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Konfidence Baby Warma

As parent you’ll want to do the very best for your baby, that’s why our range of Babywarma® pool wetsuits are such a big hit, winning a number of prestigious awards, and consistently receiving positive reviews from parents and baby swimming teachers.Our Babywarmas have been designed using hi-grade soft neoprene to ensure little ones stay warm and safe in the swimming pool. The premium quality of the 2mm thick neoprene also offers superb lateral and longitudinal stretch; this enables you to achieve the perfect snug fit every time, creating a warm, loving hug and providing a feeling of safety and security for your baby.This flexibility allied to generous Velcro fixing at the top, bottom and side, allows the wetsuit to grow with your baby offering excellent value for money.More reasons to choose a Konfidence BabywarmaWhilst cheaper, alternative, wetsuits are available, it’s our renowned attention to detail in the design and construction of our Babywarmas that will give you the confidence that you are purchasing the best for your baby.• Opens flat for easy changing • Freedom of movement – the hi-grade materials offer both flexibility and warmth, leaving the arms and legs free to have a splashing good time (Note: cheaper, stiffer neoprene will not give a snug, close fit, thus reducing its thermal properties. An ill-fitting suit will also be potentially cumbersome to babies whilst in the water) • Soft on baby’s skin – the single internal flat-locked seam ensures there are no hard ridges whilst the Soft Lyrca edging across the whole suit eliminates the possibility of rubbing or chaffing. • The soft grade Velcro specifically used on the front panel reduces the chance of any exposed Velcro snagging against mum’s swim suit. • When worn outdoors, the Babywarma offers 100% UV protection. • Provides additional grip for mum & dad, giving peace of mind when carrying baby on poolside or in the water.

Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2010/11 And Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2012/13


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Konfidence Baby Warma Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Hawkins – Corben 16 Months

Product Tested By Emma Hawkins – Corben 16 Months

Emma Awarded The Konfidence Babywarma 4.6/5

I thought this was a nice colour and design. It looked like a quality product that I would consider buying in the shops. This product was very simple to use. The fit is very self-explanatory. Simply wear then rinse in cold water after use. It was slightly too big but it is for children up to 24 months so I consider this a good thing. The fact that it was too big did not affect the usage.  Corben looked very comfortable. My little boy seemed un-phased by the addition to his swimming attire. Just a little big on him but it didn’t seem to bother him. My little boy stayed warm for longer. Our local swimming pool isn’t particularly warm and he usually gets cold after 15 minutes but we happily played in the water for over half an hour. It was soaked through and I cannot hang washing outside so it took a little longer to dry than items that have been spun in the washing machine but was always dry in time for the next swimming session. The quality was very good; it appeared to me to be high quality. Price is ok but I feel it could have a lower price point, considering how long the babies fit into them for. I would definitely consider buying this product now. I plan on using it at the end of our unpredictable summer at the seaside. I would recommend it even to my friends with larger babies as the fit was very generous. It is a great product, good design, easy to use. Just a bit too big but at least there is room to grow into it. The product was simple to use and did not cause any issues during the already challenging ‘getting changed for swimming’ process. It seemed comfortable and easy to clean too. Emma Hawkins – Corben 16 Months

Product Tested By Vicki Schupke-Ranson – Claudia 18 Months

Vicki Awarded The Konfidence Babywarma 4/5

This is a functional and well-made product, attractive colours but was a bit tricky to put on. The instructions were fine. It fitted my daughter ok; there was plenty of room in the length of the body, but my baby has chunky thighs and the product seemed a little tight around there. Putting this on her made going swimming more hassle, but it also kept her warmer in the water so she enjoyed the swim for longer. To dry it needed to be hung up, rather than laid flat to dry quickest. The washing line was fastest, followed by airing cupboard. This is very well-made; the stitching seemed solid and fabric sturdy. I think it offers good value for money. It was a bit tricky to get a squirmy baby into the suit, even more to extract her once the suit and the baby were wet. A previous suit of a different make was easier to use as it fastened up at the front with Velcro so maybe this is an issue to look at with improving the design. It is a decent product, does what it promises, but a bit difficult to get on and off. Vicki Schupke-Ranson – Claudia 18 Months

Product Tested By Adam Levy – Gemma 14 Months

Adam Awarded The Konfidence Babywarma 4.8/5

This is a really funky looking product. I really liked it when it first arrived. The instruction for use were really simple and easy to follow. The size was ok; it was a little big on my little girl but this wasn’t a problem. There is plenty of growing room so item will last.  Gemma seemed very comfortable wearing this. It kept her lovely and warm in the water. Our local baths is not the warmest at times. The suit dried out quite quickly; we have had lovely weather so I was able to hang it out on our washing line. The quality is excellent; we have used it quite a lot as we go swimming all the time and it still looks good a new. It offers excellent value for money; especially if you go swimming quite often. I would consider buying one now; it is a great product. I have already recommended it to friends and a few parents who have commented at the baths. It is a great product.  Adam Levy – Gemma 14 Months

I would definitely consider buying this product now. I plan on using it at the end of our unpredictable summer at the seaside. I would recommend it even to my friends with larger babies as the fit was very generous.


Emma Awarded The Konfidence Babywarma 4.6/5

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