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Ju-Ju-Be Behave Bag

Behave? The question isn’t if you can or can’t. The question is "do you want to?” With this super sassy bag, you’ll be ready for a night on the town with your friends, or a day of shopping at the mall (with friends), or taking lunch on your break (with friends). And we all know what happens when there’s a group of friends in tow. It’s just hard to behave. At least you’ll feel good about the Earth LeatherTM construction (animal free and earth friendly), the machine washability, and the amazingly jealous looks you’ll be getting. With a wild and super fun lining on the inside you’ll feel like you’re not behaving even when you are!

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Ju-Ju-Be Behave Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Jo Smith - Owen & Megan 20 Months & 2 Months Old

Product Tested By Jo Smith – Owen & Megan 20 Months & 2 Months Old

Jo Awarded the Ju Ju BeHave Bag 5/5

I was very impressed with the bag initially, it’s a gorgeous soft faux leather with chunky zips. Also looked very nice with it’s labels on (handy if giving the bag as a gift). This is a shoulder bag. I love the style as I think it is modern looking, but also classic and won’t look outdated even if used for many years. It looks like an expensive handbag rather than a changing bag, and you could definitely continue to use it once your children were out of nappies. The bag is made out of a high quality leather-like material. It is as soft as leather, but with the advantage of being environmentally friendly and is machine washable. It has a lovely feel and look to it, it has a bit of sheen but doesn’t look overly shiny like some leather imitation fabric does. The inside of the bag is a gorgeous floral fabric, which is marketed as being light coloured so you can see what is in your bag – this is such a good idea, I now think all bags should have light coloured fabric inside! It definitely works so you can find things more easily. This fabric also feels high-quality, it is plasticy enough that most things will wipe off it, but being machine washable I think almost all stains would come out. The interior fabric is also coated with an antimicrobial lining to prevent the growth of any mould and bacteria (I must say I’ve never had mould in my handbag but this is an added bonus! ) The quality is fantastic, the fabric and zips feel like they will last forever, as well as all the stitching/details etc. The finishing touches such as little dimante stones on the zip-pull and tiny stars on the metal D-rings are lovely. I have honestly never seen a bag with so many compartments, and it’s brilliant! Apart from the main bag, there are 7 separate zipped compartments, 6 non-zipped compartments, phone and credit card slots, and a pen loop and elasticated key fob. 2 of the zipped compartments are at the sides of the bag, one lined with insulating material for a baby bottle or sippy cup, the other lined with a soft anti-scratch fabric designed for holding sunglasses. Both of these are easily accessible without opening the main compartment of the bag. Personally I love the size of this bag as I like to travel light, but I do think it might not be big enough for many mums. It is perfect as a day-to-day handbag with just a few baby items, but it wouldn’t be big enough for a day out where you’d need several nappies or a change of clothes for your baby. (It isn’t big enough really for cloth nappies either so I wouldn’t recommend it if you use cloth when you are out). I think this is one of the few changing bags on the market which you can genuinely use as a smart-looking handbag and people won’t know it’s a baby changing bag! Especially useful when you don’t want to spoil the look of your outfit with a boxy changing bag. I carry my baby in a sling a lot and I do find it a bit uncomfortable when I have a lot in the bag as it can feel heavy on my shoulder – the straps aren’t particularly wide and they do slip off sometimes, despite there being a wrap-around padded textured part on the shoulder strap (this is fixed on with poppers so can be removed). However there is plenty of adjustment on the strap and the style of the bag sits nicely against your body. I really enjoy using the bag, the choice of compartments and the light coloured lining make everything really easy to find. The front pocket just has a magnetic closure which is handy as you can open it one-handed to get at car-keys etc when you have a baby in the other arm. I really love this bag, I use it every day as a handbag, and even when I need to take more things for day trips, then I will use it alongside a bigger changing bag. I am so impressed that I will definitely be looking at more bags from this brand if mine ever wears out. I would previously have been put off by the high price tag but after testing the product I do feel that it is value for money.  Jo Smith – Owen & Megan 20 Months & 2 Months Old

Product Tested By Deborah Cracknell – Baby Callum 3 Months

Deborah Awarded the Ju Ju BeHave Bag 4/5

The bag looked great, just like a lovely handbag but with the advantage of also being a changing bag! Excellent style and double up as a handbag, perfect. I couldn’t fault the quality at all. It’s got a great outer leather look and the inner lining and floral pattern look nice and protect against odour at the same time. I think there are enough compartments for the purpose of the change bag. I manage to store all of the usual things my baby needs in the side compartments (nappy sacks, sudocrem, small toys, nappies etc). It’s slightly small for a change bag, but handy for local trips where not everything is needed. Only enough room to fit the essentials in, couldn’t fit any extras or a change mat in. Excellent double up as handbag or changing bag. I guess it could be usd as a work bag too. Very comfortable to carry on shoulder or handheld for long lengths of time and it can be used as a handheld or a shoulder bag, there are plenty of options. I love using the bag but I think that’s because it’s more personalised to Mum’s and not just a general changing bag. Nice to have the feel of a normal handbag with the luxury of changing bag facilities. I love it. Just about use it everyday when it’s just me and baby. Excellent bag, (slightly expensive but it’s justified) would be better if it was slightly larger but other than that can’t fault it. Deborah Cracknell – Baby Callum 3 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Riddell – Baby Finlay 11 Weeks

Fiona Awarded the Ju Ju BeHave Bag 4/5

When I first received the bag my first impression was that it looked small for a baby changing bag but this was quite deceiving as the bag has a pretty wide bottom which makes the bag bigger than it first appears. I liked the colour and thought the metal zips and handle clips complement the colour of the style of the bag. I loved the little diamantes added to the zip fastenings and thought this was a pretty little added feature. I love the style of the Ju Ju bag. It can be used as either a carry bag with two short handles that would look nice carried in the crook of the arm or as a shoulder bad either just resting on one shoulder or over the head to keep hands free or for added security. The Ju Ju bag comes with a label attached to it saying that the bag has environmentally friendly leather, the bag does have a realistic leather look to it and the material is hardwearing and durable. The material inside the bag is bright and colourful and again very hard wearing. If the bag was full I was never scared that the fabric might rip though. I think the quality of the Ju Ju bag is extremely good. I am very impressed with the look, durability and hardwearingness of both the inside and outside of the bag and also the carry handles and longer strap. The metal zips are strong and don’t pull snag or jam when you are trying to open or close the bag. The Ju Ju has a good amount of pockets and compartment. The two outside pockets on the side of the bag are great for bottles and inside there is a handy pocket for my phone and two slightly larger pockets which I used to hold nappies. The large pockets are a good size and are separated by a thin zipped pocket which is ideal to separate dirty bibs and clothes from the rest of the bag. I think you could maybe get away with using this bag as just a normal handbag when you no longer have the need for a changing bag for your child but I can really think of anything else it would be suitable for because of its size. It would hold my small net book inside with just a few other items but it would be too small for a normal size laptop and would be too small as an overnight bag. The Bag is comfortable to carry and isn’t too bulky when carried on the shoulder. The extra piece of material on the long strap stops it from digging into the shoulder when the bag is being carried in that way. I love using the Ju Ju. It is nicely designed and easy to use when out. With the look of the material and the style of the bag I feel less frumpy when I’m out and about with my baby which I have felt in the past with just a normal designed changing bag. Whether I am dressed in my jeans and uggs or dressed up going out to a restaurant the Ju Ju complements perfectly. There is a key holder clip inside the bag which makes finding my keys much easier without having to empty everything out to find them and the phone pocket makes finding my ringing phone simple. No more cutting off whoever is calling me as I scrabble around trying to find my phone before it rings out. I will continue to use the Ju Ju as I have completely fallen in love with it. The style is trendy and up to date and I can see myself continuing to use it right up until my baby goes to school as it is an ideal size to carry toddler juice cups and a few toys as well as my stuff inside. I would recommend this bag to anyone but unfortunately I think the price would put most of my friends off buying the Ju Ju which is a shame because it really is a great bag. I am so glad I got the opportunity to try the Ju Ju as because of the price I would almost certainly have dismissed it when looking for a changing bag. However the bag really is a stylish little number and will take you all through from the time when your baby is new born until they go to school and possibly beyond as I don’t think it would look out of place used as just a normal handbag. It is expensive but if you want a hard wearing stylish looking bag that is not just the same sort of look as the normal baby changing bag I would say treat yourself to a Ju Ju behave bag.  Fiona Riddell – Baby Finlay 11 Weeks

I am so impressed that I will definitely be looking at more bags from this brand if mine ever wears out.


Jo Awarded the Ju Ju BeHave Bag 5/5

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