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KLOO Zoo Animal Reader Cards

Children make their first sentences with My KLOO Zoo KLOO Reader Cards let young readers make and read their own sentences about animals and build a zoo! Children start reading word cards just as they would with normal flash cards but then – as if by magic -they put them in order to create their very own sentences. It makes reading so much fun and opens up a whole new reading experience for your child -allowing them to play with words, arrange them and make their first sentences.Children are rewarded for reading and making sentences by winning animal cards to make a zoo! They can also win gifts for their zoo animals by making their sentences longer!  Enjoy the funny sentences they make – often deliberately! And remember, children love it if you play too!  This is a fun hands-on game that parents and teachers can really enjoy playing with their children

Suitable 5 Years Plus and available to purchase online

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KLOO Zoo Animal Reader Cards Reviews

Product Tested By Lesley Simpson – Jake 6 Years

LesleyAwarded The Kloo’s Zoo Reader Cards 4.5/5

Didn’t think much of the packaging. Hard to get cards back in for Jake & even I found it hard. The instructions were excellent, clear and easy to follow. The design of these cards is very good and they are very engaging. Jake was intrigued by them. Jake totally understood the concept of these cards and how to use them. These cards did help Jake construct sentences, but Jake is quite advanced in his words/sentences etc. Jake did enjoy using these cards, he found them fun to use and enjoys tasks like this. The quality of these cards is excellent. Definitely good value for money. The design of the cards is excellent;  I would just suggest improving the packaging. I would purchase this product and recommend. Jake and I have enjoyed using Kloo’s Zoo Reader Cards very much and will continue to do so. Lesley Simpson – Jake 6 Years

Product Tested By Melissa Craven – Oliver 5 Years & Spencer 7 Years

Melissa Awarded The Kloo’s Zoo Reader Cards 4.7/5

Packaging was good and informative and always like to review educational products with my boys. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. This is a game whereby your children can learn the animal’s names, create sentences and win zoo cards to build their own zoo. A very interactive and stimulating game which helps them learn. My boys love animals and this helped the youngest remember words and even create sentences and my 7 year old just enjoyed the game as we could all play this together. The design of these cards is really innovative as each card features coloured arrows (helps younger children identify which is the next card in the sequence). They pick up the game really quickly as each card which has a star they soon learn this is the card at the beginning of a sentence. Both my boys really enjoyed playing with these cards. It helped the youngest with memory, words and sentence construction and certainly helped my eldest with his reading and writing. Once explained both my boys understood the concept of this game. They both enjoyed these cards and being animal cards certainly held their interest. The quality is superb, and when you consider you can play so many other games with these cards they are excellent value for money. I would purchase these and have already purchased some online as birthday present for my niece. Would highly recommend these as a great fun way to learn. Melissa Craven – Oliver 5 Years and Spencer 7 Years

Product Tested By Andrew Stitch – Christina 7 years

Andrew Awarded The Kloo’s Zoo Reader Cards 4.5/5

Packaging good, well-presented and informative. Cards looked very high quality. A very ingenious way to use reader cards to create a game to help with memory,word recognition and sentences. The concept of the game is to learn animal names, make up sentences and win more animal cards to create their own personal zoo. A game which is stimulating, helps them to learn and also good for all the family to play. Christina really enjoyed using these cards and they certainly captured her attention and helped her learn. I was really surprised how much she enjoyed this game and she would remember more animal names, and create more constructed sentences the more we played with these. Coloured arrows and stars on the card help children to recognise sequence of cards. You can use these cards in many different ways and it really is a fun way to help your child learn about words and sentence construction. I was very impressed with these and in my opinion they are good value for money. Anything that helps make learning fun and interactive is a winner for us.  I would certainly purchase more in the range. Would be great for schools and ideal for party games too. We have all enjoyed using these cards and will continue to use them. Andrew Stitch– Christina 7 years

Jake and I have enjoyed using Kloo’s Zoo Reader Cards very much and will continue to do so.


LesleyAwarded The Kloo’s Zoo Reader Cards 4.5/5

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