animals in this book. My 3 year old already recognises animals and my 20 month old doesn’t yet but I think this book will definitely help. This book has helped my 3 year old with her alphabet.A lovely book and definitely educational. It’s nice and sturdy and I think it will last for years. This book is definitely worth every penny. I loved the sturdiness of the book and its bright inviting pages. Definitely worth buying, it’s great for teaching the alphabet and naming different animals, the bright colours and design of the book is enticing for children. I would recommend as good value for money and educational. I have given this book 5 out of 5 for its affordability and the design. We love the bright colours and sturdiness of the book. Its good price and the way I can teach my children the alphabet and names of different animals. Lisa Duffill – Alice 20 Months


Marsha Awarded The Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC Book 5/5

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