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Jowsa Nappy Genie Service

"Save time, hassle and money by reducing the number of suitcases you take on holiday. Order your baby’s holiday essentials online today and let me deliver them direct to your holiday location ready for when you arrive!

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Jowsa Nappy Genie Service Reviews

Product Tested by: Catherine Airey - Heidi 18 Months

Product Tested By Catherine Airey -Heidi 18 Months

Catherine Awarded The Jowsa Nappy Genie Service 4.9/5

Brilliant idea – I could have used this service last year when we struggled with a package holiday and an 8 Month old baby. The packaging was great – a plain box with the products inside wrapped in bubble wrap. It was not really exciting however it did the job. All of the items packed in the box were the best quality including Sudocrem, Aptimal and Pampers. This product incurred a delivery charge however this is worth it when you take into account baggage charges at airlines and the inconvenience of packing and potentially loosing essential baby items in the luggage hold. I will use this product again for sure and wish I had known about it last year when we had several baby essential malfunctions on our holiday abroad including the misfortune of paying ridiculous amounts of money on jars of baby food and nappies at our resort. I have already shared this business on Facebook and told my friends with babies. I was especially impressed by the customer service received from Jowsa including a text confirm delivery of the package the day before we arrived giving greater peace of mind. Jowsa the nappy Genie saves the holiday and allows for stress free travelling with a young one.Catherine Airey – Heidi 18 Months
Product Tested By Victoria Dewar – Daisy 10 Months

Victoria Awarded The Jowsa Nappy Genie Service 5/5

My initial thought was what a fantastic idea this was. Just makes mothers and families life easier if they are heading away. The packaging was great considering we collected this from the hotel reception everything was in one box and tightly packed so the package was just the right size. The product was at the hotel the night we arrived already waiting for us to take to our room. We had no issues at reception we just gave our name and let them know it was waiting for us and they handed it to us once they had ID. The Quality was amazing there was no cheap things in the package we had pampers nappies, Johnson’s shampoo as well as the swimming nappies and Sudocrem. I was so happy with all the products and amazed at what we were given and what they can send to families abroad. Value for money100% YES.  If you are going on holiday not only does this save you time and energy with trying to pack everything. It also means you don’t have to worry about paying for extra language and worry about the weight of your suit cases. I think this is an amazing service and there is space in the market for this. 100% yes when I next go abroad I will not be taking any baby items with me I will just use the Jowsa service. Me and my partner have already mentioned to family and friends and they are excited like us to use it and just can’t believe they have not heard of this service before. I was so impressed at how much you can order from them and how easy it is to collect and not have to worry about luggage weight as packing for holidays can be stressful enough. Quick, Easy saves time and energy 100% Brilliant idea, can’t wait to use the service again. Victoria Dewar – Daisy 10 Months

Product Tested By Victoria Pridmore – Bobby 1 Year

Victoria Awarded The Jowsa Nappy Genie Service 4.9/5

Extremely happy. A very useful service. Cannot fault the packaging, as was well packaged and sturdy. I was notified when I arrived at the hotel that I would need to collect a package at 6pm. I had told Jowsa that our estimated arrival was 1pm. There was no rush for us to have the product straight away. Jowsa emailed me and advised that delivery was not available until 6pm. We returned to our room at 3pm and there was our package. We were extremely happy with this. The communication from Jowsa was great. The quality of the products supplied was excellent and so is the service. You are paying more for the convenience, rather than the product. You could easily enough pack these products in your luggage (our order was Pampers nappies, Johnsons Shampoo, Johnson’s baby wipes and nappy bags). However, the issue is that these take up room. And some of these products can be purchased abroad; however, the cost is much greater. Postage initially seems like quite a high price to pay. However, if you want the ease of not having to pack these items, and don’t want to have to pay the extortionate prices abroad, this is definitely a great service. This is a great service and will definitely be using again. Would highly recommend as ideal for any parent going on holiday with young baby. Reliable, excellent communication, a really friendly service and highly recommended. Victoria Pridmore – Bobby 1 Year



Jowsa the nappy Genie saves the holiday and allows for stress free travelling with a young one.               


Catherine Awarded The Jowsa Nappy Genie Service 4.9/5      

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