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Kease Keyring

Stop losing your keys at the bottom of your bag. Kease is a beautiful little fashion key fob that allows you to clip your keys to a pocket or diary inside your bag – so now you can always find your keys with ease. Kease began as a personal solution to one of the problems all women seem to face on a daily basis – I was never able to find my keys. Forever losing them in my bag slowly drove me insane! With shopping bags everywhere, I couldn’t get into my car or house, leading to many scenarios where I was frustrated and stuck in the rain!One day I decided that enough was enough and tied my keys to a household peg, clipping it to the inside of my bag or my diary. Despite the laughs from my friends at the elegance my contraption lacked, it was an idea that worked so I looked into creating something that was both functional and looked pretty.However, it was a daunting prospect for a stay at home mother in her forties to try and transmit an idea from my head into a feasible design. I believe passionately that we should encourage designers in this country and therefore that is where I started.After six years of taking on extra jobs and reaching what seemed like several dead ends, I have reached the point where I have a product. I have been involved in every step of the process and have financed it myself. At times I felt like giving up but I am proud to have made something that is both pretty and practical. It may be something small, but every effort has gone into the design and I hope it helps you to find your keys with ease!

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£7.99 Available online http://www.purenchic.com/kease/about and online www.kease,co.uk

Kease Keyring Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Melton

Tested By
Rachel Melton

Awarded The Kease Keyring 4.7/5

thought it looked like a great idea, I’m a runner so am always looking for ways
to be able to take my house keys out with me.
Plus as a mum I don’t like rummaging through my bag to find my keys,
especially if I’ve got an unhappy boy. I think the website is bright, cheerful
and eye catching. It has all the
information a buyer would ask for and it looks easy to contact the company. I
thought the fact this arrived in a bag and tissue paper was a really nice
touch, it felt like the company was professional. This is self-explanatory and
easy to use. Really impressed with the
quality. The clip was great and easy to
put onto my trousers or the inside of my bag. I think the product is value for
money. Having tested it I would purchase but I hadn’t heard of it before so
without testing it I wouldn’t have known about it and therefore would never buy
it. I would recommend it to my runner friends and my mummy friends especially. I really like this product and I think
it is really unique. I think it needs
more designs as they aren’t attractive to everyone. The product isn’t great for a key set with
loads of keys on, I tried to put both my car key set and house key set in my
bag and it was too clumpy. I really like
the product; I think it needs more designs to be attractive to more
people. I think parents and people who
exercise outside would find it very useful. Rachel Melton 

Tested By
Jennifer James

Awarded The Kease Keyring 4.5/5

had never heard of this company before and this arrived in a lovely box would
make a great gift. The website is very
easy to navigate and gives you all the information you need. Presentation of this keyring was excellent,
looked like a lovely gift. Easy to use
no need for instructions. The quality,
design is superb. You can just clip this
onto the inside of your bag, onto your jeans belt etc. I walk a lot with our dogs and always have to
carry some form of bag for house keys.
This has made it easier to me to walk out with the dogs daily as just
clip onto my jeans belt and house keys handy when I need them. This is good value as something different,
easy to use when out and about; keep handy in your bag etc. The only drawback is you cannot put a load of
keys onto this so best to use for house keys, would not suit if you need all
your keys on one key ring. Then again
handy to have house key on one keyring as so many times I have lost all my keys
and that is mayhem. I would purchase
another one as I do love the concept of this keyring. I would also purchase as a present as so
unique. I have already recommended it as
had a few people ask me where I got this from.
I had never heard of this company and would never have known about this
item if not sent to review. A lovely
selection of very stylish keyrings which are perfect to keep your house key
on. Loved it. Jennifer James

Tested By
Amanda Hollings

Awarded The Kease Keyring 4.6/5

thought this looked very interesting a novel idea for a keyring. The website was easy to use and detailed all
the information and contact details you required. This arrives very well presented and you feel
like you have received a nice gift which is a lovely touch. Instructions clear but a keyring so self-explanatory. The quality is excellent. The design is really high quality, the clip
is easy to use and so easy to clip onto your bag, trousers, or keep clipped on
the inside you’re your baby bag for easy access when you need front door
key. The only thing about this is it
will not take loads of keys. Then again
good idea as my main keyring has a shed load of keys on it and bulky and heavy
and always rummaging to find my keys. I
think this is a lovely stylish keyring and worth the investment. I would purchase as a gift as think they are
gorgeous. Although would like to see
more designs on offer. Recommended
already a few friends fell in love with mine.
This is a very easy way to keep one set of keys handy at all times which
we all know is our house keys. You can
clip inside bag, clip inside change bag, or onto your belt or trousers so easy
access at all times. Would never has
known about this product had I not received to review. The perfect way to keep your house key handy
at all times whether you are travelling to work or just out for a quick run. Amanda Hollings

I really like the product; I think it needs more designs to be attractive to more people. I think parents and people who exercise outside would find it very useful. 


Rachel Awarded The Kease Keyring 4.7/5

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