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Kally Baby Nest

The Kally Baby Nest is our best-selling baby cocoon designed by experts to keep your baby secure and comfortable while resting, practicing tummy time and during nappy changes. Made using extra-soft 100% hypoallergenic cotton, and featuring a removable and re-washable cover and an open-close mechanism, the Kally Baby Nest is the perfect accessory for you and your newborn.

Ideal for babies 0-8 months. Premium quilted 100% hypoallergenic cotton. Lightweight and portable. Multi-functional use. Machine washable. Open-Close mechanism. Adjustable design. 2 year guarantee.

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Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Moses Baskets, Bassinets & Nap Time Accessories 

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Kally Baby Nest Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Binsteed – Elsie 3 Months

Katie Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5 

Looks as I expected for the price. Clear packaging slowing you to preview product. Previously have used the sleepyhead baby nest and I think that in comparison this design is the same and actually better value for money. We love the baby nest for resting and short naps just having that peace of mind that your baby is safe. She loves this nest and is always settled.  She naps very well in this and it gives me peace of mind that she is safe even though I’m never far away anyway. I wish I had this product for my other two children as they were also so wriggly. This just makes nappy changing more relaxing and overall safer. We haven’t yet used this for tummy time as Elsie isn’t interested. We use this for nap time in the cotbed and to use for changing and resting when visiting family and friends houses. We use this every day.  Mostly used at home for naps and changing.  Very easy to pop back in packaging and carry using the handle it keeps this clean when putting in and out of the boot. Elsie is overall settled in this nest I don’t actually know what helps this but it’s good for a mother’s peace of mind. I have not used the Velcro strap at the bottom of the bumpers yet for baby to rest and sleep but this has been helpful for when changing her.  I was not expecting the headrest and free blanket as I was comparing this to the sleepyhead I’ve previously used.  I hand washed these and they are easy to get on and off each time.  My little girl is petite so I think this will last us for a while and this is perfect for that age group. Guarantee is something I always look at when purchasing products for any of the children so good to know has 2 year guarantee.  100% value for money as previously stated the sleepyhead didn’t come with extras and wasn’t as luxury as this. This is amazing value for money I would happily pay up to £40 more. I liked that Elsie was very settled and I knew she was safe at all times and I liked that I could bring this out to use when visiting family. I would buy this for all the reasons above.  Yes defiantly recommend.  I’ve already sent the link of the web site to my friends and cousin whom are expecting. Couldn’t fault anything about it just wish it would last forever. Overall we are very happy with this product and would highly recommend to any new mothers and it really is helpful when you have a clingy wrestles baby. Katie Binsteed – Elsie 3 Months

Product Tested By Christina Coaker – Lucas 6 Months

Christina Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5

Simple packaging.  Baby nest was super soft and luxurious to touch. Well made. Simple design in a nice soft grey colour.  Great to transport around the house and not too heavy. Soft material and padding that adds to the comfort of the nest. Great idea, like the fact it’s easy to move around from room to room and can be used as a sleeping pod (which I mainly used it for) or as a changing space. My baby LOVED sleeping in this baby nest. He seemed to like the soft padding as he was snug and compact in it helping him to feel secure and he definitely slept for longer whist using it. I was confident that my baby was secure whist asleep in the baby nest, he did try to roll in it but wasn’t able to which was assuring. Personally didn’t want to use it for nappy changing as I wanted it to be for sleeping in.  It’s too good a product to use for nappy changing and it wasn’t waterproof so didn’t want to risk accidents. I used it for tummy time, having the baby lie over the side and have toys inside the baby nest. My baby enjoyed this as it was somewhere different to play and does his tummy time also he toys couldn’t move too far away from his reach. We used this for napping time in the lounge (in the afternoon) and in his cot (during the morning), tummy time, took it away for naps to relatives as there was nowhere else for baby to nap. Giving the baby a massage and bonding with him. Used this baby nest every day for morning and afternoon naps and tummy time once a day.  Mainly used this downstairs in the lounge so I could be close by, and also in his own bedroom and cot. Used it with and without the bag. The handles made it easy to move around, which you could hold one handed and still hold the baby in other arms. The material was lovely and soft and felt great next to baby’s skin. The Velcro strap worked very well.  My baby is long so having the extra space when opening up the nest was great. Really liked the fact it came with headrest and free blanket. The cover and inserts washed well, didn’t lose shape and easy to clean and dry. It’s a good age range however as my baby is long he may not stay in it till 8 months and he fills the length of it now. It says on the front of the nest that it comes with a guarantee, it would make me more confident in buying it, especially if I were to have a second baby and could use it again within the two years. The product is good and my baby did sleep well in it however I wouldn’t pay £80 for this maybe more £50-£60. I loved the soft material that the nest is covered in and the fact it is portable and easy to move around. I might be tempted to buy one for a second baby but my baby is 6 months now so there isn’t much point. I have recommended it to others whose babies don’t sleep well. I have recommended this to a friend who has issues with her baby sleeping. I thought the security and snugness of the nest might help the baby feel secure and sleep better. Loved this product definitely helped my baby to nap for longer. I thought the material was super soft and had a cosy luxurious feel about it. It was great that there were a few uses e.g. nap time, tummy time and changing time. My baby felt secure and enjoyed spending time in the nest. The material was lovely and soft and felt comfortable to lie on. Christina Coaker – Lucas 6 Months

Product Tested By Lindsey Roberts – Henry 15 Weeks

Lindsey Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5

I loved it so soft and very well cushioned. It’s plain but that’s good, neutral is always a good colour it can be reused then should there be any further babies. Padded for babies comfort as well. Ideal, we struggled getting Henry to sleep in the day other than in our arms but since we’ve had this he will sleep and stay asleep for a while.  Our son was very comfortable in this. I would say he enjoys sleeping in it he doesn’t moan about going in it. We haven’t used it for nappy changes but I can see how it would be used. Again we didn’t use it for tummy time we used it purely for sleep, Henry will sleep on his side in it. We’ve just used it as a bed downstairs for him somewhere off the floor but still on the floor. We use it every day at least twice a day. For Henry it was solely to sleep in. This is very easy to transport. Loved the quilted cotton fabric really high quality and comfortable for Henry. We’ve not needed to alter the strap as being done up gives the snugness.  Really nice touch to have headrest and free blanket. A little pillow is always a good idea and blanket we didn’t use so much as it was quite thin Henry prefers his wool blanket. We put it on a hand wash cycle as it doesn’t actually come with wash instructions (well I’m yet to find them). I think the age group is just right. Having something with a guarantee is always good in case of mishaps. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the £79 but it is good for what you get. I loved
fact that I can now do jobs and Henry sleeps.  I would buy this but as stated would look out to see on offer. I would recommend if any friends have babies that struggle to sleep I would suggest it to them. This product has worked for us yes we’ve not used it to its full potential but it’s ticked a box where we was struggling, to get Henry to sleep somewhere during the day that wasn’t me. Lindsey Roberts – Henry 15 Weeks








This is amazing value for money I would happily pay up to £40 more. I liked that Elsie was very settled and I knew she was safe at all times and I liked that I could bring this out to use when visiting family.


Katie Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5

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