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Kids Zip Sheets

What is a Kids Zip Sheet?
It’s a sleeping innovation to prevent children from kicking off or tangling in their bedding. Kids Zip Sheets keep duvets and blankets on the bed. It’s a flat sheet attached to the fitted sheet with zips either side to allow for easy entrance and exit, whilst still allowing ventilation for the feet at the end of the bed. They are light enough to be used with duvets and are perfect on their own on hot nights.

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£29.99 for cotbed size - £32.99 for single Available online

Kids Zip Sheets Reviews

Product Tested by: Katie Cutter – Gracie 4 Years

Tested By
Katie Cutter – Gracie 4 Years

Awarded The Kids Zip Sheet 4.5/5

colour, well packaged, well-made and easy to use. Well packaged. Minimum
wastage. Clear and easy to understand instructions. Well made no issues with zips or stitching. Although
we liked the item I feel it is slightly over priced. I would purchase more if they were on special
offer. A good quality product which I
would recommend. My only issue is when
my daughter turns in her sleep the centre of the sheet pulls away from the
mattress. This could be remedied by an elasticated cord running from one side
to the other connecting under the mattress. Katie Cutter – Gracie 4 Years

Tested By
Stacey Jones – Alastair 2 years

Awarded The Kids Zip Sheet 4/5

I thought it sounded like an interesting idea. When I opened
the product, I felt it was well-made. Packaging was attractive. Instructions very clear and easy to
follow. High product quality. Sheets
were soft to touch and washed well. A bit expensive for sheets. It is more than
I would normally pay. I prefer to use a fitted sheet and a duvet on my son’s
bed. He moves around a lot and gets hot so needs to be able to kick off the
covers. I would recommend if they found their child was cold and required re-covering
though the night, then this would be a great product. Although I liked this
product, it was not really practical for my son. It didn’t not support the
various positions he sleeps in and he was frustrated that he couldn’t kick out
of the covers. I think this product is best suited for either small children in
winter or bigger children who can handle zips. As my son is only 2, this
product wasn’t great for him as he had trouble getting out of the bed. Stacey Jones – Alastair
2 years

Tested By
Karen Sadler – Imogen 5 years

Awarded The Kids Zip Sheet 4.2/5

looked a great idea and loved the colour. Look easy to use. Nicely packaged. Instructions very easy to follow. This is a high quality product which is well
made and very easy to use. Made with
100% cotton so comfy to sleep on and will last.
The price is high but you are paying for the quality and the innovative
concept of how these work. You do need
quite a few sheets for children’s beds and I would consider investing in
another set as back up, but would keep eye out for them being on offer. My daughter did take a while to get used to
this concept, but once she realised she could undo the zip if she got hot and
sheets would stay in place she did enjoy sleeping in these sheets. Kept her nice and cool on a hot night. These are a really good idea and I would
recommend. We really liked this product
and the only issue I have is the price.
Worked well, good quality and my daughter liked her new Zip Sheet. Karen Sadler – Imogen 5 years

A good quality product which I would recommend. 


Katie Awarded The Kids Zip Sheet 4.5/5

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