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Konfidence Neo Nappy Cover

New to the Konfidence range our Swim School Approved Neoprene Nappy Cover. Featuring elasticated waist and leg hems made of soft stretchy Lycra. Worn over a normal swim nappy such as the Konfidence AquaNappy, our Neoprene Nappy Cover provides that all-important extra layer of protection giving you peace of mind when you enter the pool with your baby. So how do they work? Well, the neoprene construction gives a soft, stretchy, impermeable shell and the close fitting waist and leg hems gives a good seal around the tummy and legs. No rubbing or chaffing of delicate skin and peace of mind that any little accidents are contained. Approved for use in all major swim UK baby swim schools the Konfidence Neoprene Nappy cover is the essential baby swim product.

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£9.99 Available to purchase online

Konfidence Neo Nappy Cover Reviews

Product Tested by: Natalie Hammond – Stanley 9 Months


Product Tested By Natalie Hammond – Stanley 9 Months

Natalie Awarded The Konfidence Neo Nappy Cover 4.8/5

This product looked as it says it should. I thought the instructions were okay; however I must admit I was a little confused as to its purpose originally; however after using it found it very useful in replacement for a swimming suit. This did however mean his body was bare. This was fine butperhaps not in colder situations. There weren’t any instructions as such but the product brochure helped me figure it out. If I was buying it off the shelf I would personally benefit from some form of description as to why I would want to buy it, what it does etc. It was easy to put on and had plenty of room around the nappy whilst fitting well and snugs around the legs and around the tummy. I think Stanley was comfortable when wearing it; he didn’t complain anyway. It kept him warm and unfortunately whilst swimming he had ‘messed’ his nappy. This helped keep it all in, when the nappy didn’t. I also used it at home for the paddling pool but without a swim nappy on, this helped when he was out and crawling on the grass to prevent irritation in sensitive areas. This definitely gave me more confidence that accidents would be contained. The local swimming pool only allows swimmers with nappy protectors on too which this was great for. Getting it off was not easy as it had some friction due to the neoprene fabric on wet skin. That being said I wouldn’t expect anything else and felt it served a purpose and was very effective. It dried out very quickly; by the time I was home, some 10 minutes, it was dry. The quality is very good, robust and feels like a proper scuba suit. This offers very good value for money. Due to the size of it too (there is room for a nappy whilst fitting around the edges), he has room to grow in it as well as his legs are slimming and his belly as he becomes more active whilst his width is widening. I would have liked to see more of a ‘design’ perhaps with some form of boats on, repeat pattern; something to make it a bit more fun. It is a very serious purposeful product. I would certainly buy this again especially if more designs were available. I would recommend it to others; my friends, other mums who I meet regularly have now looked to purchase one. I really liked it. I do feel the bland design lets it down as in some circumstances it would have been nice to have it on its own without a suit over the top. Perhaps having a body piece would also be beneficial. It was handy in the leisure centre due to their restrictions, easy to use and practical. Something I certainly look for with my baby! Natalie Hammond – Stanley 9 Months


Product Tested By Sally Blee – Alex 18 Months


Sally Awarded The Konfidence Neo Nappy Cover 4.3/5

This looked like a good quality product, good colour and looked quite big. The instructions actually weren’t very clear as to whether baby should wear a swim nappy underneath or not. Unfortunately it didn’t fit Alex because it was enormous! I couldn’t actually use it properly. Alex is small for his age, but not that small I thought! I borrowed it to a friend who has a bigger baby but it was too small for him! It did dry out very quickly; it was dry by next day. The quality seems really good and offers excellent value for money; I think £9.99 is cheap for it actually. Maybe some type of drawstring at waist could improve the design of this and make it more adjustable. I would consider buying this definitely in a smaller size though. I would recommend it to others but I would advise them to check the sizing. The quality and use of it was good and I’m sure it would have been fine if it had fitted Alex better. Sally Blee – Alex 18 Months


Product Tested By Carol Bright – Sophia 1 ½ Years


Carol Awarded The Konfidence Neo Nappy Cover 4.7/5

This is a Neoprene swim nappy, came in a nice colour with informative labels. The instructions were great; relevant information about how to use and washing instructions to maintain best condition. It was a good fit and as easy as any other swim nappy I’ve used to fit over the disposable swim nappy (you don’t want it to be too easy to get on or it won’t keep its contents in!). Sophia seemed to find it very comfortable to wear. This gave me the reassurance it would be effective to stop her nappy leaking. It was very easy to take off; again, as easy as any other I have tried, but a good fit means it’s a bit tight when putting it on or taking it off. It did dry out very quickly. The quality seemed very good and offers fantastic value for money. It might be nice if it came with a matching swim top (instructions did give details of other Konfidence products available so could possibly buy one) . I would consider buying this product and recommend it to others. It is reassuring wearing over nappy for swimming to protect against accidents, comfortable to wear and easy to wash and dry. Carol Bright – Sophia 1 ½ Years




The quality is very good, robust and feels like a proper scuba suit. This offers very good value for money.


Natalie Awarded The Konfidence Neo Nappy Cover 4.8/5

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