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Koo-Di Rival Front Carrier

The Koo-Di Rival Front Baby Carrier is designed to be extremely quick and easy to use.

By minimising the number of straps and buckles required this innovative front baby carrier ensures comfort and safety for both baby and parent

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£40.00 Available in leading retail stores Nationwide, purchase online Amazon or click onto to find local stockist

Koo-Di Rival Front Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Amanda Cater – Baby Taija 4 Months

Product Tested By Amanda Cater – Baby Taija 4 Months

Amanda Awarded the Koo-Di Rival Front Carrier 5/5

On arrival it looked like a very stylish product. The website was very easy to use and looked appealing. The quality of the fabric on the carrier was very luxurious and it feels very strong. I found adjusting the carrier very easy to use, unlike the old carrier that I used. After the first use of the carrier it was very easy for me to put my baby into it. I felt that my baby was very snug and secure in it too. It’s very comfortable to wear whilst walking but as my baby continues to grow and get heavier; I fear it will cause my back pain. I mainly like to use the carrier when on public transport as it’s so much better than a pushchair. My baby seemed to like being in this carrier and it kept my baby warm, however I will not use the carrier in bad weather conditions because it’s not very protective. I think the carrier offers excellent value for money and now that I have tested it I will continue to use it. It also has my high recommendations. Amanda Cater – Baby Taija 4 Months

Product Tested By Vicki Swain – Baby Jack 4.5 Months

Vicki Awarded the Koo-Di Rival Front Carrier 4/5

Product looked very fashionable and sturdy looking on arrival. The website is very easy to use and it has large tabs and good quality photographs. It took a lot of clicks to view the details of the product. Also have links to websites for other countries and Facebook and Twitter links. The quality of the fabric is great. It feels very strong and the pattern is great too. I found it quite difficult to adjust the carrier to fit on my own because I thought the cords were very stiff. It was much easier when I got someone else to tighten the straps for me. The carrier is very easy to put on; you just pull it over your head and clip it around your waist. I found it quite difficult to put jack into the carrier especially if he was wearing a thick snowsuit. I tended to do it in front of a mirror as I was never sure if his legs were in the right holes. I feel that my baby is secure when in the carrier but when the baby is front facing and falls asleep the head does hang forwards. You are supposed to turn the baby around to face you but that involves taking the baby out, adding the necessary insert and putting them back in. So it wasn’t very practical when out with shopping bags for me. When walking the carrier was comfortable once the straps had been adjusted to the right settings. I did find that if I wore it for too long that Jack did start to feel very heavy when facing forwards but not so bad when facing myself. I can carry on with my daily routine whilst wearing my baby in this carrier. Jack loved being able to face forwards and see the world but he did get frustrated when I was firstly putting him in the carrier. The carrier is very versatile as it can be forward or rear facing and also has a matching hat and gloves set. The carrier protects my baby from rain because it’s waterproof. The carrier offers great value for money and I will most certainly continue to use it. I would also recommend this product to friends and family but I would inform them that the straps are quite difficult to adjust alone. Vicki Swain – Baby Jack 4.5 Months

Product Tested By Claire Burgess – Baby Jack 7 Weeks

Claire Awarded the Koo-Di Rival Front Carrier 4/5

The carrier looks very good quality and stylish too. I like that there is a matching hat and mittens – very cute idea. Also the detachable dribble bib is definitely a good idea! The carrier looks as if a baby will be very secure inside.  I have back problems and this carrier looks like it will give very good back support.  Upon trying out the carrier several times I haven’t found it very easy to use considering it is designed to be very quick and simple.  I thought it was awkward to get my baby in and out of (possibly due to his age and unable to support his head) and he always cried even though he was perfectly happy before! Nevertheless I kept him inside it and jigged around the room for a while to try and calm him down but sadly he didn’t calm down until I took him out!  perhaps when Jack is older and can face outwards in the carrier he will take to it more as he is very much a baby that likes to see what is going on around him, I will definitely keep on trying it out on him though as it does appear to be a very nice product if rather awkward to use. The website products all look very detailed and clear, on first impressions I was impressed, however,  when I tried to click on the ‘play video’ button on the carrier  nothing happened which I was very disappointed with so I asked my mother to enter the website via her laptop and she also had the same problem. I also found it disappointing that there weren’t any prices for the listed products. Claire Burgess – Baby Jack 7 Weeks

After the first use of the carrier it was very easy for me to put my baby into it. I felt that my baby was very snug and secure in it too.


Amanda Awarded the Koo-Di Rival Front Carrier 5/5

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