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Konfidence UV Shorts

The unisex styling of these shorts make them perfect for boys or girls, they can be worn with the UV T-shirts in or out of the water, or simply as swimming trunks. The choice really is up to you. Available in 3 colours to co-ordinate with the UV T-shirts.
UPF 50+ fabric cuts out 98% of UV rays
Quick drying lycra
Design detail on pastel shades
Sizes: 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs

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£9.99 Available to purchase online

Konfidence UV Shorts Reviews

Product Tested by: Wendy Hamley - Neive – Aged 4 years

Product Tested By Wendy Hamley –  Neive – Aged 4 years

Wendy AwardedThe Konfidence UV Shorts 4/5

Initial impression good quality product.  Checked out website which was parent friendly website, with lots of very good products.  The quality was really nice, you could add more designs.  The material was durable and easily wearing.  The style was nice, but knowing the child was protected from harmful rays was reassuring. Neive felt comfortable wearing her shorts, but we did notice the waist band was a little tight.  This certainly did give extra protection in the sun for Neive.  Also the quality of the material is very good and dries very quickly which is great.   Washing no problems, I would like to know if the sun protection on the suit loses its protection after lots of washes.  I personally think these do offer good value for money; it’s a small cost if your child does not burn.  Will certainly consider purchasing more as you cannot put a price on protecting your children’s skin in the sun.  Also recommended to friends and family.  GOOD safety clothing for all children, durable and easy to wear and fashionable at same time, well worth having a look.  Wendy Hamley – Neive Aged 4 Years


Product Tested By Kerry Bagnall – Megan Aged 3 Years

Kerry Awarded The Konfidence UV Shorts 3/5

It looks like a high quality product Megan loves the bright pink colour.  Website very bright with lots of great photos and videos, very informative.  Looks like a very good quality item and good fit.  Much snugger fit compared to the top. I Normally purchase 3/6 years for Megan, but would suggest you check sizes online before purchasing or contact them direct to ensure you purchase the correct size. Megan certainly looks very comfortable in these.  Material is quick drying.  Easy to wash as just goes in with my normal wash at 40.   These items are expensive but they do offer high UV protection.  Personally I find the price high and would wait for a sale.  Kerry Bagnall – Megan Aged 3 Years


Product Tested By Kelly Fiddler – Ashliee Aged 6 Years

Kelly Awarded Konfidence UV Shorts 4.5/5

Looked good quality item when arrived.  Website is very good and provides lots of information.   I think the quality is fantastic, light weight and lots of room to move.  I think the shorts are very well designed, very bright and light weight. Ashliee was comfortable and she absolutely loved the colour.  I Was totally confident the clothing was giving my daughter the protection she needed when out in the sun. This washes lovely, kept shape and dries in a jiffy.   Excellent price well worth the money.  High quality clothing which protects your child in the sun.  Will certainly purchase more from the range and recommend without hesitation.  Very useful items to have and it offers excellent protection.  Kelly Fiddler – Ashliee Aged 6 Years


Wendy AwardedThe Konfidence UV Shorts 4/5

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