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Kiddylicious Tropical Wriggles

What’s in them? Ingredients -Tropical fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, apple) (79%)Concentrated apple juice (17%) Rice flour (3%) to stop them sticking together Citrus pectin gelling agent found in fruit – to help hold their wriggly shape Contains naturally occurring sugars

They DO NOT contain: Added preservatives ,Added sugar or salt, Milk or lactose, Nuts & seeds, Wheat & gluten

Also available in Strawberry and Apple flavours. 


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£0.59 Pence for single pack - Available Asda and Ocado or click online to find local stockist

Kiddylicious Tropical Wriggles Reviews

Product Tested by: Liesa Wright – Katie 23 Months

Product Tested By Liesa Wright – Katie 23 Months

Liesa Awarded The Kiddylicious Tropical Fruit Wriggles 4.2/5

Looked nice, brightly packaged daughter was interested from the start. They tasted nice and no complaints from Katie. These are natural, nutritious, and no added salt, sugar, preservatives. Just natural tasty snack. Really liked the pack design and certainly captured Katie’s attention. Would notice them in the shops. Come in a nice 12g pack, very easy to take out with you and a healthy nutritional snack. Katie really loved these. These are good quality, tasty, healthy and easy to take on your travels. These are tasty but I personally feel they have a little too much flour on them and could be improved if less flour used. Good value for money. We will be purchasing more and already recommended. Nice product taste good but would be better with less flour. Liesa Wright – Katie 23 Months


Product Tested By Pamela Rouncefield – Logan and Summer – 3 Years 6 Months & 23 Months

Pamela Awarded The Kiddylicious Tropical Fruit Wriggles 4/5

Came in nicely designed packet and looked nice healthy snack. They tasted nice not too sweet or too sour. Nutritional benefits very good.  More than 1 of your 5 a day. Packaging very informative and appeals to adults and children. Packet was a little hard to open. I had to find the little cut and rip from there but it was still quite difficult.  I’m not sure 4 year olds would be able to open them if they had them in their lunch boxes. Very convenient in a packet and long use by dates. Unfortunately neither of mychildren liked them. I believe this is down to the fact they are like jelly sweets. Neither of my children like jelly sweets which is not very common. I’m sure this won’t be a problem for most children and parents. Very good quality food to taste and judging it by the ingredients. More expensive than an apple or a banana but if children won’t eat normal fruit they are a good choice comparable in price to other convenience snacks. I think the taste was good so I wouldn’t suggest it could be improved. I wouldn’t buy it because my children weren’t keen. And I wouldn’t buy them for myself. We would all much prefer to have a real piece of fruit. I would recommend them to others.  My nephew doesn’t like fruit so I will be recommending them to my sister for him to try. Good quality product. Healthy option compared to sweets and chocolate.  A way of getting 1 of the 5 a day into children who don’t like real fruit.  I would favour a real piece of fruit over them though.  I liked the mums review on the back, and the detailed description of the ingredients. Pamela Rouncefield – Logan andSummer – 3 Years 6 Months and 23 Months


Product Tested By Jazz Rodger – Simon 3 Years

Jazz AwardedThe Kiddylicious Tropical Fruit Wriggles 4.6/5

Nice packaging, very appealing to both children and adults. These are jelly fruits which are covered in rice flour. Simon was not sure at first but after a few more he seemed to like them. We now have a convert and one of Simon’s favourites. A really good healthy snack. Ideal to take on yourtravels and give them 1 of the 5 a day. Simon enjoys his fruit but not always easy to get him to eat fruit every day so these were a nice change and he liked them.  Nice packet size, liked the design of the pack and healthy snack. Price is reasonable.The quality is good and Simon liked the taste. They also have apple and Strawberry so you can see we have already purchased more. A good quality, tasty healthy fruit snack. Great to keep in the car and you know you are giving then a snack that is natural and healthy. Would recommend. Now one of Simon’s favourites. Just good to know he is enjoying a healthy snack and not sweets. Great healthy snack for any family. Jazz Rodger –Simon 3 Years

Good value for money. We will be purchasing gmore and already recommended. Nice product taste good.  


Liesa Awarded The Kiddylicious Tropical Fruit Wriggles 4.2/5 

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