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Kinderroom Ride On

Its innovative steering link is formed of extra strengthened layers of rubber, eliminating the risk of screws/bolts coming loose and being lost. This clever design also ensures that your child will not over steer and consequently topple over. The wooden wheels are fitted with a rubber grip allowing your child to travel smoothly, efficiently and best of all quietly on all surfaces. The durability adds to the high quality design whilst maintaining the comfort and safety of your child.   Seating height 25 cm. Suitable for 12 months and over. No assembly required.

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£105- Available online or click online for local stockist

Kinderroom Ride On Reviews

Product Tested by: Leeanne Dove – Michael 21 Months

Product Tested By Leeanne Dove – Michael 21 Months

Leeanne Awarded the Kinderrooms Ride On 4.7/5

The ride on looks very appealing and child friendly. The packaging for the product has a full scale colour photograph of the item on it, which I found very eye catching. It is a perfect size for my son and the colouring on the giraffe is also very appealing. My son has had endless hours of entertainment with this toy and it has become very quickly his most loved. My son will play with this toy for about 20 minutes on his own (which is a very long time for him!) after this time he will wheel it over to me so that I can join him and wheel him around. The toy helps him to learn to hold on and push with his feet at the same time whilst steering in the right direction. He also learnt how to reverse in it too and he wheels himself into a small area to turn around. The toy is very sturdy and I think it will last for a long time, even with lots of use! My son quickly worked out what he was supposed to do with the toy and he happily entertains himself with it. Other than sitting in it, he also likes to stand at the front and hold onto the handles then pushing it that way. I can honestly say that I am very impressed by the toys durability. Michael has given it quite a lot of heavy treatment and there is not a single mark on it. Although I love this toy I don’t think I would have paid the RRP for it. I think it’s definitely worth the money however but I personally do not have that kind of money to spend on a toy. If it was in a sale I would definitely buy it without hesitation and I would also recommend this product to anyone who can afford it because it’s wonderful! This toy is a great product that has given my son endless hours of entertainment, it is robust enough to withstand quite rough play and has sustained no damage whatsoever. The fun animal design and stability of the product means that it is very appealing to toddlers and that they do not feel unsteady when they are on it. The only thing that could improve this would be if it had suitable wheels so that it could be taken on walks outside. Other than that it’s great! Leeanne Dove – Michael 21 Months

Product Tested By Louise Mason – Zac 15 Months

Louise Awarded the Kinderrooms Ride On 4/5

On first impressions I thought the product looked gorgeous! It was very well made and extremely sturdy. The company’s website it well laid out and is very easy to navigate. The products are all pictured beautifully, with simple, yet detailed descriptions & the prices are clearly shown. The products are lovely & some are very unique, which is obviously why you have to pay a premium to buy them, Gorgeous stuff if you can afford it. The size of the toy is perfect for 12 months to about 3 years old. It is very stylish & looks stunning. As far as ride Ons go, this toy offers great entertainment. My son particularly liked the mane & tail of the lion, which is made from lovely, soft wool. He loves riding around the room on his lion! Zac loves the lion ride on. When he first started to play with it he couldn’t quite get the hang of how to push himself along, but now he has there’s no stopping him! It keeps his attention & he likes to charge at his older brothers whilst roaring like a lion! I would say it helps with your child’s development, as my son has learnt to push himself along on this ride on. Also he has learnt how to steer from side to side & even how to push him backwards, which all require hand/eye co-ordination. The quality is outstanding. It’s obviously been really well made & that shows in the final product. The solid beech wood that has been used is really heavy & of a fantastic quality. It’s been put together really well. The rubber used to connect the head to the body so your child can steer it is a very thick piece of rubber & you can tell it’s been made to last. Even though it has obviously been made very well indeed, I do think £110 is a very high price to pay for a ride on. I think the most I would pay for an item like this is around £55, so half of the RRP. I would give this 5/5, if it wasn’t so expensive. I think most people wouldn’t want to, or be able to, pay £110 for a ride on toy. It is lovely & well made, but it’s just the price that tips the scales for me! For those who can afford it, it is a lovely thing, but just way too expensive for the majority of people to justify!  A gorgeous looking, quality ride on that my son will never get bored with. Something, with any luck, I’ll be keeping for the grandkids!Louise Mason – Zac 15 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Shaw – Isabelle 21 months

Kirsty Awarded the Kinderrooms Ride On 3/5

A lovely toy looked very cute. The packaging was safe and suitable. I think the size of the toy could have been a little bigger because children of the same age may vary in size. The toy kept my Daughter amused for the first day but after that she became bored with it very quickly. I think the style of the toy is rather old fashioned. If your child likes plain toys then it will be very suitable. My Daughter loved it at first but I think she lost interest because it had no noises or lights. I think the toy helped with hand and foot Coordination for my Daughter. A good sturdy looking toy. I do think this toy is very nice but when compared to other toys available on the market today, I personally prefer a more modern approach. Kirsty Shaw – Isabelle 21 months

This toy is a great product that has given my son endless hours of entertainment, it is robust enough to withstand quite rough play and has sustained no damage whatsoever.


Leeanne Awarded the Kinderrooms Ride On 4.7/5

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