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KidZania London

Imagine a 75,000sq.ft child-size city where kids are in charge! Open now, KidZania has landed in Westfield London.Have your kids ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a firefighter, or the next award-winning singer? Watch the excitement on their faces as they try out more than 60 real life role-play activities in the bank, on stage or fighting crime on the streets as a police officer! Each role-play experience is crafted to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence. Designed to empower kids, KidZania gives them the confidence to challenge themselves and inspire them to explore the world of opportunities. Take a look inside.Check-in
When you check-in at the KidZania International Airport, here you will receive: RFID security bracelets for each member of your party. These will ensure your child remains safely within the City, and can only be checked out with you present. They will also record any allergies your child may have. Find out more about security at KidZania London.50 kidZos, for every child aged 4 and over. Your child will use these to either pay for certain activities and products or they can save them and open a bank account. Find out more about our economy and kidZos.A map of the City! Take a look at the city map to KidZania London

KidZania London is located on the First Floor between Marks & Spencers and Gap.

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Child 4-14 years old – Online £28 / Phone £29.50 / Walk-up £29.50 - Adult 15+ years old – Online £16 / Phone £18 / Walk-up £18 -Early Years 1-3 years old – Online £10 / Phone £10 / Walk-up £10 Children under 1 Year Free

KidZania London Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Jack Walden 8 years – Attended with Mum

Jack Awarded The KidZania London 5/5

Was not sure but then mummy showed me the website and read out the jobs I can do and was then very very excited. It was easy to get too. It was like being in an airport. Amazing! It was just like a real town with real cars and shops and everything! I loved making my own burger and being a courier. I also really enjoyed the F1 car mechanic and making my own movie but my mum could not see it. I loved my day at KidsZania City. I would like to go again with my friends so we can do jobs together, I would save my money this time s I could by something from the shop. I loved the burger I ate and chips my mummy got me. I thought I was going to get a bigger chocolate from the chocolate factory. I felt very safe. I really enjoyed making my own burger. I will be telling my friends about this. I loved my day at this city and hope I get to come again soon. Jack Walden 8 years – Attended with Mum

Product Tested By Jozie Walden – Child 8 Years

Josie Awarded The KidZania London 4.3/5

I was impressed with the entrance but thought the escalators up was not clearly signposted or I was not explained correctly but the 3 people I spoke to on the ground and in the booth. I got off on every floor up only to get back on again. I have to give to as we went to the
wrong Westfield a few weeks earlier – I do not think this is clear AT ALL. Everyone I have since spoke to about going have all assumed the same as me – it was in Westfield Stratford, although perhaps that is more Westfield’s fault for calling them the same name!! Perhaps you can make this clearer in the title – especially in the next year or so until people get to know your company and where you are. I came on the train/tube from Enfield and found this relatively easy and straight forward. The entrance was impressive once up the escalators and felt like a real life immigration control. I think a little more time could have been given to explain to parent what is there, what to expect and most importantly – GIVE A CHILD A WALLET!! You gave all this money but my daughter had leggings on so we had to stuff this money in my bag with the coats and was frustrating as I wanted to leave her but felt I couldn’t for long in case there was an activity she wanted to do but needed money for …. And then we lost the money!!! The lovely ladies at the bank kindly gave me some more as my daughter was quite upset Mummy lost her money. I was very fun and exciting when we first arrived I also took along my daughter therefore came with a few bags and coats. I do think the parents lounge should have been explained when I arrived – this was not
mentioned by anyone! Also a place (is that the parents lounge – I do not know as was not in there long enough) to store coats and items could be included – I carried everything with me all day so my back was aching at the end. For the price I think a place to keep things a few items in that HUGE LOBBY could be accommodated for parents. If there was more than one adult attending this may not be an issue but it was only me so was lugging it around to and ‘fro. The activities for the children were very fun and easy to understand. I liked the active ones like reporter and courier, we tried to go on the abseiling twice and the queue was too long – perhaps popular ones like that could operate a timeslot system. I also did not like that you as a parent or child have no idea how long to wait – has the activity just started or is it about to finish. My daughter spent a lot of time queuing for the fashion model and hotel activity and just thinks a rough time count down can be placed by the queue for people to make the most of their time there and decide if they want to queue or come back later. Both my children had a lovely time. I had tears at the end from my son who is not a cry baby and does not cry that easy therefore feel the experience of the ‘department shop’ was badly run. He had money he earned but had spent it on making a burger, being an artist and making chocolate. Here then did not have enough to buy ANYTHING! I was quite angry about this and the people managing it made it worse – first off not being allowed in to help your child, good idea if there is lots of small gifts they can buy, not so good if you have two children going around and not about to buy anything. The shop assistances’ comment that my son should go and do more jobs was not helpful – first of all he had done loads already, then our time had run out anyway!! We love theme parks and I often take my children out to museums, merlin attractions and zoos etc., this was different sort of thing. I probably would have found it less tiresome and less stressful if I had my husband’s help. Really liked the facilities – the parents lounge is fab – WHEN YOU FIND IT!! I only found it by chance 40 minutes from the end when I asked if I can charge my phone… why was this not mentioned at the beginning. I felt very safe leaving my children whilst I went from child to another with their different activities and to the toilet etc. For a family of 5 as we are this day out would be very expensive so would think twice but I can see it is really lovely when you get in and lots of staff about
so I guess it value for money – if you can afford it. I would go again if we saw some discount vouchers available for the day. I would
recommend I would say lovely for a one off experience and would give them tips about the lounge, wallet, department store etc. Really nice day out and lovely experience for the children however the points a raised really did impact the overall day; no wallet or bag for children to put their money (I do not remember seeing this as an item to bring – considering having this on you ticket?) No mention of parent lounge, nowhere for mum or dad to put belongings so ended up holding them entire day, and upsetting end to the day in the
department store due to lack of low money items (35 -50 kidzos mark). The experiences and activities they got to try out were really fun and gave them a little taste of the real world, lovely clean and friendly city. Jozie Walden – Child 8 Years

Product Tested By Inaya Naqui – 6 years – Visited with mum, dad & Sister

Inaya Awarded The KidZania London 5/5

It was a surprise but I was very excited once I saw where we were going. Daddy drove us to kidzania and it was easy to get to. It was really fun. I liked the check in bit it was nice. It was very good; I like the Cadbury activity the most. I really enjoyed the city it was amazing. I want to go again because it was absolutely fun because I want to earn some more money. We didn’t eat or
drink at the city. I did feel safe. I like the ambulance training the most. I will be telling my friends about this. It was really fun and every kid should go to kidzania. It was amazing. Inaya Naqui – 6 years – Visited with mum, dad & Sister

Product Tested By Vonny Alade – Child 6 Years

Vonny Awarded KidZania London 5/5

I viewed their website and was impressed; it was definitely different to anything I have taken my daughter to. We drove and have been to Westfield’s in shepherds bush before so had no trouble finding it. The directions on their website were also helpful as to where in the shopping centre they were located. I’ve never had any issues parking at Westfield’s. I think it’s one of the best car parks I’ve been to. Entrance was clear and bright couldn’t miss it. The paying gate was adjacent to the entrance to Kidzania which I thought was cleaver as you want to keep the entrance clear. As we arrived in the morning we walked around to get familiar with our surroundings. I was really impressed with the mini town and its set up. I was probably more excited than my daughter. Activities were great; they literally cater for every type of child! From the girlie girls stuff like beauty salon to the macho boy stuff like engineering centre. The fact they can earn kidzania money while doing some of these is great. The early year’s section was packed with all sorts, enough to keep little fingers busy! Absolutely loved her day. She was asking if we could go back tomorrow to do the rest of the activities we didn’t get to do on the day. 100% yes we love days out like this, it’s like nothing we’ve done before so an experience for us parents and out daughter. I thought the facilities were decent. We were too busy thinking about the next activity to explore the facilities. One thing I did like was they had a buggy and locker room which was great because we bought our toddle with us. 100% security was very impressive. What I liked most was the children are electronically tagged including adults. These tags are linked between parent and charge enabling the parent to track their child’s movements. The price does seem more than your average family day out. However I feel the price is most definitely value for money. We would go again. We have already recommended. Different type of day out and has real educational value as well as the fun factor. Overall I thought this was a great day out, value for money and great experience for kids. Vonny Alade – Child 6 years

Product Tested By Araya Coppin – 10 years– Attended KidZania with Aun 

Araya Awarded The Kidzania London 5/5

Excited as I was going on a day trip to London. It was easy to get to as my mum always goes to Westfield. Entrance was good very clear. It was very good but I wish I had a friend with me to play with. The activities were very fun and kept me interested. I did enjoy Kidzania City but I was shy to play on my own. I would love to go again with my brother and sister I told my sister about it who is 14 and showed
her some pictures she said it looked good. The facilities at the city were all good and clean. I felt really safe just did not know
anyone. I enjoyed the hair salon shop as I like to do hair. I have told my friends about it I think it would be a great place to have parties. I enjoyed my day but it needs to be group thing. Araya Coppin – 10 years – Attended KidZania with Aunt

Product Tested By Yolanda Coppin – Child 10 years

Yolanda Awarded KidZania London 4.5/5

I looked at the venue online and it looked extremely impressive. Very easy to find, clearly signposted within Westfield. We made our way to the venue using public transport. Very impressive, the entrance was just like an airport check in. Very clean, the map was clear and easy to read and navigate. The activities were good especially the Newspaper, airport and Radio. My child did enjoy the day. As a family we all love doing these sorts of days out. Facilities were good, toilets were very clean. Food was expensive and not much choice of restaurants. We all felt extremely safe at this venue. I personally feel this is a little bit expensive. However it is best to go in a group so that your child has friends to role play with. This should be advertised on the website to make it clear as it can be very lonely if your child has no friends to role play with. Great idea, a great day out for children and very educational. The whole experience from check in to departure is very well thought through and organised. Yolanda Coppin – Child 10 years



I really enjoyed making my own burger. I will be telling my friends about this. I loved my day at this city and hope I get to come again soon.


Jack Awarded The KidZania London 5/5

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