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Konfidence PBT UV T-Shirts

We are very excited about our new range of Sun Protection Clothing because it uses a material called PBT. PBT is already used in high-end sportswear because of its extraordinary properties and Konfidence now leads the way in using the inherent benefits of this material in the design of children’s UV clothing.

Mechanically strong, PBT is perfect for body-huggable clothing and when compared to lycra, it is proven to retain its shape for longer, is far more chlorine resistant and able to maintain a greater consistency in its UV protection rating over the life of the garment.

These fantastic new tops also feature ¾ length sleeves that give that little extra bit of protection, and cordinate fully with the our new shorts and hats.

Separates are great as a child grows. The T-shirts are perfect for covering up for outdoor play in the summer months; whether they are by the beach, pool or just at home in the garden.

Prices 1 – 7 yrs £14.99 – 8-14 yrs £17.99




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Konfidence PBT UV T-Shirts Reviews

Product Tested by: Linda Dickson – Dylan 11 Years

ProductTested By Linda Dickson – Dylan 11 Years

Linda Awarded The Konfidence T-Shirt 5/5
Very good quality and nice colour. Very good strong material. Which protects Dylan from the sun. Very trendy style for this age group. Dylan was very comfortable in the top. I was very confident using this top on Dylan as he did not get burnt and this was proved by sun lines. This top was great as it also dried so quickly in the sun. This also washed really well and dried quickly too. This is good value for money as you can use it under wetsuits and as training gear. I wouldpurchase this item and recommend without hesitation. Great product and very durable. Very good quality product and you can wear it for everything and it will protect in the sun. Linda Dickson – Dylan 11 Months

Product Tested By Lyndsey Webb – Joshua Aged 9 Years

LyndseyAwarded The Konfidence T-Shirt 5/5

First impression Brilliant product. High qualityT-shirt with excellent Sun protection. Style is good and my son enjoyed wearing this. Fitted well and gave good protection in the sun.Very confident this gave my son excellent protection in the sun. ThisT-Shirt dries very quickly after use in pool or the sea.Very easy to launder but as with all tops like this they bobble after lots of washing. Good value for money as gives your children protection in the sun.Would purchase this item and definitely recommend. My son loves to wear it as it looks good and is comfortable whilst giving me peace of mind about sun protection. Lyndsey Webb – Joshua Aged 9 Years

ProductTested By Kimberley Stannard – Toby 10 Years

KimberleyAwarded The Konfidence T-Shirt 4.8/5

Looked good quality and also have a range of fashionable colours on offer. The material is strong, durable, and easy to wear and protects in the sun.Toby did not mind wearing this T-Shirt as found it comfortable and liked the design. Konfidence is a brand we know and support and was totally satisfied this would protect Toby in the sun. When swimming in this top it would dry quickly. Also very easy to wash. I would purchase this item as really believe the Konfidence range gives you the protection you need in the sun and superb quality. I have recommended as high quality and effective sun protective clothing. You cannot put a price on safety so definitely good value for money.  Great quality and easy to wear.  Kimberley Stannard – Toby 10 years


Great product and very durable. Very good quality product and you can wear it for everything and it will protect in the sun. 


Linda Awarded The Konfidence T-Shirt 5/5 

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