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Joy and Joe Stretch baby wrap carrier

The super-comfy stretchy wrap carrier by Joy&Joe limited is one of the leading wraparound baby sling brands in the UK designed by an award winning mother who was inspired by kangaroo care. Our baby wraps have been UK/EU safety tested and they were deemed to conform to BS EN. 13209-2:2005 (stringent safety standards for soft baby carriers). Appropriate insurance and a high capacity quality control also in place. The nature of design and textile quality allows the weight of the baby to be evenly distributed across the mother’s back eliminating the back/shoulder pain issues associated with other overly structured baby carriers. Joy and Joe baby carriers allow mothers to position their babies in an ergonomic position that won’t predispose babies to hip dislocation. Having been reviewed by bizziebaby,UK and over 30 mummy bloggers, our baby slings are undoubtedly one of the most well reviewed and tested baby wrap brands around. Joy and Joe baby also prides itself on its exceptional customer services ensuring that mums and dads are well supported and empowered to graciously and safely carry their precious ones into the future with comfort and it, share it

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Joy and Joe Stretch baby wrap carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Lara Rippon – William 11 Weeks

Tested By Lara Rippon – William 11 Weeks

Lara Awarded
The Joy & Joe Stretch Wrap 4.7/5

well packaged and wrap looks well made. Good
quality fabric that looks really strong while having a nice feel. Took a few attempts before I felt that
the wrap was secure. I felt the instructions provided were really clear with
helpful pictures I also watched the u – tube clips. It did take me a few attempts to master
putting my baby in this, but once you master the technique it’s really easy. When put on correctly my baby felt really
secure. I took several walks and he remained in the same position and the wrap
itself still felt tight. Providing you
don’t need to bend over the wrap is great to use at home for doing chores. He loved the closeness to me & often fell
asleep in minutes. It’s been a life
saver on days where he hasn’t wanted to be put down meaning I can actually do
other things as well as look after him. The
wrap keeps baby lovely& snug but isn’t even shower proof. When going out I
needed to wear my husband’s coat which I could do up around the wrap. Excellent
value for money as you get so much use out of it. One week I used it at least
once a day! I will continue to use
this. It is excellent value for
money. Almost perfect but I did find
when walking that my back would ache. However this was only after 30 mins or
so. Excellent product that I love and will get so much use from. Lara Rippon – William 11 Weeks

Tested By Amy Sharman – Arthur 5 Months

Amy Awarded
The Joy & Joe Stretch Wrap 4.9/5

Bright soft
wrap with good two way stretch. Stunning
colour, good stretch, nicely sewn, soft so easily worn straight out of
packaging. Integral pocket nice touch for storage and putting phone or toy in
when wearing. I found it easy to put on
as I am used to wrapping but a novice may not.
Very easy to load my baby into this wrap, the two way stretch aids this. My son is very secure in this, he won’t be
going anywhere! And added sleepy dust works too. I can play with my toddler, potter round the
house, waltz up escalators in town (impossible with a buggy). But for safety
can’t cook whilst wearing it so dinner has to wait! My son loves it and gets excited when he sees
me putting it on. It’s not the warmest
of wraps but does give him some extra layers. Not waterproof but umbrellas work
well. Incredibly good value for
money. Recommended to friends for this reason. A colourful, comfortable wrap for baby and
wearer, which will receive many compliments and smiles. Amy Sharman – Arthur 5 Months

Product tested
By Carly Culpin – Poppy & Ava 2 Years & 8 Months

Awarded The Joy & Joe Stretch Wrap 4.9/5

It looks very
comfortable for the child. Think the packaging could be improved upon. Quality
is fantastic as was very comfortable but still supportive for baby. It may have just been me but I found this
very difficult to put on. I watched the YouTube video as well as reading the
instructions. I managed to do it with some help from my partner but couldn’t do
it alone.My youngest went in easy enough but with my eldest it was a bit
of a struggle as it had to be tight to support her and even though she is 2 she
only weighs 19lbs so is well within the weight limit for the product. Was totally confident this kept my baby
safe. When all on and tied correctly
baby felt very safe. Again it was easy enough with my
youngest I think she enjoyed coming and doing simple tasks with me but with my
eldest it was a bit of a struggle but saying that it was much easier than if I’d
have been holding her. Both seemed happy
when they were in it. My clingy youngest was very happy about being able to
move around the house with mum. This give protection from some weather conditions
and obviously my hands were free for an umbrella though! I think it’s a
very reasonable price. I paid more for a baby carrier that did not offer as
many options and I think this one is definitely a bargain.I will continue
to use this for my youngest and already recommended. A great quality wrap that kept my baby close,
comfy and safe. Carly Culpin – Poppy & Ava 2 Years & 8

Excellent product that I love and will get so much use from.


Lara Awarded The Joy & Joe Stretch Wrap 4.7/5

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