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Ju-Ju-Be BeTween Changing Bag

Ju-Ju-Be BeTween changing bag – Has big mommy pocket, an easy access diapers and wipes compartment on top, plus a gusseted entry to the main compartment. Easy to clean. Front mommy pocket with hoop zipper access and gussets to keep stuff in. Top loading diapers and wipes pocket for easy entry and a quick change. Adjustable messenger strap includes a top notch shoulder pad with memory foam and a grippy textile underneath. Inside elastic diaper retainer keeps diapers from turning into diaper wads. Two outside bottle pockets insulated with 3M Thinsulate. Memorey foam changing pads, keeps baby comfy during bare bottom times. Crumb Drains keep your bag clean and tidy. Swivel attchement points for BeConnected stroller clips (sold separately) Size 12’x9’x6′ (WxHxD)

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£55.79 Available to purchase online of Call 07795 660374 for Local Stockist

Ju-Ju-Be BeTween Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Monic Canalias Soriano - Baby Noah Simons 6 Months

Product Tested By Monica Canalias Soriano – Baby Noah Simons 6 Months

Monica Awarded The Ju-Ju-Be BeTween Changing Bag Top Marks 5/5

When this first arrived it was love at first sight.  A striking changing bag which looked great and excellent quality.  Amazing amount of compartments which are so handy when travelling with baby and also for mummy’s extras.  Size is just right and can fit all you need when out with baby, and extra compartments for your own necessities.  This is a very versatile bag which can be carried on your sholder, across the body and easy fit onto your buggy.  The shoulder strap is very comfortable as it has extra padding which was great for my shoulder.  Even when this bag is fully loaded it was comfortable to wear over your shoulder and no discomfort.  I absolutely loved this bag.  The material is high quality, style superb, size just perfect and superb amount of compartments.  Made travelling with baby easy as had everything I needed.  This is a high quality changing bag which will last and I will be using this every day.  All my friends asked me where they could get one as they all loved it.  A smart, modern and very practical changing bag.  Monica Canalias Soriano – Baby Noah Simons 6 Months

Product Tested By Emma Naunton – Baby Jack 8 Months

Emma Awarded The Ju-Ju-Be Between Changing Bag An Amazing 5/5

Loved it when I first saw it, brightly coloured and looked impressive.  The style is ideal for carrying around, or hanging over my pram.  Very versatile.  Really good fabric as it is washable and wipe clean.  Feels like a quality material that is robust and would last.  Quality is superb and made to a very high specification.  I think the compartments are great as I can put different things in different sections which makes it so much easier to find than if it all went into one.  They have some pretty useful sections within compartments to help keep everything organised.  There are also lots of compartments which really suit my needs.  I particularly like the mummy pocket and the two bottle holders which are invaluable.  This is not the largest bag in the range but I was pleasantly surprised how much I could fit in and it seems really light to carry.  I am able to get all of the usual changing bits in for the day, bottles, a change of clothes, night attire and medicines for all occasions.  The size is conveniet to carry, and hangs off my puschair and does not get in the way.  This has been designed to meet a specific purpose and it meets that very well.  I am not sure if it would have a use beyond a changing bag.  Very comfortable to carry despite fitting loads in the bag as it seemed light not bulky.  The strap is fully adjustable, but the bag can only be carried over the shoulder.  Shoulder strap is really padded, very soft and comfortable.  Can carry the bag for quite some time withoug discomfort.  The strap length is easily adjustable which is really useful.  A very stylish bag, compartment layout makes finding things very easy and quick which is essential.  Finding things quickly when my baby needs them is invaluable.  I enjoy using this bag and do find it helps make my life easier.  The bag layout is really convenient and is everything I wand and need in a changing bag.  Would recommend this bag without hesitation.  The best changing bag I have seen.  Functional, can find things quickly and looks stylish – a must for any mum (or dad)!  Emma Naunton – Baby Jack 8 Months

Product Tested By David Giles – Baby Jacob 7 Months

David Awarded The Ju-Ju-Be Between Changing Bag 4.4/5

First impression, very well made and good quality.  Good looking design although slightly smaller than I’d expected.  Style of the bag is practical.  The material is very high quality.  Appears easy to clean, strong, robust, and soft to the touch.  Quality of all components of the bag was excellent from the fabric through to zips, buckles and design details.  The bag benefits from a larger number of compartments which was surprising considering the size of the bag.  Enough compartments to stow away pretty much anything that I could think of.  I was particularly impressed by the two expandable bottle pockets, the elasticated key ‘chain’, and the soft mobile phone compartment.  Personally I felt this bag was a little on the small size to be of real practical use other than a quick trip around the shops.  If all the compartments were used, I felt the bag would be rather overlaoded and cramped.  However, for a trip into town, this bag is ideal.  For me and my partner, the main attraction of this bag is it versastility.  Whilst it has been designed as a changing bag, it doubles up as a very practical hadnbag extremely well.  The multitude of comparments allow us to carry the items that we need for my son whilst still allowing us the flexibility to carry all the other personal items that are essential.  My partner intends to continue to use the bag even when the need for a changing bag has gone.  This is extremely comfortable to carry.  The limited size of the bag meant that it was quite light.  The rubberised shoulder pad on carry strap meant that it sat on shoulder without slipping.  The soft/padded fabric helped us to almost forget that the bag was there at all.  You have only one carry option (shoulder bag) which I believe is common to most changing bags and is easily the most practical when juggling a wriggling little boy.  The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and easy to use.  Whilst being thicker and more padded than the strap on my previous bag it still twisted in the shoulder pad which was a minor annoyance.  I would have liked the strap to have had buckles to adjust the length at both ends to allow it to be shortened more evenly.  A pleasure to use out and about around town with everything that we needed being close to hand and easily accessed.  For longer trips the size of the bag was less practical.  Despite having suggested a few alterations, mainly the size I do think the design of this bag could not be greatly improved.  It has been designed as a smaller changing bag/handbag and Ju-Ju-Be have done an extremely good job.  We will continue to use this bag for a long time due to its versatility.  Having seen the quality of design and manufacture I would not only recommend this product but also other products within the Ju-Ju-Be range.  Practical, well desinged, eye-catching and a pleasure to use.  David Giles – Baby Jacob 7 Months

A smart, modern and very practical changing bag. 


Monica Awarded The Ju-Ju-Be BeTween Changing Bag An Amazing 5/5

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