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KAPLA 200 Box

KAPLA IS: a wooden construction toy made up from a set of identical pine wood planks. The unique size of the planks, which are in the ratio of 1:3:15, makes them ideal for constructing many different building creations.KAPLA is simple and just requires a child’s imagination. It needs no glue, no screws and no clips to fix the planks. Each plank is simply placed one on top of the other. The planks are held in place by gravity and balance alone. KAPLA allows children to build, create and experiment by using their own imagination. With Kapla planks a child can safely build alone or together with friends and family.KAPLA is suitable for children aged 3 and up. Whilst being very simple to use and enjoy, with some experience buildings and creations can become satisfyingly complex. Children learn every time they build and will advance their building techniques by playing. Everything is possible with KAPLA planks!

200 wooden KAPLA planks in a storage box. Includes instruction booklet for basic construction techniques.The ideal KAPLA planks starter set

Suitable 3 Years Plus 

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£40.00 - Available in Toy Stores, Amazon or order online

KAPLA 200 Box Reviews

Product Tested by:


Product Tested ByClare Lambert – Maisie 4 Years

Clare Awarded The KAPLA 200 4.7/5

I did wonder whether it would be played with or hidden by me
as it has lots of pieces to pick up/lose and whether my nearly 4 year old would
like it but I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging was good. The quality is
great; it stood the test of my 3 year old 11 month old (chewing) Labrador and
daddy. It offers excellent value for money and I would consider buying it. I
already have suggested it as possible presents for my niece and nephew. My
heart sank when I saw all the bits as my kids love taking stuff out of boxes
and leaving it to be picked up. But my 3 year old has played with it loads and
puts it away too. It’s great if you have younger kids as they can chew on them
and it has really opened up her imagination far more than Lego has ever done. Clare
Lambert – Maisie 4 Years

Product Tested By Sarah
Grannan – Henry 3 ½ Years

Sarah Awarded The KAPLA 200 4.9/5

My initial impression of this was fantastic; we have loved
having this product. We have been able to play with it as a family and it has
been great for my son’s imagination. I wasn’t keen on the packaging; it just
looks a bit dated. I liked the images of the structures but they weren’t clear
enough. The instructions were adequate but sometimes a bit frustrating as there
were pictures with no instructions on how to make them. The quality of the set
itself is excellent. It offers excellent value for money; when I think what we
would pay for Lego or Duplo this actually is about the same price and you can
do so much with it. I would buy this; I also took this product into the After
School club (3-11 years) and they have really enjoyed it. They have
experimented with different ways of building towers and have worked well
together. I would highly recommend it; it is amazing. I can’t praise this
product enough, it has been an excellent product to test and I know we will
continue to use it. Although it looks a bit dated this is actually an excellent
building product for children. It has inspired some wonderful
project/structures and has challenged the children as well. Sarah Grannan – Henry 3 ½ Years

Product Tested By Sara
Airoud – Benjamin 3 ½ Years

Sara Awarded The KAPLA 200 3/5

The product had a nice appearance, the packaging was nice. It was bright and colourful; I was impressed
by how the product was presented. There were no actual instructions, there was
a booklet that came with the product but they were just pictures of possible
things that could be made. No writing or help in anyway was given. The product
was not suitable for my child, it just seemed to be 200 pieces of wood that was
untreated. It is
definitely not worth the retail price. I showed my friends to try get a
different perspective but no one liked the product at all, my son and other
children did not play with the wood for long. The product is definitely for
much older kids I’d say ages 7+. The wood was not treated (varnished or
anything) my son was bored after 3 minutes of play. There were no instructions
telling you to glue any pieces down or what really the wood should be used for.
I understand all children should be creative however there was no prompt even
to do this. The product could be used imaginatively if it was an older child using
it. Overall I was extremely disappointed with what we received and is now just
sitting in a corner in my son’s bedroom. Sara Airoud – Benjamin 3 ½ Years

Product Tested By Emily King – Lola & Sammy 4 Years 

Emily Awarded The KAPLA 200 5/5

I had seen this in toy stores and always wondered if it was a toy for us.  This comes in a handy box (when finished you can just put all the bits in the box safely).  The box displays ways of being creative and stacking these blocks and building things.  A very simple toy but it has given my twins hours of entertainment.  Good quality packaging.  The quality of these blocks is excellent. My twins have had so much fun. They love building and then knocking down.  We have created some games with these too and it has helped them with numbers and hand eye co-ordination.  A really high quality toy that has certainly kept my 2 entertained. Great for creativity and lots of fun.  I have already recommended and will be purchasing another one for my nephew’s birthday.  This has been used every week and also the box contains all the blocks so will be coming on holiday with us too.  We just loved it.   Emily King – Lola & Sammy 4 Years 


My heart sank when I saw all the bits as my kids love taking stuff out of boxes and leaving it to be picked up. But my 3 year old has played with it loads and puts it away too. It has really opened up her imagination far more than Lego has ever done. 


Clare Awarded The KAPLA 200 4.7/5

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