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Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness

The Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness is ideal for use at the cafe – never again will you have to worry about the hygiene of public high-chairs when out and about. It can be fitted to most dining chairs, is suitable for use from 6-30 months and has adjustable straps to fit different sized dining chairs.

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Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness Reviews

Product Tested by: Alice Tyson – Baby Izzy 7 Months

Product Tested By Alice Tyson – Baby Izzy 7 Months

Alice Awarded The Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness  4.5/5

Simple to use, and handy for out and about.  The website has a good range of products (if not all relevant to us at the moment).  I particularly like the look of the polka-dot stuff – very cute! The harness comes in an "integral bag" which is part of the harness – easy to take out of the bag, and really easy to put away again.  Just turn it inside out and stuff it all in! The design looks adaptable enough to fit on most dining chairs, and it fitted fine on the ones we have tried it on.  Very simple to operate, although I don’t think I could do it with one hand. The instructions are printed on the bag, and are very simple.  The harness attaches to the chair safely and Izzy was very comfortable there.  Because the harness is made of fabric it allows her some "wriggle" room, which made me a little worried to start with, but I don’t think she would be able to wriggle out of the harness when put on properly. The seat goes in the washing machine fine.  The only criticism I have is that it is not colour fast – I used it to die most of Izzy’s clothes pink.  Good thing I haven’t got a boy! The harness is very portable.  It folds up very small compared to other travel chairs we have used, and even has a little tag to hang it on the handle of the buggy.  I now leave it on the buggy whenever we are going out over a meal time, just in case there is no high chair available. I found it much easier to get Izzy into the harness than I do to get her into her high chair.  The seat is very adjustable.  It looks like it would fit different shapes/sizes of seats, and has plenty of room for growth, so I expect it will be suitable until Izzy is big enough not to need it. The only thing which has let the quality down is the colour run when you wash the fabric.  Very good value for money. There were a few negative points to the product, but I think if they were resolved it would loose the benefits of the harness being so compact and portable.  The negative points I noticed were firstly that the harness does not raise baby up at all, so if we are eating at a table she is too low down to join in with us.  And secondly, that the harness has no table to it, so we ended up having to use the chair to put food on.  Very messy.  You wouldn’t want to use the harness on a cushioned or fabric chair!  Will certainly continue to use this product and have already recommended to friends. We are very happy with the harness, and will definitely continue to take it with us when we are out and about. Alice Tyson – Baby  Izzy 7 Months

Product Tested By Marion Green – Henry Aged 1 Year 10 Months

Marion Awarded The Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness  4/5

A very practical alternative to High chair. The website has a good variety of products available. From the packaging I could see it looks quite good.  Easy to attach although some of the chairs I tried had quite wide backs on them and so was a slight problem. Yes the instructions were very clear.  The product is fairly secure unless you have a very boisterous toddler.  Very easy to clean and didn’t take too long to dry. We were travelling to see relatives and weren’t exactly sure whether there would be high chairs available all the time so this was ideal to take with us.  Very easy to put baby in this seat.  Some of the chairs we went to use it on had rather high backs and so there wasn’t enough material to come up under baby’s bottom and secure him.  Very good for occasional use but not a full time solution.  Could be a little bit cheaper.  Design improvement Extra material for taller chairs and toddlers.  In general a good product but could do with some slight improvements. Marion Green – Henry Aged 1 Year 10 Months

Product Tested By Fiona Bindley – Emily Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Fiona Awarded The Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness  4.5/5  

Very Good when arrived.  It’s easy to take out and about.  There’s not a huge selection on the website and nothing I would be interested in buying but the polka dot range is cute! The packaging is part of the seat so bits can’t get lost and it makes it easy to pack away after use.  The harness fitted on every chair I tried it on because the straps are adjustable.  The instructions are printed on the bag which is attached to the harness and are very simple to understand. The harness does attach securely, however there were a few times when I thought Emily was going to fall off the side but the harness held her in place.  I put the seat through the washing machine at 30 degrees and the colour ran really badly, luckily I had some colour run remover! The harness is very portable as it is small enough to carry in a changing bag or handbag.  It also has a tag to attach it to a pushchair.  I think the harness will fit any chair and all shapes and sizes of child.  The only criticism I have is that it’s not colourfast.  Yes it’s very good value for money.   I was very happy with it as it is.  I will continue to take it with me whenever we go out for the day.  However I am not sure how suitable it would be for a smaller child as the harness does not incorporate a booster seat.  The harness has come in very useful and I will continue to carry it with me until Emily doesn’t need it any more.  Fiona Bindley – Emily Aged 1 Year 9 Months

We are very happy with the harness, and will definitely continue to take it with us when we are out and about.


Alice Awarded The Koo-di Pack-it Seat Harness  4.5/5

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