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Kiddi Kutter

Kiddi Food Kutter is designed for children 3 years plus to help them cut their food in safety. This knife has no sharp edges, yet it will cut any food from a soft tomatoe through to a tough steak. It is able to do this by using a sawing action rather then relying on sharp teeth blade. Constructed from tumbled stainless steel with a moulded plastic handle which ergonomic. A safe & fun way for your toddler to learn to cut their own food and to help you in the kitchen. Adult supervision recommended.

Available in Green, Pink, Blue or Purple –
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Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2011/12 and Gold Award winner 2012/13

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Kiddi Kutter Reviews

Product Tested by: Natasha Marley – Elliott 5 Years

Product Tested By Natasha Marley – Elliott 5 Years

Natasha Awarded The Kiddi Kutter 5/5

I was a little sceptical, a knife that cuts food and not fingers?! Packaging Brilliant, you are seeing exactly what you are getting. Fantastic quality, my son tried cutting everything. Perfect size for both, the foods and my son. Great shape, looks like a knife. My son was over the moon when he could help me cut the carrots for our meal. Went in the dishwasher and came out the same shape. Brilliant value for money. Fantastic design. I’m over the moon with this knife. My son helps me most days with preparing meals. Loved this and already recommended. My son helps me most days with preparing meals. Natasha Marley – Elliott 5 years


Product Tested By Natalie Underdown – Ellie & Joe 9 & 7 Years

Ellie Awarded The Kiddi Kutter 4.5/5

Looks well made & attractive to children. Good quality packaging as you can clearly see item in the box. The quality of this children’s knife is very good. Size is just right for children and recommended age suitable as states ideal for 3 years plus. The shape is easy to hold and it is very good at cutting food. Seemed to cut everything we tried well. Some things took a bit more effort than others, but that is the same with any knife. We don not have a dishwasher, so did not clean it this way. It was easy to wash up by hand though. At this price, I would not buy it on a whim, although would buy it at this price after testing it. We will continue to use this as will last for a long time and well made. Would certainly recommend. The children enjoyed using it and I was happy for them to do so, without worrying they would hurt themselves. Natalie Underdown– Ellie & Joe 9 & 7 years


Product Tested By Laura Graig – Noah 3 Years

Laura Awarded The Kiddi  Kutter 5/5

Looks safe and colourful, easy to hold! Not over packaged which is good and let you see the product clearly! This is a very good quality knife for children. Nice compact size for my 3 year old to hold comfortably. Handle is easy to grip and blade looks like a crocodiles teeth which were blunt but effective! My son was very impressed he could cut food without the fear of cutting himself! Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe too. I would purchase one and would recommend as made to a very high standard. My son loves he has a big boys knife. Easy product to use and hold.  Love the fact it  got my son to use which encourages independence. Laura Graig – Noah 3 Years

Brilliant value for money. Fantastic design. I’m over the moon with this knife. My son helps me most days with preparing meals.


Natasha Awarded The Kiddi Kutter 5/5 

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