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Korbell Nappy Bin 16ltr

Keep a lid on bad smells with our hands-free Korbell Nappy Bin; the most hygienic way to dispose of dirty nappies. A clever refill system makes it easy to change when the bin is full.
Simply pull the full bag out, cut from the roll using the inbuilt cutting tool on the door of the bin, tie the remaining liner and it is ready to use again!

Ergonomic foot pedal, hands-free and easy to operate for hygienic disposal. Economically designed liners, with the continuous nappy pail liner, you only use as much as you need – no wastage! Reassuringly child-proof, both the trap door and access door automatically lock. Self-closing whisper lid won’t disturb sleeping baby. Unique three-part approach locks in odours to keep your nursery feeling fresh – a sealed spring-loaded door that immediately shuts; a top lid that when shuts acts as a secondary seal; and lightly fragranced liners. Tough ABS plastic won’t scratch, dent or rust, and can be safely cleaned with household cleaner.

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Price £55.00 for 16ltr Available online

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Korbell Nappy Bin 16ltr Reviews

Product Tested By Isabel Reynolds – Jakob 9 Months

Isabel Awarded The Korbell Odour-free Nappy Disposal 16ltr Bin 5/5

Looked great, was already assembled. Great design. White colour fits well with our nursery and isn’t too noticeable. Instructions were very limited and couldn’t see information on replacing bag but could figure it out. This was very easy to use. Needs emptying regularly which isn’t surprising. Very easy and convenient. The clever refill system is effective. Very quick to pull and tie next bag. Works great. Baby liked playing with foot pedal but couldn’t get to nappies so it was fine. The nappy pail liner is very effective and very easy to control. I didn’t find it silent. It always makes a noise when it shuts closed. However my baby was never asleep when I was using it so it wasn’t an issue at all for me. I haven’t used any other nappy bins but I do think it did a good job locking odours in so long as it was emptied regularly. I used this every day. This was kept in baby’s nursery. I did not need to transport to another room but it is lightweight so wouldn’t be a problem. Definitely makes life easier because previously I had to carry nappies to downstairs bin while carrying baby. I would be fine with smaller bin because of frequent changing of bags but still very convenient. This was very easy to wipe clean. I loved the convenience to pop nappy in during changing. Baby doesn’t like being changed so quicker the better! It seemed quite expensive for what it is but I’d still pay it! The quality is great and great item. I would buy this as it is really convenient and makes nappy changing quicker. I would recommend for the same reasons. Once shipped it arrived quickly and was really easy to get set up in the room. Quick disposal of nappies make it a faster process. Happy mum, happy baby! Isabel Reynolds – Jakob 9 Months

Product Tested By Kelly Menicou – Michah 6 Months

Kelly Awarded The Korbell Odour-free Nappy Disposal 16ltr Bin 5/5

Nicely packaged all assembled and ready to go. Looked like a nice gift to give a mum to be. I chose white as I thought it would go great with any decor, it looked modern and sleek. The instructions for set up and how to use were very clear and easy to understand. The foot pedal made it easy to dispose of a nappy one handed and with minimal fuss. I have received no odours from the nappy bin. The lid closes securely so as not to let odours escape. It’s a foot pedal then you can drop the nappy in a second opening which then closes to trap in smells. It’s very easy and convenient to use. The refill system can be a bit fiddly slotting it in place and lining it up. The bags last a very long time though so it doesn’t have to be done too often. Each refill. Can be trimmed and tied to fit the bin, numerous times. I haven’t got to the end of my refill yet, and I’ve filled and changed bin 3 times so far. The hands free system is a great system, if you are carrying baby or your hands are full. Easy to drop in and no faffing with twisting etc. The nappy pail liners are very large and just keep going you cut it to size each time you empty bin. The self-closing lid was very quiet no squeaking or banging as it closed. Helped not to disturb anyone during night time changes. I would say it was great at keeping odours at bay. I would say it’s the same effectiveness as a twist and click one. I used the bin daily mostly for night time changes upstairs in the nursery. This was always kept in the nursery. The nappy bin could be quite heavy if it was getting full. So not the easiest to take from room to room. I just kept it in one place. I loved that it was larger than other nappy bins and didn’t have to change it as much! Which is one less job with a baby. Easy to give a spray and wipe over to get rid of dust and grime. I liked the easy to use foot pedal so I could dispose of nappy with one hand fast. I like the modern sleek look. I also liked that there was no smell to the bin even when it started to get full. I would say for the price and the great design it is good value. It has more features than most other bins I’ve seen on market. I believe it’s a lot more convenient so all of the features makes the £ 55 rrp worth it for me. Quality is brilliant. All parts are hard wearing inside and out. Will last through a couple of children at least. I would put it on my baby wish list to be gifted it.  Not sure I would buy it for myself as £55 is a lot of money. I would love it as a baby shower gift though. I would recommend as sleek modern and stores a lot of dirty nappies hygienically and odour free. Ticks all the boxes of what a Nappy bin should do. Convenient looks good and does what it’s supposed to. Also great quality. Loved using this bin easy to use was set up ready. Keeps lots of dirty nappies locked up. I didn’t have to keep changing the bag. I didn’t have to bend down and do twisting or clicking. Just put a foot on a pedal and slot it in the self-closing hole. Just a great product I didn’t know I needed till I tried it. Kelly Menicou – Michah 6 Months

Product Tested By Paula Smith – Roman 13 Months

Paula Awarded The Korbell Odour-free Nappy Disposal 16ltr Bin 4.4/5

I was surprised at the size. I knew the dimensions but the box and bin were bigger than I expected. It looks fantastic- stylish and subtle. I only gave the instructions  a skim over- I found it straight forward to follow. Really easy to use especially compared to other similar nappy bins. It is really convenient for baby’s nursery and feels more hygienic than the system we had previously been using. The refill system was effective and was easily explained and easy to carry out. The foot pedal is perfect, especially when you’ve got an older baby who loves to wriggle- nappy changing is very hands on for us. The nappy pail liner was very effective. This is really quiet to use, although I’ve not needed to use while baby was sleeping yet. This is so effective locking in odours. You really would not know there was a nappy bin in the room. As Roman is a little older he has less nappy changes in the day- but we’ve used it for the first and last change of the day. This was kept in Roman’s room. I did not move this around, but light enough to move if required. Being a larger bin and can store more nappies certainly makes life easier. I’ve just wiped it down so far but this was easily to do. I loved the convenience of it- it’s not bulky and doesn’t need changing much. It is a pricier purchase but if you were thinking of buying a nappy bin I would definitely recommend this one. You can tell straight away that this is a high quality product. I didn’t purchase a nappy bin this time round as I felt my previous ones were lacking. However I wish I’d had the Korbell bin when Roman was a newborn. I would recommend for all the reasons above. A pricier item that many wouldn’t see as “essential” but a fantastic addition to new baby equipment. It looks great, although the capacity is big it doesn’t look too bulky. I love that it is hands free and that it really does hide the odour without any chemically scents. This bin really makes nappy changing easier and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering buying a nappy bin. Paula Smith – Roman 13 Months



The quality is great and great item. I would buy this as it is really convenient and makes nappy changing quicker. I would recommend for the same reasons. Once shipped it arrived quickly and was really easy to get set up in the room. Quick disposal of nappies make it a faster process. Happy mum, happy baby!


Isabel Awarded The Korbell Odour-free Nappy Disposal 16ltr Bin 5/5

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