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Kadria Baby Balm with Coco Butter and Sea Buckthorn

Kadria Skincare Baby Balm is a thick creamy balm containing fair trade Cocoa Butter and Olive Wax to provide a protective barrier to the skin, and softening emollient oils of Rosehip and Apricot Kernel oil to keep skin soft. Sea Buckthorn has anti-microbal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative properties. A special synergistic blend off essential oils add a hint of aroma which will help calm baby as well as provide anti microbal and antifungal and skin regenerative actions. Perfect for keeping your baby’s skin strong and healthy and protect against dampness and broken skin. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a small amount onto baby’s clean bottom after nappy change or bathing. Can also be used as a balm on dry skin conditions.

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£14.00 60ml - Available to purchase online

Kadria Baby Balm with Coco Butter and Sea Buckthorn Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Wright – Dominic 2 years 2 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Wright – Dominic 2 years 2 Months
Sarah Awarded The Kadria Baby Balm with Coco Butter and Sea Buckthorn 4.2/5
Looks more expensive than my own cosmetics. The product look does look a little like bees wax polish but it smells lovely and has a great feel, not at all greasy as I was expecting from its look. Packaging is very high end. You wouldn’t necessarily think it was a baby product if you saw it on the shelf. A very generic instruction of how and when to apply. I’d like to see more about the properties of the ingredients on the label. Very nice product, the smell is what makes the product quality stand out I think a sit has a distinct essential oil smell.  Feels lovely to apply. All natural ingredients which are a massive plus when using something this often. Difficult to apply if the skin is wet, or your hands are cold and the balm doesn’t melt. Otherwise its absorbs very quickly and is very easy to spread. Fragrance is lovely, very different to anything else I’ve used. Fitted in my small changing bag for when we were out and about, slightly harder to do than at home if you haven’t unscrewed the lid before you start the nappy changing process! Used daily,after every nappy change or bath. Kept my sons bottom very soft. Although I still had to resort to using Metanium on a couple of occasions to treat some bad nappy rash. Although it seems rather expensive for a small pot of balm we hardly used any in the time we’ve been testing it, a little goes a long way. I would say it may well last the 6 month shelf span after opening which does make it value for money .I think it’s a lovely product, smells much nicer than any other nappy cream I’ve used. I may start trying it on my son’s elbows and knees to see if it helps with the dry skin. I have already mentioned this to a number of my mummy friends. Lovely natural product which is easy to apply and leaves baby’s skin soft and supple. Sarah Wright – Dominic 2 Years 2 Months


Product Tested By Kelly Evans – Imogen 2 years 8 Months

Kelly Awarded The Kadria Baby Balm with Coco Butter and Sea Buckthorn 4.6/5

At first glance it is clear that Kadria Baby Balm is a quality product. I liked the small, compact jar and the branding. The branding ensures the product has an air of quality and luxury. No one could misinterpret the instructions: ‘massage a small amount into baby’s bottom after bathing or nappy change’. Clear, concise and easy to follow. The product is obviously a quality one and after reading the list of ingredients it is clear that a lot of time and expertise has been put into its manufacture. Using it felt like a treat for both me and my daughter. My little girl’s skin is incredibly sensitive and so nappy creams are a frequent item on the shopping list. I really liked this product and even though at first the balm is oily it settles into the skin very quickly. I find other creams very thick but this is easy to apply and does not stay on your hands and fingers after application – something I hate! After reading the ingredients and before opening I thought the product would have a strong, luxurious smell due to the frankincense and myrrh. However, I wasleft disappointed – the fragrance is nice but not as pungent as I would have liked although this is common with natural products. I didn’t carry the product about with me but only due to the fact that my little girl doesn’t have as regular nappy changes through the day. I only tended to use the product first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime. It is a small pot though so could be carried around very easily in a changing bag or handbag. I only used the product in the morning (after 12 hours of nappy wearing) and just before bedtime – this was enough to keep nappy rash and/or skin irritation at bay. I mostly just used it on my daughter but I did apply to a small burn on my arm after reading it contains healing ingredients and antiseptic zinc – it seemed to work. I found this product effective and after applying to my daughter’s skin (sore marks and red patches from her nappy) I regularly found it was significantly less sore/red in the morning after use. A very effective and good quality natural baby balm. £14.00is a little pricey for baby balm, however, it is a good product and you only need a tiny amount so it would last ages. Due to the use of natural ingredients the product must be used within 6 months, however, I still feel that is great value for money on a product you would use every day. I would buy thisproduct but I am less likely to buy it online. If it was available in a store I wouldn’t hesitate to pop it in my basket. I would recommend this product without hesitation – it would look great in a baby hamper for a new mum. A luxury product that lasts ages and does what it says on the tin! Kelly Evans –Imogen 2 Years 8 Months


Product Tested By Emily Butler – Zara 1 year 9 Months

Emily AwardedThe Kadria Baby Balm with Coco Butter and Sea Buckthorn 4.5/5

Arrived in a really stylish pot, looked expensive and expected it to be very high quality. Also I really liked the fragrance. The packaging is good and the pot is a great design as so easy to use and store. I like these sort of pots with screw tops as once finished with pot can use to store other things too.  Instructions clear and precise. I also read all the information on ingredients which was very helpful as Zara has very sensitive skin. I found this very easy to apply and you only need a small amount to be effective. This would absorb easily and does not leave any residue. Loved the fragrance, just right and not too overpowering. I used this for nappy changes at home and also kept it handy in my change bag for when we were out for the day. I used this every day (and still have lots left in the pot). It was ideal for Zara’s sensitive skin and also did improve some of her more violent nappy rash outbreaks. Seemed to soothe and heal fairly well. When you first look at the price you think this is expensive, but it works and you only need to use a small amount each time so will last. Taking this into consideration and how long a pot will last with everyday use this is good value for money. I had not heard of this company before and had a look online. After trying out this product I will be looking at other products they have on offer. I have recommended to friends and family. A lovely natural baby balm, easy to use, soft and gentle on babies’ skin and a little goes a long way. Emily Butler – Sara 1 Year 9 Months


I have already mentioned this to a number of my mummy friends. Lovely natural product which is easy to apply and leaves baby’s skin soft and supple.                


Sarah Awarded The Kadria Baby Balm with Coco Butter and Sea Buckthorn 4.2/5     

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