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Kiddylicious Frozen Stage 3 Food

Kiddylicious frozen food – packed in kiddy sized bowls and full of goodness and flavour. They have the exact same texture as adult food – just with little "spoon-sized" pieces so that they’re easily manageable. Perfect for independent little toddlers who want to feed themselves. Kiddylicious recipes have hidden and visible veg, so even the pickiest eaters will get some of their five-a-day. Suitable from 6 months Plus.

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£1.83 Per Pack Available to purchase online or call for Local Stockist

Kiddylicious Frozen Stage 3 Food Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Beaven - Finlay Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Beavan – Finlay Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Nicola Awarded The Kiddylicious Frozen Toddler Food 4/5

First impression nich bright packaging with ingredients clearly marked.  I had never seen or heard of this brand before so was keen to try the savoury range.  You can microwave or cook from frozen.  The food was not too lumpy and the carrots were nice and soft (not hard like some dishes).  Nice texture in all the dishes sampled.  Finlay’s favourite was the Cottage Pie.  You can purchase this online, but I personally prefer to purchase food items from the supermarket.  I normally purchase ready made meals for convenience especially when I do not have much time in the eventing to prepare a meal for Finlay (when I have been at work all day).  These are good wholesome ready meals and good value for money.  My son loves risottos so if they could include a risotto in the range would be ideal.  Now I know my son likes the brand will definitely be purchasing more.  Kiddylicious is easy to prepare and nutritionally balanced.  Nicola Beaven – Finlay Aged 1 Year 4 Months


Product Tested By Darren Chaplin – Cameron Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Darren Awarded The Kiddylicious Frozen Toddler Food 4/5

First impression looks good, well presented and clear labelling which was easy to read.  Must admit this was the first time we had heard of this brand of Frozen toddler food.  So quick to prepare in the microwave, which is just what we needed when returning home late and in need of a quick meal for the kids.  The food seems well prepared and nutritious and even we like it!  Cameron found this easy to chew and swallow, encouraging him to also feed himself more.  We tried all of the food sent through and was a hit with us.  Cameron had a few favourites which included Lancashire Hotpot, Spaghetti Bolognese and Fruity Chicken Curry (also one fo our favourites).  Price is a major factor in the current economic climate, although the ingredients are value for money.  We were advised this is available to purchase online but does need to be available in major supermarket chains for availability.  Need to be able to pick up a couple if we are running late and need something quick when we get home.  Would like to see this available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda.  Normally we purchase jars of Hipp Desert for our 16 month old daughter as handy when travelling.  Would like to see the price come down and be more competitive say ranging from £1.99 – £2.50.  We all liked this product so yes absolutely will consider purchasing more.  Great product, great taste and great ingredients, perfect for a quick alternative to fresh home cooking in 4 minutes, just concerns about current price.  Darren Chaplin – Cameron Aged 2 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Bethany Crow – Faith Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Bethany Awarded The Kiddylicious Frozen Toddler Food 4/5

Liked the packaging, well designed and liked the nutritional informatin on the pack as very handy. I must admit I have not seen this in our local supermarket before so keen to try. We had the savoury range and must admit tasty.  Easy to keep frozen and ready to pop in microwave when you are in a hurry.  The meals were all good, texture nice and easy for Faith to eat and tasty too.  I must admit Faith likes all of these.  You can purchase online but really prefer to purchase frozen food in local supermarket so look forward to seeing this brand appear in our local one soon.  I normally make my own and freeze, but this is  good alternative especially when you are in a hurry or have been travelling.  A good quality food range, little expensive but well worth it.  We will certainly keep eye open for this brand and will get some more as good to have as back up in Freezer.  A good quality, tasty, nutritional meal. Faith loves pasta dishes and one of her favourite is Carbonara so this could be a new introduction to the range. Bethany Crow – Faith Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Kiddylicious is easy to prepare and nutritionally balanced.


Nicola Awarded The Kiddylicious Frozen Savoury Range 4/5

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