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Kiddie Ride On 2

Kiddie Ride On gives your children a completely new stand-up riding experience – and promises lots of fun for older brothers and sisters. The attachments can be connected to the pram or pushchair quickly thanks to an easy-fit fixing system. The Kiddie Ride On boasts an optional seat for the child to rest during the ride. It can be adapted to the individual needs of the child in length, width and angle. The wheels are sprung to give optimum riding comfort.

Price £59.90 Available Babybabyonline, Baby Planet, Direct2mum, Direct4baby, Hello Baby Direct, Kiddies Kingdom, Linens Ltd.

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2020

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Kiddie Ride On 2 Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Dolan – Joseph 15 Months & Nephew Tommy

Laura Awarded The Kiddie Ride On 2  5/5

Positive.  I was expecting it to be a lot heavier and arrive in a larger box so I was quite surprised at how light and compact it was. I love the concept as I often have 2 children with me (my own son aged 15 months and my nephew aged 2.5 years) but as I only have a single pram, I cannot often take the 2 of them far. A double buggy isn’t really practical and Tommy doesn’t like being strapped in.  I had seen other parents in the park with pram boards and thought that might be a good solution for us. The instructions are really just a set of pictures, with safety warnings in each language, but as there are only a few steps in attaching it to the pram, that was fine for me I wasted a lot of time trying to attach it to a pram that it just didn’t fit (Mothercare Journey Edit) but as soon as I tried it with my buggy (Mamas and Papas Armadillo), I realised how straightforward it is! I had it attached and ready to go in probably around 2 minutes. I did needed help pushing the wheels into the board at first.  I really tried but just could not get them to click so my partner had to help me! This is only an issue when you first get it out the box though; as I’ve just left everything attached so won’t ever have to try to push the wheels in again. Seems very secure.  Doesn’t move around and I had no fear it would come off. I fitted it to our Mamas and Papas Armadillo.  We did try it on our Mothercare Journey Edit but it would not fit this model. Tommy seemed happy and confident riding on this. I had no safety concerns.  My only concern with taking Tommy out without a pram to strap him into was that he might try to run off.  However as he was very close to me pushing the pram, as soon as we got going, that concern dissipated.  Also, as Tommy enjoys standing up and riding along, he wants to stay on the board and so does not want to get off. He really enjoys being on the ‘skateboard’, as he calls it! He seems comfortable riding along and holding onto the pram bars. I have used it 3 times a week on average.  I have the 2 children twice a week (me and my sister share childcare so we can both work part time), and then I’ve used it to do nursery pick-ups on the one day they both go to nursery. I used this in the local park where we can go on an even path for practically the whole time we’re out of the house, and to go to the local shops when I’m childminding. It definitely did make it easier to travel with baby in pushchair and nephew on the ride on. It is perfect for our situation where I only have one child of my own, and so don’t want to purchase a double buggy, but I am often solely in charge of 2 children.  It has been a way for me to get out and about when I have the 2 children whereas before I had this, I was restricted to the house and garden whilst childminding.  It has also worked out great for times when me and my sister have been together with the 2 children but she hasn’t brought her pram.  Tommy will often want to walk at first but if he gets tired, we now have the Kiddie Ride On as back up if he needs a rest. I think I would have felt nearly £60 was a lot to spend on it before I had tried it but it is a sturdy bit of kit and has proved pretty invaluable for getting 2 children out and about! I think the price might be off-putting for someone worrying that their children might not like it but once they’d tried it, they’d probably agree it was worth it. I loved the ease of getting on and off pram (once you’ve got the wheels pushed in!). The wheels of the board are sturdy so it feels pretty robust as you’re riding along and gives a smooth ride. It can be quite a slog pushing 2 kids around so using the Kiddie Ride On (that I think manages to be lightweight despite its sturdiness) has saved me the extra weight that a large, heavy double buggy would add to the load! I would buy this. I had previously thought this type of product seemed expensive for what initially appears to be a very basic product, but now that I’ve used it, I can see that the board and wheels are robust and good quality.  I imagine this will last a long time and will be used for various combinations of children over the years! I would recommend.  It’s an easy way to get around without the need for the extra expense of a double buggy. It’s ideal for my situation where I alternate between having one and two children with me. I feel it is a safe product and Tommy really enjoys using it! I think he thinks he is a big boy and is more independent. As long as you have the right pram, the fitting of this takes minutes and its ideal for someone like me who doesn’t always want to have the board attached to the pram.  It is quite small and light so can slot into the car boot when out and about.  My thoughts on the product would all be pointless if the children didn’t like it but Tommy seems to really love going on his ‘skateboard’ and Joseph doesn’t seem to mind having his big cousin behind him. I feel like I am in control of Tommy when we’re out and about as he is very close to me and is sandwiched in-between Joseph and I. Overall, this has been a really positive experience as it’s changed the activities I do with the 2 boys and means we can get out and about.  The Kiddie Ride On seems safe and sturdy and Tommy is happy to stay on it and not run off! Thanks so much for letting me and the boys try this out! Laura Dolan – Joseph 15 Months & Nephew Tommy

Product Tested By Dawn Moore – Esmae 16 Months

Dawn Awarded The Kiddie Ride On 2 5/5

I was excited to try it. As I will be looking after my sisters 6 months old son and I have a 16 month old daughter. And with this I could leave the house and get some fresh air. Without this we would have to stay in the house. It’s a fab idea so if have a very determined child who wants to walk but gets tired quickly. It’s the best of both worlds. Instructions are very easy to follow.  This was very easy to attach to my pushchair. Once attached it was very secure. We fitted this to our Out and About pushchair.  My daughter certainly did feel safe on the Kiddie Ride on. My daughter loved this and was very confident on going on there. After a few more attempts on this I will feel more confident that she is safe on there. My daughter was very comfortable.  She loved she could stand on there when didn’t want to walk anymore and not have to go in the pushchair. Because of illness and the Coronavirus we only used a handful of times over a couple of days. But we went out on it a few times for my daughter to get the hang of it. We used this on our big carpark first as I was nervous of using it. But once she had the hang of it we went around the block a few times. When I start looking after my sisters little boy this is going to be a god send for me. So I am not stuck in the house all day with 2 kids. My nephew can go in the pushchair and my daughter on the ride on. This is definitely good value. Once I finally got the wheels on I loved how easy it was to attach to the pushchair. And if I want to put on another pushchair it will be very easy to take off and attach to another. I would buy this product. I would recommend as it is very useful and good value for money.  Great product, great idea and easy to us.  Just the wheels are really hard to click in initially.  Overall a great product. Dawn Moore – Esmae 16 Months

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh – Shanzay & Sohaib 5.5 Years

Farwah Awarded The Kiddie Ride On 2 4.5/5

LIFESAVER! This buggy board has been my dream product and an absolute lifesaver. I have been in search of a buggyboard for my elder daughter as soon as my second child was born but our Cosatto pram being “unique” failed every time we visited the shops to purchase a buggy board as no model was compatible with it. However, we were quite surprised that Kiddie Ride on 2 was very much compatible with our unique stroller. The concept is simply mind-blowing. Especially when you have more than one child under 5 and you are short of space as well as money, this buggy board comes into rescue. We now have a happy toddler and a happier big sister too! Initially, I thought that it would be very complicated and I being a layman wouldn’t be able to assemble the product but I am very happy to say that the manual was fully detailed and there are sufficient videos on YouTube to help with easy assembly and installation. I won’t say this is a 5 minute job as a first timer but it’s not a nut too hard to crack either. Attaching the board to my pushchair was simple thanks to the thorough instructions which came with the product. It took me 30 minutes to install it which is not too bad. Hundred percent! I am the person who firmly believes security is the first concern when it comes to kids. This buggy board receives a 100% marks from me as there was not even a slight looseness and it attached firmly. I used this buggy board on my Cosatto Koochi pushmatic pushchair. I only used this on one pushchair. My daughter felt hundred percent safe on the Kiddie Ride on 2. I would like to mention she is usually very choosy and not always confident when trying something new but she felt safe and secure even on the first go and actually enjoyed the ride. She said she felt “special”. I felt very confident as I could control the speed of the pushchair and not tire out my daughter at the same time. It wasn’t very bouncy on speed controllers. I felt I needed to slow down when turning but that’s something we will eventually get used to and makes sense regarding the safety of my child too. My daughter loved that mummy has finally found a solution to her long walks and especially after the tiring school day, she enjoyed some rest to her tiny feet. She felt overjoyed and wants her friends to ride her board too. She quoted it as a “cool product”. I used this every day for our school runs as well as during the long walks while shopping. It hasn’t let me down anywhere! I used this on our way to school and back home. Our school is short walk from my house and this proved extra helpful especially during the afternoon school run. I loved the journey especially because my daughter now has nothing to moan about. A happier child is a happier mummy! This product definitely offers good value for money. I highly recommend this to parents of more than one child over 2. This is a life saver! I loved how easy it is to push and how clever of it to help exhausted parents and their children massively. It no doubt is a genius invention! If I plan to have more children, I would definitely purchase it. Because we love long walks and happy children. I would definitely recommend. This is a much needed answer to the parents of kids under 5 who do not want to waste money on a double pushchair. This is the answer! I would say this product works wonders for our daily walks. The only downside is that the folding up strap is a bit flimsy. Love the quick detachable option. The folding up method could have been a bit stronger. Otherwise, it’s absolutely a perfect piece of help! This buggy board has been on top of my wish list. The best part is that it works perfectly for my unique Cosatto model. I love the fact how quick and easy it is to use and that my child feels safe and happy while using it. Perfect for school runs as we avoid the traffic and fresh air does us all good. I will continue using the product and this is definitely a keeper! Shanzay & Sohaib 5.5 Years

Overall, this has been a really positive experience as it’s changed the activities I do with the 2 boys and means we can get out and about.  The Kiddie Ride On seems safe and sturdy and Tommy is happy to stay on it and not run off! Thanks so much for letting me and the boys try this out!


Laura Awarded The Kiddie Ride On 2  5/5

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