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Klara CardiGirl’s raglan sleeved cardigan with structured seams. Cuffs, hems and button band edgings are all in our signature moss stitch. Featuring a smart vintage collar of kisses edged in contrasting  antique ivory for ruby red cardigans. Fastened at the neck with three hand embossed real mother of pearl buttons.

Size: 0-1yrMachine washable at 30c. Do not tumble dry. Reshape whilst damp. Use a warm iron or dry flat. Wash dark colours separately


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£30.00 Available Souzu in Putney and Perspective in Woodstock or purchase online

Klara-cardi Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Louise Russell – Poppy 16 Months

Louise Awarded
The Raglan Cardigan 3.8/5

A beautiful
cardigan: This is a lovely shape of cardigan that feels like it is made of a
high quality wool. It sits very well when worn and is very soft on my daughter’s
skin. It makes her look like a royal baby! The collar line of the cardigan is
lovely. Having only the 3 buttons at the top of the cardigan means that when
fastened a nice shape is created. The contrast of blues between the trim and
body of the cardigan is works well and the dark blue of the buttons stands out
nicely. Having only 3 buttons that are a considerable size means that the
cardigan is easy to fasten (even when Poppy has been in a fussy mood or in a
rush to toddle off!). The wool used for the cardigan (a combination of bamboo
and Yak) is very soft and silky; it is a high quality wool that has a lovely
sheen to it. It has washed well and kept its shape well during the washing and
drying process. Poppy has really liked
wearing this cardigan. Because the wool is so soft she has been happy to wear
it with short sleeved tops. As previously mentioned, the inclusion of only the
3 buttons at the top of the cardigan has meant that there has been a lot of room
for movement in the body and Poppy has been able to climb and toddle easily
when wearing the cardigan. The arms on the cardigan are quite wide so this has
also meant there has been plenty of room in them for movements. A good design for a toddler. Because this
cardigan is machine washable it has been a very easy item of clothing to
launder and care for. It kept its shape well during washing and dried well on a
clothes horse. It was also very easy to iron once dry. Although this is a
beautiful cardigan it is a lot more money than I would usually spend on a cardigan
or item of clothing for Poppy (or a child her age). I really do like how this
cardigan looks on Poppy and we will continue to this for as long as possible,
however there have been a couple of faults on the cardigan that happened during
the manufacturing process. Although I love how the cardigan looks on Poppy, as
previously mentioned there were a couple of faults identified at the beginning
of the testing process. Also, after wearing the cardigan only 3 times, the
middle button fell off. I would hope that a cardigan of this price would have
been faultless. It is because of this
and the price that I would not recommend this to others for children for
children of the same age. Taking into account the price of the cardigan, the
faults that were noticed and the button falling off I have given this an
overall lower rating. Had there been no faults and the button not falling the
overall rating would have been different. A royal cardigan not necessarily fit
for a prince or princess. Louise Russell – Poppy 16 Months

Tested By
Sophia Marsh – Isabella 16 Months

Awarded The Raglan Cardigan 4/5

This looked
adorable. Just loved the way it was
presented and the wool is so soft. It
really looked cute on and really easy to put on and take off. Was ideal for our UK changeable weather. The style is great and goes with so many
outfits. The wool quality if fantastic
and love the Yak wool used. This does
have a few little bits that could be improved as does look home knitted and
some faults in the cardigan itself. If
it was perfect as you would expect for the money then I would have given it
full marks. This is a lovely cardigan,
looks great on easy to care for and something that will last. A family cardigan I could pass down to me
next children. Everything about it is quality;
just the finishing touches really do need to be improved. I would consider this for a gift and would
recommend to others as the style is adorable and practical. You can brighten up tops, trousers, skirts
with this so very versatile. High price,
quality of the wool used reflects the price but when you are spending this much
it does need to be perfect. My daughter loved
wearing this and she looked adorable. Sophia
Marsh – Isabella 16 Months

Tested By
Nicola Verner – Holly 5 Months

Awarded The Raglan Cardigan 3.5/5

The item was
packaged very well and arrived quickly.
The item itself feels very soft and heavier than other wool cardigans I
have. Personally I don’t like the
colour, it is labelled as ‘sky-blue’ but is a blue/grey shade and is not to my
taste. The style of the cardigan is a
little old-fashioned, but seems good quality. It is a traditional /
old-fashioned style. I know this is
becoming popular again but it’s not something I would have chosen myself but I
can understand that other people may like the style. The design is practical,
the button up front makes it easy to dress and undress my baby. It is loose enough for her to move around
freely but also keeps her warm. The wool is very soft to the touch and feels
like a heavy, good quality material. I believe my baby was very comfortable
wearing this. I was unsure how to wash this product so chose to hand-wash. It didn’t come with care instructions to
advise what to do, and felt like delicate wool which I did not want to ruin in
the washing machine. This is more effort
than I normally like to do; I prefer to just put all my baby clothes in the
machine. I feel £60 for one item of baby clothing is very high! I would never consider purchasing something
at this price normally as babies grow out of things so fast, it doesn’t seem
worth it. The item is hand-made, which I
think shows – there are some flaws in the stitching. The fact that this is hand-made and Yak’s
wool is most likely the reason for such a high price. I probably will continue
to use this to keep my baby warm on cold days in the house. The wool feels of a
good quality, and the sizing is good (my little girl is 5 months old but
wearing 6-9 months clothes normally.
This is 6-12 months and fits her but with room to grow as I would expect
it to over the age range it’s for).
There are a few imperfections in the stitching however, and I feel it
requires a bit of extra time/care to wash which is not very practical when you
have young children to look after. A good quality material which feels very
comfortable and warm for baby but not so practical for Mum’s washing. Nicola
Verner – Holly 5 Months

A good design for a toddler. Because this cardigan is machine washable it has been a very easy item of clothing to launder and care for. It kept its shape well during washing and dried well on a clothes horse. It was also very easy to iron once dry.


Louise Awarded The Raglan Cardigan 3.8/5

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