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Kally Baby Nest

Are you looking for the perfect cocoon to keep your baby safe, secure and comfortable during rest, tummy time and nappy changes? The Kally Baby Nest is our best-selling baby cocoon, designed by experts to provide the restful, comforting sleep environment your baby needs. Lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport between locations – ensuring baby stays happy and content wherever you need to be. The nest’s size is adjustable via Velcro straps which can be altered depending on need and as your baby grows. Made using extra-soft 100% quilted cotton with breathable, hypoallergenic internal filler for a soft and safe feeling on the skin. Cleaning the nest is a breeze, with the removable and re-washable cover easily detached using an open-close mechanism. Spare nest covers are available in white, powder pink and light grey

Ideal for babies 0-8 months. Premium quilted 100% hypoallergenic cotton. Lightweight and portable. Multi-functional use. Machine washable. Open-Close mechanism. Adjustable design. 2 year guarantee.

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Kally Baby Nest Reviews

Product Tested By Caprice Smith – Sienna 4 Months

Caprice Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5

Well packaged super comfy padded sleep nest. The design is great I like the padded outer ring that makes it snuggly and secure. The mattress is super padded and squishy. It was handy that the outer cover unzips and can be machine washed. The instructions and safety details were helpful. Super easy to use and travel using the travel bag, we took this on a caravan holiday! We love using the Kally sleep nest for our supervised day time naps on the sofa, baby loves it and always seems super settled. My baby was born premature and although she’s 4 months old she’s only 8lb so she’s not a massive fan of tummy time yet but I’ll be sure to use it when she is as it’s so comfortable on their little bodies. I did not use this for nappy changes as I wanted it hygienic for baby to nap in but k can see how it would be good as the outer would stop baby from rolling. I’d want it wipeable/waterproof for this use. My baby is still small but a friends baby borrowed it for a nap when they came to visit us and being able to undo the Velcro made much more room for his legs to stretch. The fabric was soft bouncy and comfortable, baby never got too hot laying in it. Absolutely portable.  We packed it into the travel bag and took it on a caravan holiday to the coast with us was great. The cover was super easy to wash, my baby has reflux and is often sick at night due to laying down after a feed. The covers unzipped easily and washed well, they didn’t retain too much water and dried quickly. I used my Kally baby nest most days for naps when at home. I used the baby nest the most at home. Naps were the main reason we used the Kally nest. I loved how comfy it was for my daughter. Great material design and ease of use. Yes this is good value compared to other similar items. I would buy this as we get so much daily use out of it. I would recommend as it is really handy with a small baby. I love this product it is a key item always in our living room for day time naps. A brilliant product, we will get many more months of use from it. Caprice Smith – Sienna 4 Months

Product Tested By Matthew Lannen – Dylan 3 Weeks

Matthew Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5

Really nice design, quality materials and overall build feels well made. I liked the design and colour (stains blend in quite well) however unsure what the need for the “ears” are as they sever no purpose. No instructions included that I saw, pretty self-explanatory, I did look at the website and saw that it’s not intended for full time sleeping only naps. Really simple to use, haven’t had to adjust the size yet but can see it as easy as using the Velcro strap. Nice and comfortable place for our newborn to sleep on the sofa with us. Our son gets a bit fussy when left in his mosses basket so this is a great compromise. It is very portable and easy to carry with a baby in your arms, haven’t used it for tummy time as he’s still a bit young but can see how it would be useful for this. Although it’s easy to take the cover off to wash it can be fiddley to put back on so for this reason I have not used it for nappy changes for fear of soiling it. My son is only 3 weeks old so have not had the need to adjust it yet. Feels like very good quality and I checked to make sure it was breathable. Although we have not travelled with it yet we plan to soon and know it will be quite easy to take with us. The cover is really easy to detach and wash but putting it back on can be fiddly. We have used this every day. Mostly used in the living room.  This was used for day time naps and a place to put the baby down. We loved the quality and really comfortable for baby, baby can be placed on back, sides or front and still be comfy. This is really good quality ad feels well made. Initially I would say it was expensive but after using and seeing the quality I was say its good value. Though I’m not sure I would pay more than £80. Has been really handy to have and allows baby to sleep in any room meaning I can get things done whilst still keeping an eye on him. I would recommend as generally really helpful to have a place other than a mosses basket to put them down on, can see us using in the garden in the future. Really impressed with the overall quality and build as well as the uses of the product. The fact I would consider buying it speaks volumes. Good quality materials and build.  Really handy to keep around as baby can be seen from all angles unlike a mosses basket.  Washable which is needed.  Really comfort for baby in multiple positions. Matthew Lannen – Dylan 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Kirsty Charleston – Dakaria 3 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5 

My first impression was how cushioned it felt and luxurious it looked. I loved the simple design as well as the ability to unzip the cover to wash it. All that is needed, and was provided is the safety around using this product and how to wash it. Simple and useful. It was ready to use straight away. No prep I was able to take out of the packaging and lay my daughter straight down onto it. My daughter refuses to sleep in a mosses basket and up until I received this was only sleeping in my arms, now I am able to put her down into this and she will sometimes stay asleep. We did use this for tummy time and my daughter much preferred it to other surfaces we have. The material doesn’t bunch up and it is padded to stop her hurting her head on the hard floor underneath. The texture is also just enough for her to use against her feet to help her attempt pushing with her feet. I have used this for wet nappies as it is comfortable for her. It is easy to take the cover off to wash if needed. Because it is fabric it doesn’t shock her body from temperature difference like her changing mat does. We haven’t needed to adjust the Velcro straps as of yet but the Velcro is strong and I can see how this will be useful in the future. The material is very soft and breathable and allowed my daughter to stay cooler even on the hottest of days. I agree this would be ideal to take on your travels depending on the type of holiday/transport using. The Kally nest in my opinion would be too big to take on the plane for example but if going by car I think it would be ideal. It could easily be slotted down the side of your other belongings and easy to take out as and when needed. The cover couldn’t be more simple and easy to remove and wash. There are 2 zips, one for the pillow around the edge and one for the cushioned middle section, keeping the Velcro done up they can be washed as normal and then hang to dry. We use this every day. I used the Kally baby nest at home in my living room. I used it mainly to put my daughter down when I needed to tend to my other children as well as housework. It allowed me to know she was comfortable and safe. I love how universal and multipurpose the Kally baby nest is. The quality feels and looks high end. After a month I have not experienced any wear and tear, or misshaping of the cushion. It is soft, comfy, safe and looks pleasing to the adult eye so that when not in use it doesn’t look like baby “stuff” is taking over. I think it is of good value as it is a versatile piece to have for your baby. I would consider buying this but not at full price. I only say this because I know how different each baby is, what one may love another may hate. My eldest would scream no matter where I put him whereas my other 2 children would more happily be placed elsewhere to sleep or play. I would recommend as I feel this is a better investment than having a mosses basket- assuming your environment is safe to have them in the nest e.g. no animals. The Kally baby nest is a great piece allowing me to safely put down my baby at a seconds notice. The handles on both sides and at the top allow me to easily one handed pull it out from storing it next to my sofa and lay it on the floor or sofa. The fabric is great quality, soft, cushioned and the colour is a lovely shade of grey. The pillow stops her from rolling off the nest and allows a more snug comforting sleep/hold for her. Kirsty Charleston – Dakaria 3 Months

I loved how comfy it was for my daughter. Great material design and ease of use. Yes this is good value compared to other similar items. I would buy this as we get so much daily use out of it. I would recommend as it is really handy with a small baby. I love this product it is a key item always in our living room for day time naps. A brilliant product, we will get many more months of use from it.


Caprice Awarded The Kally Baby Nest 5/5

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