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Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl

Kandy Hamm is a witch on a mission to help other people and solve mysteries.On a quiet ride in the forest with her companion, Mandy, Kandy comes across Starlight, a wizard who has lost his white owl, along with his magical powers. He needs them back before the summer solstice celebrations begin. Kandy quickly comes up with a plan to find the owl and return her safely to Starlight in time for the festivities. But will her plan work?

Suitable 6 – 10 Year Olds

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Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl Reviews

Product Tested By Lorna Heath – Molly 9 Years

Lorna Awarded The Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl Book 4/5

My child did enjoy reading this book only because there was a lot of writing on one page; it wasn’t broken up with pictures which is hard for younger readers. The story was adventurous and creative. I would say this was a stimulating book as it seemed to be a good story line which she enjoyed.I do agree with Molly the layout was a bot all over the place Molly said maybe she would purchase another book in the future by this author. It was age appropriate for Molly aged 9. The quality is good but Molly thought it would be better if it was a hard back book. A bit expensive for a short story. Molly likes how it was funny. I would consider buying this book as the story line interested my daughter. I would not recommend due to the layout of the book. As above it was a good story but there were double pages with just pictures on and then some with a lot of writing on. Lorna Heath – Molly 9 Years

Product Tested By Dani Barker – Henley 6 Years

Dani Awarded The Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl Book 4/5

I thought it looked good when it arrived. Front cover was colourful and made us want to read the story. The quality of the book is very good.As soon as my son saw the book he couldn’t wait for me to read it to him. I thought the illustrations in this book were really good. My son could not read this himself but he enjoyed me reading it to him. He really enjoyed the story. My son loved this book as it’s very colourful and the pictures are good too. Now we have read this book I would purchase more from this author. I think the book was a bit too old for him but I can read to him now and later on he will be able to read it himself. Even though this is a great story book I do feel the price is a bit high. I thought it was a good story for children.I would recommend as I think children that can read would like the story. I think all the features of the book are very good very colourful overall a very good story for children. My experience with this product is very good but I would not go and buy it as its bit high in price. Dani Barker – Henley 6 Years

Product Tested By Donna Caldwell – Libby 7 Years

Donna Awarded the Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl Book 4/5

We were excited to read it. The book seems sturdy enough to withstand smaller children’s hands. She was excited to read it and couldn’t wait to hear the story. The illustrations were detailed and colourful. My daughter did enjoy the story. The book didn’t really flow well as a child’s book. The story was lovely, but the language was above that of a 7 year old. Many words needed to be explained. Including explaining what a white witch is. She was a little confused about the story. She didn’t understand how a doll could come to life and drive a carriage. She listened to the full story, but I don’t think she really understood it. It a good story, but needs to look at the language used and the target reader. I would have to see if the dialogue is similar to this book and if it is then I would not look to buy another book by this author. I do not feel it was age appropriate as the language used was for a more mature reader. A good story, just lacking in some areas.It could offer value for money as my daughter matures in her reading; we will revisit the story to see if she can follow it. I liked the brightly coloured illustrations. This book was too mature for my daughter. I would not recommend as my friends children are the same age group and it would not suit them. It has the promise of being a really good kid’s book; it’s just not quite meeting that potential. Good story, good illustrations, not so great language. Donna Caldwell – Libby 7 Years


Molly likes how it was funny. I would consider buying this book as the story line interested my daughter.


Lorna Awarded The Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl Book 4/5

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