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Kat Pak

katpak is the only disposable hooded tray on the market.

Each katpak is made of biodegradable paper and folded so it can be easily expanded to become a hooded cat toilet. katpak is biodegradable and compostable.

katpak is easy to use, clean and hygienic, it reduces smells and is easy to dispose of and you will never have to clean the litter tray again!

katpak is sold online in packs of 5.


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£8.70 Pack 5 - Available to purchase online at

Kat Pak Reviews

Product Tested by: Layla Millner - Taylor 1 Year

Product Tested By Layla Millner – Taylor 1 Year

Layla Awarded the Katpak 4/5

I was unsure if this product would work at first but I was willing to give it a go. We have one kitten and we usually use a litter tray but she has been missing it for weeks. So we introduced the Katpak and after two weeks of her inspecting it, and she did to my surprise eventually begin to use it! She did play with it more than she went to the loo in it at first but it did work better than our previous litter tray. The price is good but I am not sure how long it will last, it’s already showing a lot of signs of wear because it is disposable. But overall, if it works, which it does – then great! Layla Millner – Taylor 1 Year


Product Tested By Amanda Cooper – Abigail 5 Years

Amanda Awarded the Katpak 4/5

This is a very good idea and it looks much cleaner than a litter tray! It’s very much like a proper cat box although it’s very flexible. Instructions were very easy to follow, had no problems with it at all! My cat Wallace does use a litter tray at times, and I did replace it with the Katpak, but he was not too keen to use it! He thought it was a house to play in more than seeing it as a toilet area. I did manage to get him to use it, and it was much easier to dispose of waste and to clean. I think it needs to be made of stronger paper as Wallace managed to rip the front entrance really easily, so the quality could be improved, but it is disposable. Not too bad a price and good idea but I wouldn’t buy it because Wallace thinks it’s like a cardboard box and can hide and play there. Great idea, needs to be stronger and I need to train Wallace not to think it’s a play item. Amanda Cooper – Abigail 5 Years


Product Tested By Lisa Gardener – Daniel 2 Years

Lisa Awarded the Katpak 3/5

I was a little disappointed with this, the shape and size weren’t generous and seeing as I have two cats, it did appear to be too small. We do normally use a plastic litter tray which we put away to try this item but our cats would only use it to sharpen their claws. They took to using the bin as the toilet in the end so we had to get the old tray back out. We found that using the Katpak wasn’t that great for us or our cats, through no fault of the product, unfortunately our cats just didn’t connect with it in the right way. But I would recommend this to others because I can see the benefits of using it when compared to a litter tray. Lisa Gardener – Daniel 2 Years

we introduced the Katpak and after two weeks of her inspecting it, she did begin to use it


Layla Awarded the Katpak 4/5

Kat Pak Stockist Information
  • Address: Supercool Kitty Ltd.
    PO BOX 2784
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