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Koochu Capri Changing Bag

The Capri bag is both fashionable and functional. A total of eleven storage compartments are located throughout the bag. A stripe printed 100% cotton zip in zip out lining is used to enable you to wash it when needed (cold wash). It hangs nicely on a pram or can be worn over the shoulder. All materials, fittings and manufacturing are of the highest quality.

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Koochu Capri Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Oxana Thomas – Sasha 1 Year

Product Tested By Oxana Thomas – Sasha 1 Year

Oxana Awarded the Koochu Capri Changing Bag 5/5

The changing bag seemed of very high quality and extremely stylish. The style of the changing bag is high quality, trendy and very modern looking. It doesn’t even look like a changing bag and can quite easily be used as a normal shoulder bag. The leather is of a fine quality and the inside material is very strong and durable. The changing mat also feels very soft on the baby’s skin. The zips and clasps are of excellent quality and I was very impressed with the number and size of the compartments included with the bag. I think it is a little on the large side but at the same time you can fit everything you need into the bag and more! The bag is extremely versatile but it does feel a little heavy even when empty. The shoulder strap is soft and wide enough to sit comfortably on the shoulder; the handles also feel very comfortable. The changing mat and bottle holder are a life saver, it also comes with a handy storage bag for when not in use. I enjoy using the bag very much and have had good comments from the other mums. I am using the bag all the time, and I will continue to do so even without my baby! Oxana Thomas – Sasha 1 Year

Product Tested By Rachel Crawford – Isla 20 Months

Rachel Awarded the Koochu Capri Changing Bag 3.7/5

Very luxurious. A large bag with lots of added extras! The home page of the website looks a bit amateurish but the rest of the pages reflect the quality of the bag. It’s easy to use and self explanatory. The product descriptions are thorough and give a clear indication although some bags don’t have dimensions which would be handy as it is not always easy to gauge the size from a picture. The hold all style is very practical and it does look more like a weekend bag rather than a changing bag, which is a good thing! The bag is excellent quality; all of the accessories are also very useful and wonderful. The overall quality of the bag is great, but my only concern is that the straps may come away from the bag after time and lots of using. There were too many compartments in this bag for me. I always use a separate handbag. When my daughter was younger I breast fed and so would not have needed the pockets that are designed for bottles. I suppose they are useful if you do use bottles though! I would have preferred to have a divider down the middle of the bag rather than a separate compartment at the bottom for the changing mat as it reduced the internal size of the bag. The overall size of the bag is very large and feels much bigger than other changing bags I have used. As stated above the separate compartment for the changing mat reduced the size of the inside of the bag. I use reusable nappies and so could not fit nappies in the bottom compartment. I also found it a struggle to fit wipes in there as recommended by the website. This bag could be used as an overnight bag or maybe gym bag but despite the overall size the inside space is actually quite limited. The bag is very comfortable to carry and the shoulder strap makes it easier to put over the pram. The bag has short straps to put on your shoulder or a longer strap to put over the pram or across your body. I did not find the accessories useful. I don’t bottle feed and so the warmers/coolers were of no use to me. They were also too small to hold my daughters sippy cup easily. It might have held a small water bottle for me although I never tried. I no longer use a changing mat for my daughter (cruel mummy!) but would have when she was younger. The soft mat attached to the waterproof was a nice touch although made the mat bulky overall. I enjoy using my bag for the WOW factor but it does not make taking care of my baby any easier than any other change bag I have used. I would recommend the company and perhaps other bags for a special treat but this particular bag I would not unless the person was specifically looking for a bag of this style. The quality and look of the bag is excellent. The down side is that in comparison to the overall external size the inside space is limited. It is also very expensive in comparison to other bags on the market. If you were specifically looking for a leather bag then the price is more reasonable. Rachel Crawford – Isla 20 Months

Product Tested By Karen Innes – Daniella 21 Months

Karen Awarded the Koochu Capri Changing Bag 3.7/5

I thought the bag looked very good as a first impression. Practical material and of a decent size. The Companies website is very easy to use and they have a great range of products on offer. I think the bag is practical but slightly too big for my needs. Even with using the bag on a travel system pushchair it seems quite large. The material is also good because it can easily be wiped. I feel that for my needs however, there are too many compartments, I am struggling to fill them all! I think it is also too big for a changing bag I would class it more as a weekend/overnight bag. I found carrying the bag slightly awkward too; I am only 5ft 2 so when putting it on a pushchair it seemed very large. I have an iCandy Apple (not a small stroller) and it still seemed to get in the way. There are 2 choices of straps with the bag, handles or a shoulder strap. The bottle holders kept my Daughters juice cool but they would have been better if they were a little bigger. I really like this bag, I just wish it was smaller because then I think it will make things easier. I will continue to use it but only for long journeys/full days out. Karen Innes – Daniella 21 Months

I am using the bag all the time, and I will continue to do so even without my baby!


Oxana Awarded the Koochu Capri Changing Bag 5/5

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