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Kool Kangaroos Boomerein

Boomerein: The UK’s only retractable hands free toddler safety system, the Boomerein!
Kit comprises of the complete safety system;Parents adjustable beltToddlers adjustable belt (with extension)Retractable rein in compact sturdy casing with sticker for childs nameInfant road accident rates are on the climb and it’s getting harder to know how to keep your child safe. Kool Kangaroos is a new brand born from our 10year of experience , specializing in safe suspension systems. We’ve taken this technology and applied the science to keeping your kids safe and your hands free with a simple click. Kool Kangaroos would like to introduce the ‘Boomerein’. A retractable kiddie rein that clips easily between you and your children around the waist using adjustable straps, allowing them to stick close to you, while you can carry on using both hands to get on with your day. Its the first of its kind in the UK and whether your at the supermarket, the doctors, the beach, the park or crossing the road it offers, safe, reliable, innovative help to busy mums and dads on the go.
About Kool Kangaroos –
Ideal for twins and triplets, Boomerein is by Kool Kangaroos (part of TRSS Limited) is the UK’s only retractable hands free toddler safety harness.

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£15.95 Available to purchase online

Kool Kangaroos Boomerein Reviews

Product Tested by: Susan Mullen – Reece 2 Years

Product Tested By Susan Mullen – Reece 2 Years

Susan Awarded The Boomerein 4.4/5

At first I thought it was very flimsy and wouldn’t do thejob (I was wrong).  The product arrived in a brown envelope and the instructionswere a very basic A4 sheet of paper.  It didn’t feel "expensive” or good quality. The concept sounded fantastic in theory; although I was worried my child would fall back with the "spring elastic” bungee rope.  It was very easy to put on my child;  however Reece is fairly placid when it comes to trying new things.  I can imagine some children fighting it though.  He was comfortable wearing it although he didn’t like wearing it when we were in the car (so I was ready for him when we got out of the car).  I didn’t want to be wrestling with a toddler in the car park.  It was very easy to attach to myself and I’m a"larger” lady.  It was relatively easy to put on.  I found it tended to twist a bit, and I would get tangled because I was holding my young baby as well.  It’s great for a hands-free kit to keep your toddler safe.  The quality seems perfectly adequate.  It offers great value for money and would depend on thechild how much use you got out of it.  I would definitely buy this;  if my son was younger I would.  He is nearly three now and knows not to run away.  I would recommend it to others.  As mentioned, the success of this depends entirely on the nature of the child.  My son was happy to be "restrained”, but I imagine children who fight reins would fight against this.  It was a god send for me whenI had my infant daughter in my hands, and was trying to get her out of the car. I didn’t have to keep trying to swivel my head to see where my toddler had got to. I knew he was next to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.  Susan Mullen – Reece 2 Years


Product Tested By Jolene Crosby – Arthur 33 Months

Jolene Awarded The Boomerein 4.5/5

I thought this product was a great idea and a fresh take on the traditional harness and reins currently available.  It arrived in a brown jiffy bag with some A4 printed off instructions.  However I suppose it’s environmentally friendly.  The instructions were clear concise and useful tips on first time use to get your child to wear it.  The only criticism is they aren’t very professional looking but they did the job.  This is a great concept especially if you have multiple young children or a toddler and a baby and your toddler wants that bit of freedom whilst still being safe.  It is so easy to put on your child; it’s like a belt, easy to wrap round and clip together. Initially he didn’t mind wearing it but after prolonged use he wasn’t keen on it pulling at his waist when he tried to move away.  It was very easy to attach to myself, again wrap it round click it together, very easy.  I was aware it was there but it wasn’t uncomfortable.  I found it difficult to stop him falling with this on. This was a big issue for us, when my son tripped as he frequently does my height and the restricted length of the rein meant he would fly forward and then almost be hanging off me where the harness doesn’t reach the ground.  It’s also not pleasant for my son to have it pulling at his waist when he tripped.  You can’t stop the child from falling unless you grab their clothes unlike with traditional reins or the backpack harness that you can pull on to stop them falling forward.  The belt parts are brilliant, robust and strong materials but I wasn’t convinced on the durability and strength of the retractable rope part.  I didn’t fully trust it especially near roads as it just wasn’t in keeping with the rest of the rein.  It’s not hideously expensive but it’s not cheap either when compared with other products of this type.  I would buy it yes because it proved itself invaluable at events like the carnival and bonfire night as my son had a little bit of freedom to stand slightly away but still be connected to me and also when pushing the pram he was safe by my sidewalking around the shops but I had my hands free which was really helpful especially when paying at the tills!  I would recommend it.  It provides parent and child with that extra freedom whilst maintaining peace of mind that your child is still safe.  Jolene Crosby – Arthur 33 Months


Product Tested By Adeela Hussain – Ali 2 Years

Adeela Awarded The Boomerein 4.1/5

I was very excited to try this product out.  It came with good instructions;  the video provided via YouTube was very helpful too.  The concept is brilliant.  I love the idea of it being hands free.  It was very easy to put on my son, very simple.  He found it a bit strange having a piece of elastic around him and tried to take it off many times.  It was very easy to put on me too,  felt very uncomfortable at first but I soon got used to it.  It was comfortable to wear when we were out walking however when my little one wanted to run off while I was stood still it tugged a lot.  It didn’t really control him with it being hands free and stretchy it wasn’t an aid in stopping the child or assisting me in controlling a fall.  The quality is great, made with sturdy elastic.  The plastic circle at the front however is very annoying as itmoves about.  It does offer good value for money and I would consider buying it and recommending it to others.  I enjoyed the hands free part of the product, however found it uncomfortable when my child tried to walk away as the elastic tugged on me.  Adeela Hussain – Ali 2 Years

It was a god send for me whenI had my infant daughter in my hands, and was trying to get her out of the car. I didn’t have to keep trying to swivel my head to see where my toddler had got to. I knew he was next to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.  


Susan Awarded The Boomerein 4.4/5  

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