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Kiddie Kangaroo Car Seat Protector

The Universal Seat Protector has the added bonus of adjustable pockets which provides easy to reach storage next to your child when traveling in their car seat, buggy, booster seat, and infant carrier while protecting their seat from those unfortunate spills and accidents. The waterproof material fits along the seat and up the back to help keep their seat clean. The pockets on each side have velcro strips to be placed where needed for best fit and offer a velcro divider that can divide the pockets for specialized storage or be folded flat to allow for larger items such as books and toys. The Pockets are also washable or just wipe clean and are easy to add and remove.  Take the worry out of any accidents on your journey with a seat protector.

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Kiddie Kangaroo Car Seat Protector Reviews

Product Tested by: Linda Turner – Evie Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Linda Turner – Evie Aged 3 Years

Linda Awarded The Kiddie Kangaroo 4.5/5

Pretty stylish looking item, apart from the slightly ‘homemade’ looking logo. Small and compact design and easy to use.  They haven’t used much packaging, which is good; it tells you what you need to know though. Colourful, easy to understand pictorial information about the item.  It looks a bit homemade, and I wonder whether it would start to wear in a shop if handled too much, as the print quality and card doesn’t look brilliant.  Instructions simple and straightforward. Very easy to fit really, once I had got the rather large seat buckle through the hole. It did tend to move around in the chair, due to Evie’s movement. I have used this twice on Evies fold up pushchair too; this was really handy for a drink and book, kept her amused in the shops for longer than normal.  I had never heard of this product before.   I wish I had had this when I was toilet training Evie, as I’m sure it would capture the odd leak until we reached our destination. The seat cover of Evie’s car seat is extremely difficult to remove for washing, when Evie was a baby she was often sick in the car, this I’m sure would have protected her seat. I wish I’d had it then! Very easy, the pockets come apart from the main thing, by undoing the Velcro, so luckily, when on a long journey and Evie put her beaker of juice upside down in one of the pockets for fun, we were able to just pull off the pocket (which did not leak) and tip it outside, meaning we did not have to get her out of her seat – an added bonus. After washing it dried really quickly. I’ve washed the whole thing four times now, to see how it holds up, it hasn’t faded or lost its shape at all. The good thing about the colour is that it doesn’t get dirty looking as a paler colour may do?  Evie is old enough to root through them!, when she was a baby though I would often visit the supermarket, and put my keys down one side of her chair and purse down the other, the Kiddie Kangaroo would have been great for this!  A good sturdy product, the Velcro and fabric washes well, I would only say that a more non slip base would be useful to avoid movement within the chair and perhaps the side next to the child’s skin could be of a less slippy/shiny fabric as Evie did tend to sweat more I think on it.  One day I lifted Evie out of the chair, there was her bottle full of milk, and it caused the Kiddie kangaroo to slip down to that side, I had to straighten it up again before she could get back in. The Velcro is a good idea to let you put the toys, drinks etc at the right height for her. The pockets caused Evie to become frustrated one day, as she couldn’t put her cup back in as the top of the pocket is slightly narrower than lower down, due to elastic.  It’s one of those products though that I maybe wouldn’t have picked up from the shelf as it doesn’t look that appealing, a more funky fabric would be nice. It’s a good price for giving as a gift to a new mum, but again I would be reluctant to give as it’s not very pretty.  Definitely, would consider buying this and I wish I had thought to design it!  I can see many benefits to families with babies and young children for different reasons. At last a product which is useful as your child grows up! Perhaps it could be adapted further to somehow be of use in the car, even when your child no longer needs a car seat?  An ingenious piece of kit, which Evie and I have enjoyed playing around with to get the most out of it! Linda Turner – Evie Aged 3

Product Tested By Agnieszka Kozielczyk – Baby Jan 7 Months

Agnieszka Awarded The Kiddie Kangaroo  3/5

Good idea in general, however low quality.  Very basic packaging, not really eye catching.  Instructions short and simple.  I was using it with Britax car seat and Britax buggy, the fitting was ok, however not perfect for both the buggy and the car seat.  I was not aware of this product prior to testing the item.  This did protect part of the seat but did not deliver full coverage as did not cover the seat completely.   This is however very easy to wash.   Very useful for storing things in the car seat and I think it’s the best thing about this product.  Quality not brilliant. I believe the price is slightly high and would consider purchasing this item is it was priced around £8.00. It helps storing things like toys etc but lacking quality, the material is very artificial and not breathable, so my baby was sweating while seated on it.  Agnieszka Kozielczyk – Baby Jan 7 Months

Product tested By Claire Jones – Baby Matthew 7 Months

Cliare Awarded The Kiddie Kangaroo 3.5/5

I wasn’t quite sure what to think   Packaging is quite minimal but sufficient, could be more attractive and eye catching. I feel it could be quite easily overlooked by customers in a shop who weren’t specifically shopping for this item.   Item itself was pretty self explanatory but instructions were satisfactory.  I found that the seat protector fitted very well with my maxi cosi cabriofix car seat and also to my delight with my icandy pushchair, ideal when out and about for extra storage of those fiddly toys like rattles etc.   I hadn’t heard about this product prior to testing.  Although my son hasn’t drunk anything in his car seat he has munched on some messy snacks which do get everywhere and the protector was there to catch the crumbs!   I haven’t needed to launder it. Good sized pockets for all the little fidgety toys like rattles and dummy’s.  It was a decent product and did as it set out to do. Quite expensive for what it is but that is my personal opinion.  I wouldn’t class it as an essential must have item but is quite handy to have around especially on long road trips or days out with your pushchair.  If they were looking for some sort of storage when in the car or out and about I would definitely recommend this item.  Good quality item but I wouldn’t class it as something I needed to buy for my baby but handy and useful none the less.   I have enjoyed using this product and look forward to using it when travelling on holiday during the summer where I’d imagine it’s going to come in pretty useful for storing sun cream, toys, drinks, snacks etc.  Claire Jones – Baby Matthew 7 Months

An ingenious piece of kit, which Evie and I have enjoyed playing around with to get the most out of it!


Linda Awarded The Kiddie Kangaroo 4.5/5

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