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Konfidence UV 2011 PBT Suits Long Sleeve

If your little ones don’t like standing still whilst you put sunscreen on them, then our new UV suits could help. With their ¾ length sleeves and legs, there’s less exposed skin, giving you a better chance to apply that sunscreen before they start to fidget! All in one suits are great for younger children too as the fabric stretches and moves with them, plus it helps keep nappies in place and sand out. We also incorporate crotch poppers on the 6-12 mnths, 12-18 and 18-24 mnths sizes to make nappy changing as easy as it can be! We are very excited about our new range of Sun Protection Clothing because it uses a material called PBT. PBT is already used in high-end sportswear because of its extraordinary properties and Konfidence now leads the way in using the inherent benefits of this material in the design of children’s UV clothing. Mechanically strong, PBT is perfect for body-huggable clothing and when compared to lycra, it is proven to retain its shape for longer, is far more chlorine resistant and able to maintain a greater

Available in range of colours and sizes from 6 Months – 7 Years

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Konfidence UV 2011 PBT Suits Long Sleeve Reviews

Product Tested by: Alison Craske – Erica 16 Months

Product Tested by Alison Craske – Erica 16 Months

Alison Awarded The Konfidence Long Sleeved Sunsuit & Hat 5/5

Good quality, useful, practical.  These items are top quality.  Excellent for using abroad or on a rare Scottish hot day!”  The Sunsuit fitted really well and Erica was comfortable wearing the Sunsuit. The style of the hat is very practical.  The fit is good but a chin strap would be good for this age group.  I am totally confident these items are delivering good sun protection for Erica while out in the sun.  The Sunsuit will also dry very quickly after swimming or getting wet.  This suit is very easy to launder never had any problems.   For the quality of protection given by the suit and hat it is good value for money.  I would certainly purchase more if going abroad.  I have already recommended these items.  Reliable, trustworthy brand, top quality item, durable and practical.  Alison Craske – Erica 16 Months


Product Tested By Heather MacDonald –  Brodie Aged 15 Months

Heather Awarded The Konfidence Long Sleeved Sunsuit & Hat 4.1/5

Fantastic. I love the poppers for easy changing.  I think these items are great quality.   The style made it very easy for Brodie to wear. Poppers are a fantastic idea and made it so easy to change him and also very easy to take off when it was wet – I have found this to be a difficulty in other brands.  He seemed very comfortable in the Sunsuit.  The hat would have been better suited for Brodie if it had a chin strap to keep in on as it was too big and too easy for Brodie to take it off.   The hat was massive on Brodie, so a bigger range of sizes might be more appropriate.  Very confident these items are offering my son protection when out in the sun.   Also these items dry very quickly.  The Sunsuit is very easy to launder.  For me personally slightly on the expensive side – especially when I had to buy another hat that fitted better.  However if you purchase the set and ensure you have the correct fitting hat then price would be reasonable.   I loved the bodysuit and would certainly purchase this item.   I would definitely recommend the bodysuit.  Bodysuit made being on the beach and going swimming much easier as getting changed was far less stressful. I was also very happy with the sun protection from the suit. The hat was too big for my son but a smaller size may have worked better.  Heather MacDonald – Brodie Aged 15 Months


Product Tested By Kim Smith – Luke Aged 14 Months

Kim Awarded The Konfidence Long Sleeved Sunsuit & Hat 4.3/5

Great looking, was worried it might be a bit small for Luke. Light for Luke to wear, yet protects from the sun.  The sleeves were a bit short for Luke, but he is very tall for his age.  The suit was fine but he does not like hats. Although this one stayed on longer that any other so far.  The hat offered good all round protection from the sun.  The hat supplied was a little bit big for Luke’s head.   I was totally confident the Sunsuit was giving Luke good protection when out in the sun.  This clothing also dries very quickly after getting wet.  So easy to launder and care for.  Very good product but maybe a bit expensive, especially when kids grow really fast and if they don’t get the weather to use the clothes.  I would cons9ider purchasing more if in the sale. Although Luke is 14 months would have to buy 18 to 24 size.  I would certainly recommend Konfidence sun clothing to friends and family.  Good product, hat was a bit big and suit was a bit short but Luke was protected from the sun and had fun.  Kim Smith – Luke Aged 14 Months

Reliable, trustworthy brand, top quality item, durable and practical.


Alison Awarded The Konfidence Long Sleeved Sunsuit & Hat 5/5

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