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Kimber Kids Piggy Bank

Our plush Piggy Bank features a myriad of textures and fabrics for young ones to discover through touch and play. The individual play shapes feature six different character’s and have double sided letters for advanced learning. The play shapes feature a crinkle texture for added play and sensory development and the Piggy Banks fun and easy finger gym helps to enhance fine motor skills!Includes a buggy attachment for added play on the move.
Suitable 6 Months Plus

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£14.99 Available John Lewis stores or click online to find local stockist

Kimber Kids Piggy Bank Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Harvey – Charlotte 10 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Harvey – Charlotte 10 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Piggy Bank 4.6/5

The packaging is lovely and the product feels good quality. The instructions were excellent. The pieces are very easy for Charlotte to handle and a wide variety of textures too.  The pieces went into the piggy bank easily and came out easily.  Product did tip often.  Overall this is a lovely product that has had a fair amount of use by my older child too who is 3 years old. I found it an asset; it is lovely and can hold a child’s attention for short periods.  It is a little dearer then I would expect to pay for a product of this type, however the quality is fantastic and is worth every penny.  I would definitely consider buying more products from this range and from the company.  My sister is expecting in April and I think I might buy one for my new niece or nephew, it really is lush.  This is an amazing baby toy.  It has a feel good factor and has a real quality feel about it. Rebecca Harvey – Charlotte 10 Months


Product Tested By  Gary Buckley – Charlie 10 Months

Gary Awarded The Piggy Bank 5/5

This is bright and colourful and easy to play with.  Good size packing, not too big like a lot of other products. Instructions were excellent and easy to understand.  This is a very well made toy which has had a lot of chewing and dribbling on it and it still looks like new.  Charlie found it very easy to pick up the pieces, he loves feeling them in his hand.  Charlie finds it very easy to pick up the piggy bank and he enjoys putting his hand in it and pulling the pieces out and putting them back in.  This has given Charlie and his two year old brother hours of fun.  He plays with the piggy bank everyday.  After seeing Charlie play with it I would say it is well worth the retail price.  I would consider buying it;  I would buy this as a present for someone. We have already recommended it to others.  It is well-made and a great design. Charlie plays with this toy on a daily basis and has lots of fun with it. Gary Buckley – Charlie 10 Months


Product Tested By Josephine Dolan – Milo and Elliot 19 Months

Josephine Awarded The Piggy Bank 5/5

I thought it looked really lovely though perhaps a bit young for the boys.  Packaging was lovely, clear to see what it was.  Instructions were great; clearly described how it could be used by the children.  The product itself is good quality, my boys can be quite rough and it stood up to tug of war over it.  The pieces were very easy for them to pick up and handle.  They could easily put them back into the piggy bank;  they mastered this very quickly and had fun putting them in and taking them out again.  They did enjoy it but got bored; if they’d have been younger it would have stayed popular for a lot longer I think.  I think it offers excellent value for money and I would buy this now; I would buy it as a gift for a baby as would be perfect.  I would recommend this to others definitely for a younger baby, I would buy as a gift as it looked lovely and is a bit different to other things on the market.  I really liked it and the boys enjoyed it.  It is the sort of toy you don’t mind lying around your house as the colours are not too gaudy and is a versatile interactive game for a baby.  Josephine Dolan – Milo and Elliot 19 Months



 This is an amazing baby toy. It has a feel good factor and has a real quality feel about it.



 Rebecca Awarded The Piggy Bank 4.6/5      

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