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Koodle Doodle Flutterby Bedlinen

Beautifully finished with coordinating pillowcases, made of 100% cotton with a 300 thread count.
Cot Size150cm x 120cm, with 1 pillowcase 42cm x 62cm
Single140cm x 200cm, with 1 pillowcase 48cm x 73cm


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Koodle Doodle Flutterby Bedlinen Reviews

Product Tested by: Lauren Peabody – Eva 4 Years

Product Tested By Lauren Peabody – Eva 4 Years

Lauren Awarded The KoodleDoodle Flutterby Linen Set 5/5

Our first thoughts on this product were just how stunning it was, perfect for any little girls bedroom. Well packaged, using minimum packaging. The design of the bedlinen is absolutely beautiful. The duvet cover was a lovely fit. Once fitted onto the duvet it stayed in place. The material seems of a very high quality. My daughter absolutely loves this set, and can’t wait for me to get it back on her bed after wash day. I am really impressed with the quality of this product, it seems extremely well made, and something that will last for years to come. I wouldn’t usually pay this much for bedding, but after seeing the quality and the beautiful design I would in the future. The design is just perfect. I would purchase this item and I would definitely recommend. A huge 5 out of 5 from us, and one very happy little girl. My daughter cannot wait to get into bed at night, and always comments on her beautiful butterfly quilt. LaurenPeabody – Eva 4 Years


ProductTested By Louise Davies – Libby 4 Years

Louise Awarded The Koodle Doodle Flutterby Linen Set 4.5/5

Initial impression was what a beautiful looking duvet set, looks great quality and very pretty. Packaging was fine; duvet protected and folded up very well with pieces of cardboard. Really pretty print and very good quality and finish. My daughter loved it straight away and commented on the pretty butterflies. The cover fitted lovely onto the duvet and was done up with buttons which were easy to use. Pillow case was fine too. It stayed in place all night and with a throw in the air, back to normal ready for the next day! The material is very good quality. You can feel this as soon as you open it and it remains so after washing. As soon as she saw the set she loved it and commented on the pretty butterflies. She wanted me to put it on her bed the next day. She is a big fan of pink and so it was a big hit! The quality is really great and you can feel the good quality straight away. The silky part at the bottom is lovely, attractive and soft. Although very pretty and great quality and print, I do think this product is expensive for a duvet and 1 pillow case for a small child. I would not normally pay as much as this for a set for a little 4 girl (maybe would more likely pay this amount for myself!). The only design improvement Iwould suggest would be more butterfly’s, as they can’t always be seen as there weren’t many. Children like patterns all over duvet covers so they can always see a pattern. I would consider buying it, maybe when she is older, as I think she would appreciate it and the qualityof it when she was older. I would certainly recommend to friends with little girls. This is a very pretty and good quality product, which looks super on a little girl’s bed! Louise Davies – Libby 4 Years


Product Tested By Suzanne Harrington – Ruby 5 years

Suzanne Awarded The Koodle Doodle Flutterby Linen Set 5/5

A lovely quality product. Nicely packaged. It was packaged nicely and the design was well shown. It’s very pretty and looks lovely in my daughters butterfly themed bedroom. The cover fitted her duvet perfectly. The duvet stayed in all corners of the cover unlike cheaper covers, when the duvet gets twisted. The material is lovely and soft and feels like very good quality. My daughter loved this set. I’m really impressedwith the quality. But I’d expect that kind of quality for the price of the set. The quality is outstanding and definitely good value for money. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a single set, but after feeling the difference in the material quality and not needing to iron it, I would consider it.  I would highly recommend this set. A beautiful quality duvet set perfect for a girly bedroom. Suzanne Harrington – Ruby 5 Years

 My daughter cannot wait to get into bed at night, and always comments on her beautiful butterfly quilt


 Lauren Awarded The KoodleDoodle Flutterby Linen Set 5/5


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