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Koeka Venice Wrap Towel

An ingenious twist on the classic design makes this a great favourite with parents and children. Wide enough to wrap right round, with a hood for their head as well as a giant ‘kangaroo’ pocket where their feet can be tucked in warm and dry, this towel makes snuggling up at bath time a real pleasure. Available in our full range of fun and stylish colours your child can now be as snug as a Joey!Machine washable at 30°

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Koeka Venice Wrap Towel Reviews

Product Tested by: Hannah King – Amelie 6 Months

Product Tested By Hannah King – Amelie 6 Months

Hannah Awarded The Angel Living Koeka Venice Wrap Towel 4/5

A nice towel, quite thin, good colour and material and a lovely size. Packaging was very plain but you knew what it was and the packaging isn’t kept so it doesn’t matter. No instructions needed but it still included how to use it to its full potential. I love the colour and material although it is very thin and would be nice a little thicker. It does the job. My daughter loves being wrapped in the towel. She moves so much but doesn’t get cold because you can slip their legs in to the pouch. It is very easy to use and does exactly what it is meant to. I have not come across another product that offers the same and would pick this one again. I think it is a little highly priced for a baby towel and once they get to long you couldn’t easily wrap them in it. I would buy this, especially if it came in different sizes. I would recommend this product and already have. I think it could be wider (more room for wrapping) but was pleased with it for a small baby. I love the colour and style but would like it thicker and wider for a warmer wrap. Hannah King – Amelie 6 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Awarded The Angel Living Koeka Venice Wrap Towel 4/5

When arrived looked very nice. Packaging good. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Quality of this towel is excellent. My baby loved being wrapped this towel after bath time. I found this very easy to use too. I do feel this does offer unique alternative compared to other baby towels. Very nice to use. I do think however it is a little overpriced. I wouldn’t buy it for my son but would consider buying it as a gift if a friend or family member was having a baby. I would also recommend as a different alternative to normal bath towel. A good way to keep baby warm after a bath. Rebecca Smith

Product Tested By Anne Sutton – Kyan 6 Months

Anne Awarded The Angel Living Koeka Venice Wrap Towel 4/5

A lovely soft towel but not very easy to use. The towel was very well packaged and arrived in excellent condition. The instructions were very easy to read. The quality of the towel was very good. The towel is very well made & the colour was beautiful. It kept its shape & colour when it was washed. I did think that it could be a bit softer than it was; this is why I marked it down slightly. My son always likes to be wrapped up for a cuddle after a bath. I didn’t find it easy putting a wriggling child into the pouch of the towel after getting him out of the bath & whilst I was struggling to get him in the pouch he was getting cold. I found myself just wrapping him up in the towel without using the pouch after a few goes at trying to get him in. However when I did get him in the pouch he dried well and seemed cosy. I personally didn’t like the pouch on the towel. I think it would have been better if there was an opening that maybe sealed with Velcro over the baby/child to make it easier to get them into it. I think this towel would really suit a newborn baby that doesn’t move much but once they start kicking their legs about it makes it a whole lot harder to get them in the pouch. So for this reason I think it’s something that you would only be able to use for a short period of time. The towel was good quality and very nice, but I found it really awkward to put my 6 month old son in the pouch after I had picked him up out of the bath. Anne Sutton – Kyan 6 Months

I love the colour and style.


Hannah Awarded The Angel Living Koeka Venice Wrap Towel 4/5

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