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Koo-di Bottle Beanie

The Koo-di Bottle Beanie is a great way to help and encourage baby to hold their own bottle.Filled with insulating beads, the Koo-di Bottle Beanie helps keep cool drinks cool and warm drinks warm.Soft and easy for baby’s hands to grip so they can get a firm grip to hold their own bottle.The clear window allows mum to see how much drink remains.The silicone top ensures a tight fit so that bottle stays securely in place.Handwash 30ºCAvailable in: Blue Polka

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£9.99 Available in Mothercare, Asda Direct, Amazon or click online to find local stockist

Koo-di Bottle Beanie Reviews

Product Tested by: Mina Gingell – Tabitha 8 Months

Product Tested By Mina Gingell – Tabitha 8 Months

Mina Awarded The Koo-di Bottle Beanie 4/5
I thought this was bright and a colourful design, easy to hold and useful plastic window. The packaging clearly showed what the product was. The size of the packaging was also good as there was no excess when considering that all packaging should be kept to a minimum for environmental reasons. No real instructions on use, it was just assumed that you would know what to do. It also doesn’t explain as to what age group this is for, I know that when I am purchasing toys I take note of the age of the toy and I wouldn’t have known that this would be suitable for my daughter. Good concept as we are all encouraged to assist with our baby’s development and independence especially where they show a desire to progress. I use Avent bottles and these fitted fine. The nature of the neck of the bottle beanie makes it a little tricky to get the bottle into and out-of without a bit of a fight. It was easy for my daughter to hold, it was more challenging though due to the fun colour for my daughter not to think of it as a toy and shake it all around. The insulation kept my daughter’s drink at the same temperature for at least 20 minutes. The bottle was very secure in the Beanie, it was a tight fit. I found it very easy to clean. It was nicely made, no visible areas where little fingers could cause damage. The only improvement I could say is to give it a larger plastic window; otherwise it does as it is expected. I can understand that there is a market for this product and if I knew anyone whom was having issues with their child not using a beaker I would definitely recommend this as a way to developing independence. It is an interesting and innovative concept for improving independence. Mina Gingell – Tabitha 8 Months
Product Tested By Sarah Meer – Adam 10 Months

Sarah Awarded The Koo-di Bottle Beanie 4.3/5

I thought this looked like a very interesting product. The packaging was really good and the product was easy to use. It is a great concept for encouraging your child to hold his/her own bottle and make it fun in the process. Adam’s bottles did fit into this nicely although was a bit of a tight fit. I suppose if it were to be loose then it would keep falling out. He managed to hold the Beanie fine too. The colours would draw his attention. It also kept his milk warm too which is good if you have a slow drinker. The Beanie has a small window so that you can assess how much milk your child has drank. It was really easy to clean and nicely made too. It is colourful and would be suitable for both boys and girls. Its price is reasonable especially if it does assist your child in holding their own bottles. I think I would consider buying this now as it did help Adam. I have recommended it to friends who are at the same stage as me with their children. It is a colourful and fun product that can help and encourage your baby to hold their own bottles. Sarah Meer – Adam 10 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Smith – Amy 9 Months

Lucy Awarded The Koo-di Bottle Beanie 4.6/5

This is a lovely, bright and colourful product. The packaging was nice too. I think it is a good concept, great for encouraging independence. My daughter’s bottles fit into the Beanie ok. It seemed tight at first but I soon got the hang of how to do it. Amy loved to hold her bottle when it was in this Beanie. She normally gets fed up of holding her bottle but this seemed to keep her attention. It also kept her milk warm too as it is insulated. It was easy to see how much she had drank too in a small window in the Beanie. Her bottles were very secure when in, so I was not worried about it tipping out. It is very easy to clean and made of really good quality too. I think it offers great value for money and I would definitely consider buying this now. My friend asked me about it the other day and I think she has actually brought one for her daughter too. It is a lovely, bright and funky product that has encouraged Amy to hold onto her own bottles. Lucy Smith – Amy 9 Months

I would definitely recommend this as a way to developing independence. It is an interesting and innovative concept for improving independence.


Mina Awarded The Koo-di Bottle Beanie 4/5

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