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Konfidence UV Sun suits Long Sleeve

If your little ones don’t like standing still whilst you put sunscreen on them, then our new UV suits could help. With their ¾ length sleeves and legs, there’s less exposed skin, giving you a better chance to apply that sunscreen before they start to fidget! All in one suits are great for younger children too as the fabric stretches and moves with them, plus it helps keep nappies in place and sand out.

o UPF 50+ fabric cuts out 98% of UV rays
o Pastel colours with matt finish
o Quick drying lycra
o ¾ length sleeves and legs for increased skin coverage

Sizes: 6-12mths, 12-24mths, 2-3yrs, 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs

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£21.99 Available to purchase online

Konfidence UV Sun suits Long Sleeve Reviews

Product Tested by: Celia Chapman – Baby Amber 7 months

Product Tested By Celia Chapman – Baby Amber 7 Months

Celia Awarded The Konfidence UV Long Sleeve Sun Suit 3.9/5

This suit is brightly coloured although not as funky in design as the other versions I’ve seen on the high street.  Website is easy to use and informative. Would definitely recommend to those considering taking their babies swimming. Initially I felt that the stitching looked poor as it was lighter in colour to the actual garment however on closer inspection it appeared to be very well made. Nothing fussy to the style, very plain.  Personally I like more colourful designs, but I am sure this is on offer and the main thing is the item protects your baby in the sun. I think that the zip is quite hard and my little girl had marks on her skin from it.  The material though is soft and light allowing plenty of movement. My little girl was well covered and the material was soft and stretchy.  The matching hat covered her neck well and shaded her eyes. Material is similar to Speedo costumes – good quality.  The fabric is very light and dried quickly. Easy to wash out by hand.  Sunsuit was good all round and did the job of protecting my daughter when out in the sun. Well made pretty pink body suit with matching hat, these garments wash well. Celia Chapman – Baby Amber 7 Months


Product Tested By Katie Franklin – Freddie Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Katie Awarded The Konfidence UV Long Sleeve Sun Suit 4.5/5

Looks like a quality product that should do what it promises. Website has a Good range of products available, nice colours. Good website, quick to navigate.  It seems good quality; my son seemed comfy in it and was able to carry on playing on the beach without this getting in the way.   This long sleeve style offers extra protection but they do seem a bit too covered up when they are on the beach.  Freddie looked very comfortable in his suit.  Certainly gave me peace of mind and confident Freddie was protected when out in the sun. This is made of a quick drying material which is great. Easy to quickly hand wash.  Certainly good value for money.  Would certainly consider purchasing more items, but would opt for the short sleeve version.   Would recommend for sure.   My 16month old was comfy in this and well protected from the sun.  Katie Franklin – Freddie Aged 1 Year 4 Months.


Product Tested By Rachael Gambles – Brooke Gambles 15 Months

Rachael Awarded Konfidence UV Long Sleeved Sun Suit 5/5

I think the quality of this clothing is superb, and I feel happy that my daughter is protected from the sun when wearing this. I have in the past purchased a short and top set but think the all in one is more suitable especially for a toddler. I have taken my daughter swimming wearing this suit and she has not been restricted at all. She seems very comfortable in it. I am definitely confident that this product is protecting my daughter when in the sun. She is very fair haired/skin so especially like her to wear additional protection. This garment does dry pretty quickly and does not crease at all. Very easy to launder and no ironing required. I think this product is great value for money and I have already purchased a larger size for my daughter. Brilliant product and I feel assured that my daughter is protected in the sun wearing this outfit.  Rachael Gambles – Brooke Gambles 15 Months

Well made pretty pink UV body suit with matching hat and these garments wash well.


Celia Awarded The Konfidence UV Long Sleeve Sun Suit 3.9/5

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