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KAZ for Windows & Apple Mac ONLINE

You can choose from three different versions of our KAZ Typing Tutor software, all of which are available now from our  online store and all of which are available for both Windows PC and Apple Mac OS X. 
Using KAZ Typing Tutor Online you can learn to type both from home and work. In fact, you can learn to type from anywhere you have an internet connection and web browser. Employing powerful Adobe Flash technology and streaming MP3 audio, the online version of KAZ delivers all of the same features as the download and CDROM versions but also allows you to view a history of your typing speeds and accuracy.KAZ Typing Tutor Online allows you to learn with or without sound. We recommend use of the the audio version for a richer learning experience. You can choose from either American or British Voices and from a USA or British keyboard layout. KAZ Typing Tutor Online is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers which have the Adobe Flash player installed. This allows you to use your favourite browser on either a Windows PC or Apple Mac .We email you with an online account activation code immediately upon completion of your purchase so you can start learning to touch type as soon as you activate it with the code provided.


Kaz Type Download (For Macs or PC Windows)

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KAZ for Windows & Apple Mac ONLINE Reviews

Product Tested By Leah Rose

Leah Awarded The Kaz Type Download 5/5

Sceptical at first but looked good and definitely worth a go. Great looking website, easy to navigate. Clear and easy to follow with break points and remembers your last position for when you return. Easy to follow, great and innovative way to teach you to type and surprisingly successful in a very short space of time. The areas I thought were most useful were being able to dip in and out at random without having to start from the beginning each time. Also being internet based you can load it up and practice anywhere. Still practicing and trying to break some very old (bad) habits but getting there. Can’t fault it, it’s brilliant. Definitely good value for money. The design is fine the way it is and a little bit of fun helps. I would purchase this and have recommended it to friends/colleagues. Fun new way to learn and it does what it says on the tin. Leah Rose


Product Tested By Sylvia Simmonds

Sylvia Awarded The Kaz Type Download 4.8/5

As a grandmother I am trying to keep up with my grandchildren and never learned to type when I was younger so wanted a quick and easy way to learn and then I would be proficient on the computer and all the other gadgets my grandchildren bring round. The website has been designed to make it easy to navigate and very easy to follow. The instructions are very clear and very easy to follow. I really liked the way it helped you to learn to type and to my surprise I managed to do very well. The system lets you catch up anytime and you can go back to your last stage and just carry on, which is a really good benefit. A lso being an internet download you can use at home or when staying with friends and family so a good bonus. As I had never typed before was a good way to learn. I am coming on really well and has helped me in so many ways. Not just with computers and my Grandchildren’s iPads etc., but I am now much more proficientat producing a really good quality newsletter for my club. I am learning more each time and getting very efficient at touch typing. Would not have thought it would have been so easy to learn, but I was wrong. A great way to learn, price is reasonable and I would highly recommend. A really easy way to learn to type in a shorter time than expected. Sylvia Simmonds


Product Tested By Sharon Carlisle

Sharon Awarded The Kaz Type Download 4.5/5

Was veryunsure about this as can type a bit but wondered if it could really help in such a short time. Anyway wanted to improve my typing so keen to try this out. Website is good, easy to navigate and was easy to download the programme. The instructions are very clear and precise. You also have break points in this programme which remember your last position when you go back into the programme. I found this very easy to follow and a very good way to learn to touch type. I was not so sure it would be effective in the 90 minutes they state online, but I was very pleased with the results and has really helped me so much. I really think the thought that has gone into this programme and the ease of use makes it a very effective programme for anyone to download who wishes to learn to touch type. I am still working on getting better, but I have been very surprised with the results. I would purchase this and have already recommended. I have enjoyed getting involved and this has really improved my typing ability. Thank you. Sharon Carlisle

Fun new way to learn and it does what it says on the tin


Leah Awarded The Kaz Type Download 5/5

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